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  1. Ah the dilemma of playing "properly" which I'll find more entertaining, after all the whole point of the genre is you feel like you made the choices, or going the fastest route for plat to avoid the mindless skipping through post completion, Many thanks for the reply/info, MUCH faster than I expected!
  2. Getting the game as its currently on sale but want to know, are any trophies missable? I plan to play through the game naturally and then clean up at the end, is there a chapter select to speak of to make it easy or am I essentially doubling my playtime?
  3. I know at the very least I was in a team for level 100 and it popped no problem, don't recall for level 50, I even jump between consoles without issues, it feels like the glitches just happen at random tbh, in regards to the list I REALLY hope we can be allies with both the faction trophies, I can't really be bothered to do all that with a second character
  4. I've sunk far more hours into 76 than I thought I would, at first I enjoyed it, then it started to drag a little but I plowed through because I refuse to let this slip out of 100% Fallout trophies, but honestly after a session or two of playing begrudgingly again you actually enjoy it again, what I found really helps is breaking up the long grinding sessions with the actually pretty good base building, spent ages making a cafe and workshop, That being said sad to lose 100%, even if it is temporary.
  5. I wish I knew that, I forced my way through on veteran: little tip I remembered from the original, if you approach the tank in the middle room from behind you can climb up on top, and then drop down to the side of the tank against wall, no one can hit you there if you prone, you'll have to pop your head up to shoot em but if you're patient and just get one or two at a time it makes this a LOT easier, even on vet
  6. Seeing as I think woods is whats holding up a lot of people from getting all the specialist trophies I thought i'd post a tips video my brother made, I'm sure he'd appreciate the attention and hopefully it'll help some of you guys 😁
  7. Whilst it does take the rarity out of the one trophy affected l, it shouldn't have much effect on the plat, as characters such as woods and Shaw gotta still be done the old fashion way, on a side note, anyone aware if the character variants (such as ix costumes) count? Edit: I actually support the change, I highly down treyarch did it for the trophy however, simply put people are earning or paying for costumes for their favourite specialists, it's only right that you aren't forced to then complete some rediculous task to access that content (looking at you prophet)
  8. pure conjecture, but i'm assuming you put in a whole load of say cloth on the builder's storage and power it up, and if set to teddy bears it'l keep making em til the resource runs dry? If that is the case than yah, very, very, easy.
  9. Like title says, the list for the upcoming contraptions DLC "Show Off" - Bronze - "Display a weapon on a weapon rack, armor on an armor rack, and power armor in a power armor display "Time Out" - Bronze - "Assign a settler to a pillory" "Mass Production" - Bronze - "Produce 100 objects from your builders" Doesn't seem to be on sites yet but can be seen by updating the game and checking the trophy list on your ps4, as i did:
  10. What's your method for getting all the powerups? in objective i finish the game before i've maxed them all and in littlerbox there isnt enough in one level
  11. for people not finding, "Canis Canem Edit", the uk version of the game title, (maybe EU?) *edit* Fastandslow, is there some way of seeing most recent uploads other than just ordering new-old on games list.., cos i can only find if i search for it, unless you were actually searching and saw by chance O_O
  12. I'll join this lil event too Hitman GO: Definitive Edition will be my game of choice
  13. I'm in The Walking Dead (PS3/Vita) The Wolf Among Us (PS3) Game Of Thrones (PS4) Tales From The Borderlands (PS4)
  14. 1. Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls - 22.9% Uncommon - Action/Adventure 2. Smart As... - 9.59% Very Rare - Puzzle 3. Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes - 27.86% Uncommon - Action/Adventure 4. Fallout 4 - 9.81% Very Rare - WRPG 5. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain - 7.67 Very Rare - Stealth 6. Gravity Rush Remastered - 34.56% Uncommon- Sandbox 7. Steins;Gate - 42.09% Uncommon - VN/Adventure 8. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - 22.68% Uncommon - Sandbox 9. Telltale's Game Of Thrones - 25.87% Uncommon - Point and Click 10. Tales From The Borderlands - 38.34% Uncommon - Point and Click Happy New Year Everybody!!! Managed to get a 00:00 plat with Danganronpa, temporary milestone at 75 plats with fallout 4 (disappears from milestone list at 100) Smart as nearly had me worried, turned out i'd left more than one game mode to play at genius difficulty without realizing, but easily fixed and no glitches preventing plats anywhere, thankfully
  15. hmm, decided to prepare my post now on notepad, however i'm strugling to place Danganronpa Ultra Despair Girls and Gravity Rush into a Genre, i've put em both in Action/Adventure for now, but you can argue that danganronpa is a third person shooter and gravity is an rpg of some sort, what do you guys think?