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  1. Orc slayer, gambling garbage, a constant headache.
  2. I am very sorry for what happened to you, I have gone through a similar situation when I lost my father and my brother, I hope that life gives you the strength to move on and I hope you recover soon and continue hunting. All the best.
  3. Yes. If you delete the user, you will also delete the unsynced trophies and save data.
  4. Podemos ayudarte mejor si pones el motivo por el que te marcaron, puedes copiarlo y pegarlo aquí directamente. Tampoco hace falta abrir 3 post para 3 banderas, puedes disputar las 3 banderas en un mismo post. We can help you better if you put the reason why they marked you, you can copy and paste it here directly. Nor is it necessary to open 3 post for 3 flags, you can dispute the 3 flags in the same post.
  5. Clearly the best collectibles are the ones from Mafia 2, it's a wonder to behold getting all the play boy magazines.😝
  6. You also won your God of war 1 and 2 in seconds, it looks like you used CFW.
  7. I don't like it either, I find the ps4 interface much more comfortable.
  8. I hope it is not your only flag, you have more cheated games on your profile.
  9. If you want to contest the flag you must show your profile, which is currently private.
  10. His times on PSN do not match those of PSNP. 🤔
  11. How difficult would you put platinum in your experience?
  12. It would be nice if you post the reason it was flagged.
  13. You already have 3 flags, you will not return to the leaderboards.
  14. It seems that everything has been for the cross-game between platforms Ps4 and ps5. As OP says, the game is saved online and everything he says is pretty credible. The flag must be raised.
  15. Then explain how you have managed to obtain the trophy of 100 feats and the trophy of 50 feats at the same time.