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  1. No, it will not count if you lower the difficulty during your Crushing playthrough. There should be some "Cheat" you can use after complete your first playthrough or collect some required collectibles during the campaign as I'm not too sure cause it been awhile since I last played
  2. #118 Savior of the Universe Unlock all other trophies (excluding additional content trophies). Platinum on 3rd June 2020 (4 months, 2 weeks, 6 days) **********My Personal Gaming Enjoyment Experience********** I always thought Battleborn and Overwatch were just another Multiplayer game, in First-Person Shooter, though both of them were on different theme and both were released few months apart but one is doing so great that they gonna release another one in near future while the other one suffered the fate of servers shutting down next year on January ...which is Battleborn. I still didn't cross my mind of playing this game when the developer announced about the serves shutdown, than out of nowhere one of my previous boosting party members called, if I want to join them on theirs new "Project" or not. I was hesitant at first but end up joining them after doing some research and watch what kind of gameplay I'll be getting, and to my surprise they DO have 8 shortly story mission. Although the digital copy had been delisted but I still can get the physical copy easily and it dirt cheap nowadays. Who said grinding isn't fun at all, I actually pretty much enjoying going through every character Lore Challenges. Some might take just a few hours, though most of them will still need some grinding for 1 to 2 days, in verses mode or in story mission. Luckily, all Lore Challenges can be done in private match with bots or live player. The only hard part for me is the last mission on Advanced difficulty, it really spike up the difficulty from the earlier mission. At first I just want to go through all story mission and Lore Challenges as quickly as possible but was twice halt by servers outrage for a few week, so if anyone seriously wanted to get this done, better do it as quickly as possible cause you'll never know when will the servers be going down again. Although, I can't 100% the Battleborn trophy list, at the very least I have earned another Ultra Rare platinum. All thanks to Blackmist_FFXI, mrzizich and Xanomead for pulling me into the boosting party while also helped on Kelvin & Toby Lore Challenges, if not this platinum journey will be tougher, thank you guys! Battleborn Platinum Video By the way, I accidentally stumble across new boosting method for Montana "The Hearty of the Son" Lore Challenges, click the video below to check it out, thank you :
  3. For anyone who haven't done Montana "The Hearty Son of Aplia" Lore Challenges, which is "Take 1,000,000 damage", I may have discovered a new way to get the challenges done in under 10 minutes and NO split screen or second player is required. Everything will be done in solo.. Not sure if anyone find this exploits yet but I'll like to share this method to those that haven't done the 1 million damage lore challenge. First set your team as max and your opponent team to 3 than choose to play on Incursion mode, and play normally while try to level up Montana as quick as possible until Level 6 and also try not to let the first Spider Sentry Drones die too quickly and DO NOT damage the sentry yourself just let your A.I partners do the damage and you watch from afar. After reaching level 6 with Montana, just kill yourself or let the enemy kill you so you can respawn back to the headquarters and this is where we'll be doing the new method. Firstly we need to set up Montana Helix as the following: Level 1 - "Dishin'It Out (Right Augment) Level 2 - Doesn't matter which Level 3 - "Pumped Up" (Left Augment) Level 4 - "Firestorm" (Right Augment Level 5 - Doesn't matter which but I choose "Hot-blooded" (Right Augment) Level 6 - "Feeling The Burn (Right Augment) After setting up, move Montana a bit away from respawn pod, then hold down button so that the Montana weapons will start firing until it overheating itself and because of the Level 6 Helix :"Feeling The Burn" Augment you just choose, it will also start to self-harming your character. . Just when you see Montana Shield been depleted completely, quickly move him onto the respawn pod while still holding down the button. And now he is self-harming by keep firing his overheating weapon and also at the same time it will self-healing by standing inside the respawn pod. For the next part, quickly tapping your button constantly without letting your Shield bar fully regenerate. Work best if you have a turbo controller if not then you have to let the finger do the workout. Or you can start tapping your constantly once you see the Shield have been depleted and move Montana onto the respawn pod. I have done all Montana Lore Challenge on my main account, so in this video I'm using my 2nd account to try out the method because I'm not too sure whether it is working or not. I remembered I doing Montana 1 million damage in a old fashion way on Incursion, after I was being kill by enemy and respawn back to base I take my chance and went for a restroom break, by the way I'm using a turbo controller at that moment, and I set my button oo turbo so the game won't kick me for in-active. And when I came back from the restroom, I notice a increase jump from 300,000 damage to 750,000+ damage during my toilet break which didn't took me more than 5 minute. You can also see from the video (Skip the video to 1:32), I started the match with just 18,000 damage in total, then within a minute or more I was like 64,000/1,000,000 and this prove the method really worked. I'm not sure whether this method have been used anywhere or been found earlier as I couldn't find any source or videos related to this method, at least it doesn't require 2 player to do the "The Sentinel" ceiling trap damage method. I really hope this video will help some who is still struggle to finish Montana 1 million damage lore challenge. Recently the servers is not very stable so I hope everyone can have theirs Lore Challenges done as soon as possible before the servers shutdown on 31st January 2021, Good Luck! #staysafe #stayhome
  4. I don't think it will count as Crushing difficulty if you begin on Normal and change midway through the chapter. Best is restart chapter 1 again on Crushing and play through all chapters without lower the difficulty
  5. 100% - #130 100% on 4th April 2020 (8 months, 5 days, 1 hour) First of all I like to shout out to Blackmist_FFXI, BATOMEISTER, eno1337, Exectioner0, Kal2210, kidson2010, L_Vega_15, Labignikrfan, Longshot30001, Lyrikk, mrzizich, Name___less93, NiTRO--X_, Phoenix0594 and ZionAxis for all the help in Last Stand DLC. Out of 3 DLC, I find Survival most enjoyable and Underground become boring after few phase of mission and it's was grindy as hell. Well, what can I said about Last Stand? It just completely waste of time searching in my region and also why the hell do we need to have a full lobby, which is 16 player for the match to start!? Tom Clancy's The Division Platinum Video
  6. #117 Platinum Trophy All Trophies obtained Platinum on 9th April 2020 (5 months, 4 weeks, 2 days) **********My Personal Gaming Enjoyment Experience********** "Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfigher" on PlayStation 2 is the last "Ghost Recon' game I played and I didn't get to play "Advanced Warfare 2" so when I'm about to begin "Future Soldier" I was a bit hesitantly because I'm not sure whether the storyline have any connection from previous game and obviously the biggest hurdle is the online stuff. Luckily, the storyline did not follow last "Ghost Recon" game on PlayStation 2. As for the just your typical military operations that goes horribly wrong, then they dispatch another team, which is "ME" to pick up the pieces. Although the story and the graphics is not the greatest but the gameplay mechanics make up the lost cause as the A.I in this is game is great at taking out enemy unlike some others games that have useless A.I partner that follows you around and this is on PlayStation 3 that released 7 to 8 years ago. I begin working on multiplayer first before switching to story campaign and I was lucky to be invited to a 12 people's boosting group from previous Tom Clancy's The Division boosting party. Damn those online trophy cause the struggles is real. Minimum of 8 players to start a public match and getting 8 peoples to boost every nights is tough but the biggest obstacle for this shiny plat come from "Daily Friend Challenge" and "20 Daily Challenge" cause every challenges I completed the next challenge requirement will increase the "X" numbers of "Kill", in a specific way or "Heal" "X" numbers of downed player and those challenges have to be done in Quick Public Matches there is no way I could do it legitimately. Lastly but not least, I appreciate those guys that play a big part during my journey in "Future Soldier" online multiplayer. They are: Amonre, BATOMEISTER, Executioner0, Ka2210l, Lyrikk, Max, mrzizch, NiTRO--X_, Phoenix0594 and seanquan. Special credit must give to Executioner0 for getting his 3 PS3 running at the same time multiple times during our sleepless nights and Lyirkk for patiently guiding me through DMZ networks setup so I could host the game and play campaign co-op with seanquan, though it didn't really work out smoothly due to our commitment in real life and network connectivity problem but luckily Phoenix jump in by hosting the game and pull us through the campaign. In fact if wasn't for them calling my Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier may still sitting in my ICG backlog. Thank you so much guys! Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier Platinum Video
  7. I can't access all private verses match and private mission except Prologue mission. I didn't try public verses match and I'm not allow to select 1st and 2nd on public mission but can select Hardcore Advanced in public mission
  8. You were right Kidson, thanks for the information
  9. Power up PS4 and play 1 quick suicide co-op mission & 1 full mission, all of them saved but play 3 straight captured none was saved Update: Play 1 Incursion & 1 captured, none save again.
  10. I just finished playing 13 mission. 6 hardcore mission 4 saved (1 full mission while 3 dead), 2 didn't save but also die quite early in the mission.and I also do 7 quick suicide co-op missin 5 saved 2 none Update: Play 1 Incursion moment ago and successful saved
  11. Wow, this is so grindy...anyway my guess is 388
  12. Try 6 quick suicide co-op missions...nothing been saved again
  13. Just finished 3 captured moments ago, nothing save again Update 30/1/2020 13:50pm (UTC/GMT +8) Do 5 quick suicide co-op mission in a row, again none saved
  14. Just try 4 quick suicide co-op mission, all not been saved
  15. I do 4 quick co-op suicide mission for some lore challenge and all failed to retrieving match data but that was 5 hours ago