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  1. Same problem. Might be an issue with Sony's APIs? Double checked my privacy settings, they were never changed, have always been set to "Anyone". No games are hidden on the account side. Trophies appear fine from the PS4 XMB. Forcing a profile update here does nothing (am lifetime premium member). I can try earning a new trophy tonight to see if that fixes it.
  2. The 3.6 Enki build was heavily energy shield based and unfortunately just not that good. The updated 3.7 build is far better, back to life & mana with acrobatics & phase acrobatics to simply avoid most damage. Been having a lot of fun with it this league on PC.
  3. Does this have savestates like the arcade collection did? Or at least a manual save so you can quit out and retry on deaths? The games are hard, but not that hard. Unless savescumming is a major PITA, I don't see this being a very difficult 100%. Time-consuming, but the games are all great except maybe Kid Dracula and CV II: Simon's Quest.
  4. Getting the correct sockets & links to fulfill all of the guide can be difficult while leveling. Don't worry about it if you're missing 1 support on lightning spire trap or you can't fit a decoy totem for now. Prioritize 4/5/6 linking the arc and getting the golem & wrath aura, you'll be fine until maps. For what it's worth I dropped the blasphemy entirely this league. It's not necessary, wrath & discipline is. This is my current endgame setup for this build (PC, but PS4 will be identical): I do use decoy totem at least on many red map bosses still. It's a useful skill to have, don't ditch it if you don't really have to.
  5. Yeah I figured it out, wasn't too hard once you got used to it. Solution is to rush the rooms and immediately descend/ascend while holding back until the screen starts pushing you forward, you can always just about make it. For the "boss" at the end you can just crash after bombing the base, you still get the win condition and proceed to the next loop. And yeah, you have to do that loop like 8-10 times to the the gold trophy score.
  6. How do you beat the indoor section? There's this room where you have to go from bottom to top, and I can't get there in time, the screen scrolls too fast and I hit the wall.
  7. Streets of Rage III (Why Won't They Just Stand Still?) is glitched for me. I've beaten it several times, but I don't get the challenge completion. I just get "stage clear" but no medal.
  8. Yeah there's a ton of vendor recipes like that, for granting items with guaranteed modifiers or swapping one type of currency for another: At higher levels you want to be able to corrupt your Arc skill gem into a level 21 one (max level ordinarily is 20). This will normally take a few gems to do, so you should level additional Arc gems all the way to 20 in order to corrupt them and hope for a 21. You'll typically always be low on spare gem sockets on your main gear, but you can equip two wands/daggers with all blue sockets on your weapon swap (see the "II" tab on the character sheet), and fill them up with 6 arc gems that gain experience along with the arc gem you actually use. Once they hit 20 level & quality, corrupt them with a vaal orb and hope for a 21.
  9. Yes, you should be able to solo all the content with this (and sufficient gear of course). The only exception would be a bad Hall of Grandmasters unique map, but it's possible to buy boosts with in-game currency for such hurdles.
  10. Thought I'd just put this up here for newcomers looking for a build guide. Unlike many build guides, this doesn't assume much knowledge of the game and has it's own section on what to do while leveling the build. Don't worry if you can't get the gear & socket colors for all of it exactly, the most important is to 4 and 5-link your Arc as soon as you can. I've played versions of this build on several chars through most of the game's content, so feel free to pop me questions in this thread.
  11. Yeah this is a complicated game for first timers. You should follow a good build guide, preferably with a leveling portion. There's several on the PoE forums, but I can recommend this: That'll take you through all 10 acts comfortably, and is capable of clearing all current content. As a plus Elementalist can be pretty easily respecced to Summoner for the 60 minions trophy at the end since they share the same base class and starting point on the skill tree.
  12. Come to think of it, if fully clearing the Atlas actually means also clearing the unique maps, this will be far worse. There are precious few builds that can reliably do the Hall of Grandmasters map fully, and they're all expensive in terms of itemization. If you want a smoothish plat, probably wise to wait a month or two after release for the game to pick up some economy, then trade for the stuff you're missing like unique maps & more fusings for the 6-link. You can also trade currency for boosts like carries of bosses and hard maps, of course it remains to be seen how active the PoE economy will be on PS4, but the game has a pretty large userbase on PC so it'll probably be possible to buy boosts on PS4 also after a while. Of course boosting the harder maps & bosses that would otherwise require extensive grinding could cut down the time a lot for those just looking for the plat.
  13. Nah, nothing seems to be missable. Maybe technically freeing the Scion, it's been so long since I did it on PC that I can't remember if you have to click the cage or not. The Scion is a class that you have to unlock by beating the Act 3 boss. Other than that you can travel back to any point in the game when you want if you missed a waypoint or lore, including reclearing the Act 3 boss if you need to I believe. Yes, you can play with up to 5 others in a group at any time. Makes things way easier for endgame & bosses of course since you can make complementary builds. I just now noticed the collect all environmental lore trophy, that's also going to increase the leveling time since you have to explore a lot of the zones thoroughly until you find it, not just run through.
  14. Yep, nothing truly difficult here with a good build & some gearing, just time consuming. 1-3 hours to 90 is obviously impossible even for seasoned veterans. Starting from scratch expect 12-15 hours to complete the campaign and be in the low 70s when you reach the end-game, which is the mapping system. More if you're a newcomer. Completing all maps will normally take you a while. You also have to amass enough in-game currency to naturally 6-link a chest piece (could easily be >1000 orbs of fusing required here). In addition to killing most end-game bosses which requires some additional farming and learning of their spawn mechanics. I'd say ~60 hours to plat for a PoE veteran, 80-100 for newcomers. With the somewhat random 60 minions trophy in there looks like a summoner build will be the choice for those wanting a 1-character plat.
  15. You lose the multiplier once you straighten out the car or go too slowly. Learn to chain drifts left-right-left around the entire track, while hitting speed boosts for bigger scores. I believe you can easily get 100k+ pr. lap if you just don't lose the multiplier. On straights just keep a slight drift going and hit the speed boost. Learn how to approach the next corner. There are Youtube videos of these challenges. The trickiest part of that track was the little ramp up-down right before the second to last straight, you have to angle the car before going back down the ramp and not be going too fast in order to not lose the multiplier while you're in the air. Basically you have to land and immediately start another drift.