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  1. The cheapest right now is '66 Renault R8 Gordini, and it is 28.5k.
  2. Thanks friend. I'm aiming to save to this amount before the newest update (grinding with the srt tomahawk).
  3. How much you got saved for these?
  4. Just added you on PSN bro.
  5. I'd say the pandemic and the stress it puts on the developers made publishers want to lessen the gamble and do things like remasters and remakes rather than full blown new IPs or for next iteration of the game. This and the fact that I'd say most people who want a PS5 dont actually have one, it makes it pretty understandable why companies are too fussed about developing new content from scratch for only the PS5 especially. I've been trying to get my hands on this god damn console since it got released and I still haven't managed to get one. I'm not actively subscribed to every outlet that sells it for when it gets back in stock, but most people aren't either. From a publisher or developer standpoint, pushing projects to 2022 seems sensible because most developers are back to normal unless another bad wave of the coronavirus hits, and that more people should be on the PS5. What do you think?
  6. Just my luck I guess. Thought I wasn't gonna be able to get the plat for a good couple of days.
  7. Solved…? Managed to get it by continuing to play. I’ve played many times in the each map yet the nth time it counted for the trophy to finally pop. My action reports detail each map played multiple times. Even now I don’t know what the issue was but can progress towards the plat
  8. I mean thanks for the reply bro but neither guide tags the trophy as “buggy” anymore. One of the guides mentioned it was buggy, but also says all glitched trophies have been fixed since 1.44. Just kind looking for some advice but people who have had a similar problem.
  9. I've played multiple times on the launch maps yet nothing has came up for me. I've played this game first time when it became available on PSN+. Can anyone help? Anyone have the same issue?
  10. Especially at the start when there is a good chance another driver is going to knock you ruin the run. I’ve got the game on my SSD every restart felt like it took a hot minute... Feel sorry for the souls using a HDD. Good job getting the race done though dude
  11. For the scan proof trophy, the easiest way is to shoot at and kill random citizens. I saw someone mentioned that online doesn’t impact your reputation. Going online to achieve this trophy is possible but I found it more difficult. I tried multiple times doing this online but couldn’t my quite get to level 5. Doing this in single player I managed on the first run. I had max reputation before trying the trophy, but I was left an anarchist after finally getting level 5 scan.
  12. During your play through, did you restarted the campaign? If you did, have you started by new game or by replaying the prologue and continuing from there? Your profile lists the game with a play now, what did you have to do?
  13. Exactly the same thing happened to me. I started collecting the check-ins and it popped up on the side of the screen to set a checkpoint to it, just like when there is a crime detected. It was nowhere near to where I was (I was in north loop / mad mile and it was in upper docks area). Just a heads up: you aren't required to set a checkpoint to it through the prompt, it'll continue being on the map. I pressed the wrong button and instead opened my phone, but looking at the map, it appeared. this thread is like 7 years old now
  14. Not to cause conflict with your statement, but for "Piggyback", "Hackification", "Superhighway", "Stealth Cookie", creating private sessions didn't count towards the trophies. Races were pretty easy to time with session partners but sometimes others joined. You only need to compete in the race, 1st place isn't required. You can get DNF if you don't finish in time - unsure whether this counts towards trophy. For observation and hacking, tried to also do it with people from a gaming session, but I never managed got into their game, so I'd say they aren't easily boostable. The trophy "Traced" can be boosted, just join a friend in a tail session and it will count towards the trophy.