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  1. So there is a big chance that Ubisoft solves the problem(s), i think I can wait until than I can just conteniue playing the game.
  2. I have started the quest and I ran down to the nudist cam took the box and dropped it up the mountain near Winchell. When I dropped it I wasn't able to pick it up again and I didn't completed the mystery anyone with this problem and is there a solution for this?
  3. I just bought the game but on the case the ps5 upgrade window is not on it. Can someone tell me if all games of Sackboy A big Adventure are upgradable or only if it's on the case?
  4. Is there already a solution for this problem?
  5. Do you have a solition for it? Is it a mission that I need to play again or do I need to start a new playthrough?
  6. I've seen on some site that in co-op the Genki Holiday missions spawn on the map and the you can earn the trophy that way, but I don't know if it's truth. Maybe we can try it add me as friend and we will see if it works.
  7. I have the same problem, I have 98% this trophy is the last one I need for 100%. Can someone help me with this issue, there is a solution with co-op but none of my friends play this game.
  8. Disc version, I like to collect special edition of games with statues and steelbooks. And than you can show your game collection.
  9. I did just the workaround I used this video it worked for me. I've found it in a comment in a trophy guide on
  10. I'm not lying, what think that I did in mw2?? And it's not assassin's creed 2 it's assassin's creed revolations... the same happenes to infamous. And if there are collectibles in a game i gonna find them with a guide i did it in many games so why should I don't do it with infamous. There are games with + 1000 collectibles and I get those why should I do things that are not legit?
  11. Like I said I don't wan't happened I thought it was that, i don't know what's in a ps3. Can have a online match effect on that like I said in the comment above?
  12. Yeah the year 999999020209 really exists... I was there so I'm telling you what i have done so I changed the time on my ps3 I don't know what happened with the trophies. Days before I earned the trophies I was playing online with a hacker or something I don't know but my online profile of MW2 is totally ruined. I was playing a match and suddenly I was level 70 I didn't understand it maybe that has effect on the spec ops I don't know. But what I know is that I'm telling the truth, I telling you what I did and what happened.
  13. I was playing offline on my ps3.
  14. viaene96 inFamous I quited the game when I should earn the 50% shard trophy. I saw that and I reloaded one of my saves.<br /> In Assassin's Creed Revelations I earned "Istanbul and Constantinople" ( Complete DNA Sequence 2) when I completed DNA Sequence 3 for some reason I quited probably to go sleeping. And I continue playing and I never get thhe trophy of DNA sequence 3. So if I complete now DNA sequence 3 and earn the trophy, those trophies are also out of order.<br /> That's the reason they are out of order. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 I was playing on New years eve I was counting down for the new year. I watched the houre on my PS3 system and it was on summer houre. When I saw that I changed it to winter houre and that's the reason when the trophies are so close. The trophy "Professional" was earned at 9:43 PM. And the 69 stars trophy is earned at 10:43 PM.
  15. The java solver is amazing! Just got the plat 3 times today you can solve every level except square 4 but he is moderate to solve. Once you find out how the solver works it go fast.