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  1. Finally done with bleach and trillion next up is until dawn.

    1. Jak


      Youre in for a good ride/experience.

    2. ghostmonkey18


      Mhm from what i heard its great.

    3. Jak


      It is great!

  2. I would like to go up in rank to blitzball champion got FFX, FFXiii, FFXiii-2, FF lightning returns, FFXiv, and FF type-0.
  3. 1 platinum away from hitting the 100 mark feeling good still have to decide whrther finish trillion by doind all the endings or finish bleach for all missions complete with everyone.

    1. 30 Year Old Boomer
    2. ghostmonkey18


      K ill try and knock that out real quick yo be #100

  4. Feeling good got ffxiv arr platinum now i can say with pride i platted a mmo took awhile though now need to get the remaining final fantasy platinums

  5. I like to join as a q-force cadet. Have ratchet & clank ps4, crack in time, and all for one.
  6. I can answer your question about the true ending. Need everyone at 100% affection and at least 150k everone including extra overlord in chapter 10. Also your right about having to kill off your characters to make it happen. Do not revive anyone when given the chance if you fo it cancels it. What i did since had enough points to kill trillion on 2nd character just worn it down to make it last like 10 billion left and just kept interracting till final overlord which if you did everything right it have more then enough stats to kill it easy. Hope this helps with your question.
  7. Hey I have a question for anyone who been playing trillion on the vita would it count for unlocking trophy for clearing challenge by getting bad ending and a save data from that or you have to win against trillion.

  8. got through the biggest part of ffxiv arr only fates, dungeons runs, and guildhests left then i got the platinum any fast place to farm fates.

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    2. ghostmonkey18


      Thanks that can save me a lot of time. I got bout a quarter done with dungeons. About half with guildhests. Fates got bout 840 left. Think if i seriously grind some more i be able to get done in 60 days.

    3. Plataclysm


      if you have the time you can get it done by the end of this weekend, just gonna be real boring.

    4. ghostmonkey18


      Yea but going 2 be worth it. Thanks for the info going 2 get back on later 4 the grind hopefully I get it by the end of the week.

  9. I say fifa 16 you got 15 done you can do 16 with hardly any problems
  10. Portal 2 havent been able to find that game in stores to try for myself.
  11. If anyone who have final fantasy xiv arr about how many more I will need to finish story mode if im lvl 36 and half way done with perfect prey mission.

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    2. Bucknerd


      You could always google the name of the quest you're on and see where it lies in the overall quest long towards completing the main scenario.

    3. ghostmonkey18


      Thanks for the info just a few left have to find a way to grind out the last few levels to hit 50 at 43 right now then comes the last long grind for gear then able to do binding coul and be done with all the hard stuff.

    4. Bucknerd


      Don't forget levequests! They can boost you a little. Also be sure to eat food that grant +3% EXP.

  12. Done with the division and earned platinum number 86.

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    2. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      nice work ghost with the division, props to slayer of EQ too:)

    3. 30 Year Old Boomer
    4. ghostmonkey18


      thanks yall working on my next one trying to finish it up quickly.

  13. Congrats on P4A Plat.

    1. ghostmonkey18


      thanks had a friend help me through.

  14. A good game to past up the time with friends.
  15. going to be getting a vita soon need some suggestions for games to get on it. thinking about getting persona 4 golden, legend of steel, and ragnarok odessy so far.

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    2. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      Since people have suggested a lot of the good ones, I'll say this instead... Welcome to the PS Vita master race. :3

    3. ghostmonkey18


      thanks planning to grab it as soon as income tax make it in.

    4. Satoshi Ookami