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  1. In the Gaming Sessions page there are options for GAMES I OWN, ALL GAMES, and individual games. I think it would be useful to have a MY INCOMPLETE GAMES (or similar), so that only sessions for the user incomplete games are shown.
  2. EA actually answered that: Apparently there is a security issue which related to The Run. Which is BS, they should fix it and release a patch, but it doesn't seem that will happen.
  3. I can confirm the photolog is working again.
  4. I just got The Curtain Falls. I just need Eternal (which I hope is easier) and to finish New Game+ to 100% this game. I have 100% in all the other Arkham games; I don't think I'm good at them, I just persevere. The Community Challenge Pack is hard, it may be the hardest trophies in all the Arkham games; but they are far from being impossible. You just need to try, and try, and try again until the trophy pops.
  5. It's possible those two players used hacks to get the trophies. Right now there is only one new achiever. I'm not saying that they cheated; just that simply new achievers doesn't necessarily means that the autolog photo uploading has been fixed. Let's hope that EA is fixing the issue and a couple of players got through their testing.
  6. So is only hacking? Bummer. I would have loved to get that platinum. Thanks.
  7. Hi; I've been monitoring this game, and something funny is going on with it. I've been focusing in the "Killing In The Name" trophy, since it's the hardest online one to get (based on my experience with "Seek & Destroy" from Guitar Hero Metallica). The last "official" trophy achievers are Tumstom and SlavesGamingHD, who apparently got to get a connection to the servers on December 25, 2013 (six months after the last achievers before them). Since then, from time to time more achievers appear, but they are removed after some time from the "Last Achievers" list[1]. This is the list of achievers after December 25, 2013 I've collected in almost six months monitoring this trophy, but I'm certain it's incomplete: CyPh_x_HaZe Gcki Pilatnomu ALSAMIR Bates-Rulez BatesRulez KINGOFPLAT Debug_PT BillyHatcher_ Presests As I said, I'm certain the list is incomplete, since I did not monitor the trophy before August, 2014, and perhaps some winner went past me before I noticed it. Anyway, I have several questions: Why these achievers (the ones after December 25, 2013) are removed? They are cheating? If 2 is true, what kind of cheats they are using? Save games? Fake servers? Is there a possibility that the servers are returning to life sporadically, or only for certain zones? I would love to hear your thoughts about this. My brother has the game, and I would like to platinum it, but only if it can be done without cheating. [1]
  8. I took no chances; I had the Super Nova Pack, so I got the Forged Engineering Suit for free, along with a lot of weapons. Then I followed this guide: With that I got a lot of power nodes, enough to completely upgrade my RIG, my stasis module, my Plasma Cutter and my Force Gun. With the power nodes found during normal game play I upgraded my Contact Beam and my Pulse Rifle (I'm comfortable with it). In other words, I had basically a full upgraded RIG/weapons combination from almost the very beginning of the game. Also; there is a way to sell power nodes: you just fully upgrade a weapon, and then sell it again. You get about 5,000 for them (and they cost 10,000), but with the infinite power nodes glitch is a great way to make credits. Also, if you have the Super Nova Pack, you can "buy" the Detonator for 0 credits, fire its 3 included mines, deactivate them, and sell them. It's a slow, but sure way to get money. I first saved at the end of Chapter 5, which was a good thing, since I immediately died in the confrontation with the tripod after Daina's betrayal. Then I suffered like 3 or 4 deaths in the dive from the Solar Array in Chapter 7, which was incredibly frustrating, but I was set on not saving until Chapter 10, which I finally did. From there it was relatively easy, until I got nervous and I saved lastly at the beginning of Chapter 13, just before entering the Government Sector. Again it was a good thing, because I died like 3 times going down. Then it was eye needle time, but I got it easily; I just did it really slowly. Afterwards there were a couple of close calls in the zero G part, but I just blasted everything with my Force Gun and a ridiculously large amount of ammo and four large med packs, until the last battle. With my Pulse Rifle already maxed out it was easy to take out evil Nicole and the Marker's heart, and the Force Gun just blasted away the Pack. Finally, I had a moment of panic, because I thought I messed up the flying towards the Gun Ship; but I think you actually need to make an effort to fail that part. I didn't failed it in any of the playthroughs. It was insane. Even with all the advantages I took (the Super Nova Pack, the infinite power nodes glitch), it took me around four days to get the platinum. But it's a really gratifying plat.