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  1. Did you buy items daily, or did you just wait for it to come out without buying anything?
  2. Email mediatonic that they will streamline the shop with the legendary print and color, and this was their response. We already know from another thread that they will be offering a legendary print in the featured shop, hopefully we will see the color soon. Lo siento pero no podemos alterar la tienda ya que se refresca de manera automática y aleatoria para cada jugador. En cuanto a los trofeos, todos los que tienes deslobqueados se transferirán a la nueva lista del nuevo Launcher y la lista antigua desaparecerá junto con el Launcher antiguo después del 9 de mayo, por tanto no tendrás que darte prisa con el resto de trofeos ya que tras esa fecha tendrás una lista.
  3. Why do they jump? I don't understand...
  4. I'm pretty sure it's broken right now since the last update on PS5. I know I played Assassins Creed Odyssey for more than 12 hours, however my profile shows less than 1 hour.
  5. Play time is quite inaccurate, in my experience games don't sync hours played well when it comes to playing two games at once on the same account. On team accounts, for example when one is played online and the other offline.
  6. I had to download the game on my PS4, it's impossible to play with so many flashes of light without giving you photosensitive epilepsy. I hope the trophies don't fail like in other Assassins creed.
  7. Just to say that the 3 coin trophy didn't explode at the time, in case someone else happens to it, fix it by deleting the save file and start over.
  8. Anyone know if the Transporter trophy can be made with this method?
  9. I'm sure I chose Crash Bandicoot, maybe it didn't register.
  10. I will update because I have another orange, L. A. Noire.
  11. ¡Tengo God of War 3 y Resident Evil 5! Orange.
  12. (We Were Angels)
  13. For me, the trophy exploded when I managed to finish picking up the Buddhist doll, for the trophy of collector identities.
  14. Can someone explain to me what I am doing wrong with this trophy? I've tried like 20 times and the trophy is still unexploded. Finally I got it, for me it worked to do it 5 times in a row losing notoriety and doing it again.