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  1. Second Round I'll say 174
  2. No 94 match
  3. #114 All-Star Legend - You've Only Done Everything You have successfully earned all other trophies in the game. Congratulations! Platinum on 2nd October 2019 (8 months, 3 weeks, 6 days) **********My Personal Gaming Enjoyment Experience********** My first official fighting platinum trophy ...after all I'm not a fan of fighting games maybe I'm not good enough at this kind of game or maybe when get frustrated I have the habit of spamming any button on the controller. Another reason why I didn't like fighting genres is those complicated combo is damn so hard to pull off especially when been pin to the corner by those veteran player or in higher difficulty CPU. Then...why I still play? Well... cause I can just keep pressing one single button to every victory and the difficulty requirement is doable for me in this game. Ok..technical it's two button by the way, is the 2nd button for finish off my opponent when the meter is full at either Level 1, 2 or 3. Huh!..do I enjoy this game? Not really enjoying when I have to complete every characters journey. There is about 20 different character and 6 round fight took me 25 to 30 minutes to complete. Sooo...yea, it did bring my enjoyment down to the bottom. But on the other hand, I do feel like a boss when playing lowest difficulty in this unique fighting game because I just need to fill up my gauge to minimum level 1 and I'm free to knock out anyone without pulling off these complicated combo so yeah I do enjoy those moment. I'm not sure how does every fighting games storyline go cause I never play one before and in my opinion, the story is totally non exist in this game. If they hadn't announced theirs server is going to shutdown on 31st January 2019 I won't be bother playing PlayStation All-Star Battle Royal at all. Easy trophies list the main reason I jump into this and it was one of the FREE PS Plus monthly games in August 2014 but I not going to spend another $2+ for the DLC so that's another "Kiss goodbye" to my 100% completion. At the very least, I got some FREE trophies and one more game been crossed from my PS Plus list. PlayStation All Star Battle Royal Platinum Video
  4. Thank you for doing another giveaway.
  5. Voted Borderland 3, thanks for doing a giveaway for the community.
  6. Damn, I thought it was real until I "click" it and I didn't even notice the post below. You got me too.
  7. Thanks @woggly4, I know I can use my US account to buy all from US PSN store but a USD $50 card cost around $70 in my country and I already find all season pass & DLC in Asia store a bit expensive for me to commit anyway no regret for me. 😂 I don't want to spend so much for those season pass and extra DLC so I hope Asia store could have some discount on the final week when they update theirs store on Thursday evening but instead of having sales they removed everything. By spending $50 on all DLC, I can easily get at 2 AAA Gold Edition on any sales.
  8. Just when I want to get the season pass for Driveclub and 4 DLC for DC Bikes on 30th August 2019. I was shock to find all DriveClub base games and all DLC had been delisted from South-east Asia PSN store 24 hours earlier. And there go my 100% again but on the bright side I save about $50 on those DLC. 😂
  9. You still have to drive a car in Driveclub for Driver Level, win a Face-off and accolade for the trophy to pop but "Lifer" will pop up when the requirement is reach even you were in DC Bikes.
  10. Yes, they do count in DC Bikes cause I got it without driving a vehicle in DriveClub. Not just this they also count toward driver level, Face-off challenges and some Accolade.
  11. #113 100% - #128 Imperium Mandragora Island is now your dominion. Platinum on 13 August 2019 (2 years, 1 month, 2 weeks) **********My Personal Gaming Enjoyment Experience********** Mercenary Kings was in my Instant Game Collection library for almost 5 years cause I haven't own a PlayStation 4 yet, when it was one of the monthly free game from PlayStation Plus. Although I did "Purchased" the game but when I finally owned a PS4 I didn't download the game immediately instead I totally forget I had Mercenary Kings in my Plus library. Two years ago, my old PSN buddies ask me whether I have Mercenary Kings as they were looking for a third player to do the speedrun challenge. Oh gosh, I'm glad they asked or else I may forgotten this hidden gem cause the gameplay is so fun and addicting. Well, the storyline is not one of the worst... anyway the beginning of the intro told the whole story and they goes something like this... "Good Major" hired some mercenaries to takedown the "Evil Major" and his military that station on a mystic island but the "Bad Major" have other idea. Just when those hired mercenaries is about to reach the "Evil Major", the bad guy unleash some of his secret armies and defeated the mercenaries in second but don't worry the "Good Major" manage to revive 2 hired mercenaries and inject some super strength into theirs damaged body and make them stronger and the rest of the story will be found out by playing through every missions. This game change my view on Retro style cause I'm not a fan of outdated graphics though I like Zelda on Nintendo but the gameplay is so addicting that I don't mind how they look. In my opinion the gameplay feel like Metal Slug with some Role-playing element and there is a lot of weapons and equipment for customization but it also need a ton of materials to build those fancy weaponry and gadget. Hmmm...that's mean, a lot of farming to do and it will take a bit of extra luck to find some rare material. Honestly, I even enjoying finding those rare materials though it will mean replaying the whole mission level again and again. And it is extreme fun playing co-op with friends but I'm not a fan of time limit in every mission. Like I say as above, this game is very grindy and so are the trophies requirement, other than that nothing really hard except speedrun as some mission is a bit tough if playing solo. But I don't recommend doing all speedrun on co-op especially in advance mission that had boss battle cause it will increase all enemies health including bosses and 3 life's per mission is share by all players. Co-op is good for doing multiple objective in a missions otherwise better to do it alone. I am glad I added Mercenary Kings to PS Plus library earlier when I still haven't own a PlayStation 4 cause it is a challenging in every missions while it may not always fun farming materials but I feel satisfied when I finally build a ultimate weapon that suit me. Actually, I did build all guns and theirs parts. Oh damn, I'm sick! LOL. I would like to thanks BIGBLOCKCHEVGUY & CaribbeanLegend for helping some mission while we have fun along the way and I also want to thanks them for reminding me that I have such a hidden gems in my backlog Those clips are some selected speedrun I had recorded two years ago... Mercenary Kings - Save Ironside! Speedrun Mercenary Kings - Camp Makeover Speedrun Mercenary Kings - Lawless M.I.A. Speedrun Mercenary Kings - The Stone Gate Speedrun Mercenary Kings - Bravo Alpha Tango Speedrun Mercenary Kings - Street of Fire Speedrun Mercenary Kings - Thunder Road Speedrun Mercenary Kings - Chemical Jungle Speedrun Mercenary Kings - Into the Facility Speedrun Mercenary Kings - Factory Blackout Speedrun Mercenary Kings - System Shutdown Speedrun Mercenary Kings - Mandrake Infestation Speedrun Mercenary Kings - Hellish Harrier Speedrun Mercenary King - The Fallen Kings Speedrun Mercenary Kings - Live and Let Die Speedrun Mercenary Kings Platinum Video
  12. Yes, this is how I got EBR DLC and I not sure whether my region PSN store have this DLC or not but I do know this iEBR FREE for everyone.
  13. EBR DLC is FREE, just went to in-game DriverClub/Bikes/Tours and select EBR to download.
  14. 100% - #127 100% on 24th July 2019 (3 months, 1 week, 6 days) I'm not a fan of storyline release in episode and the first Hitman on PlayStation 4 fall into that category. And so I wait...waiting...waited, same as waiting for the game to load in Hitman, cause I refuse pay the season pass and wait for each episode to be released in months. Well, my waiting is well worth cause it's one of the Free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers on February 2019. The story seem to be sequel of "Hitman: Codename 47" on PC in 2000 and I didn't play the very "First" Hitman on computer so I can't really comment on the story and in my opinion it is not as good as "Absolution" on PlayStation 3 which was also my last Hitman game I played but I can't denial the gameplay is where this game shine especially the Escalation Contract. The main mission can be very short for those who don't care doing all the challenges, all side content and every Escalation in each episode, I personally went for everything the game had to offer including doing all the challenges in professional difficulty but I don't know how the "Exclusive Target" work so I didn't touch that area yet cause it seem to be gone when I accidentally selected a contract and can't replay the mission after I back out to the main menu. Due IGC is "Hitman: The Complete First Season" the "Patient Zero" campaign and few Escalation mission was not included if I want to play them I have to buy "Definitive Edition" or "Game of the Year Edition" cause there is no way by getting only "Patient Zero", which is suck anyway I still can 100% the trophies list without spending additional credits for another full game. Thanks Plus!
  15. 100% - #126 100% on 2nd May 2019 (5 years, 2 months, 3 weeks)0 After platinum Uncharted 3 on PlayStation 3 5 years ago, I begin my journey toward 100% trophy completion on Uncharted 3 after taking a break from the game for a year. Damn, it really one hell of grind and it was no easy task getting those DLC trophies but I did got all the modes done pretty quickly in 2015 except I still need 2 dozens of Team Dearhmatch wins, few specific thing on crushing difficulty, like "Overseers" and some treasure hunt in adventure and ONE last treasure in Hunter Arena. This so call HA is where I got burnout by the game cause for 6 weeks I'll boost 3-4 hours everyday, and still without any luck getting my LAST treasure in HA while most of my boosting partners have got theirs treasure done and move on to others game so I forced to take a break from UC3 which I also needed a long "break". Fast forward 4 year later in 2019, after 100% UC2 where I meet some great boosters and they'll said they gonna move to UC3 after getting theirs UC2 DLC done but the treasure drop in HA still haunts me although I didn't farm as much as 4 years ago the nightmare is still real. My next biggest nightmare is "Overseer" trophy and getting there is quite tough though the level is pretty short but this "Protect the Status" really need a lot of coordination and communication and I was lucky to meet 2 really awesome boosters that doing most of the hard work throughout the level but I was given a job and I stick to it like a glue although I'm not a very good shooter myself. Eventually we did it on our 2nd try as we cover each other and work together effectively. Well, actually this was my official third times trying while the first is 4 years ago with different player but I did watch a lot of videos so it make thing a little bit easier as I know what I am doing if given a role. Once I got "Overseers" there is nothing stopping me from 100% Uncharted 3. Thanks to the first group for dragging me down into grinding pool but we sure have fun while boosting together: @AllSugarRain @Azaan60 @CaribbeanLegend @Champion_Trophy, @digital_riddles @erdstapa, @Fingolfin-II @G10BURGERKING @Gentendo_3000 @Jables-TENAC @king-koopa94 @l1z4rD3ee, @Muchy33 @silentRage800, @Silvanous @SquallZidaneXIII, @TheGamerStyle @ULTIMA_AK & @Unknown_Leader I really appreciate those guys for helping and dragging me throughout the "Overseers" & "Triumvirate", special thanks to @bibiman111 & @mjan8935 for the help in Overseers. And @bibiman111 & @hjuy65tghmmmx3 for the help in Triumvirate and lastly @Ladeous for dropping my last treasure in Hunter Arena. And also others players in my second boosting group: @Alonsocs33 @brenofofao, @gatx052000, @Hustle_Pride @jdh0921 @kal_el_leo10 @LuckyZulu109 @nicacio09, @REM12 @shadow022624 & @T58M58N43T There is still lot others player that helped me along my journey toward 100% while some may have deleted me from PSN but I still want to thanks them whoever they are. And finally I'm lucky to got all Uncharted 3 multiplayer done before Naught Dogs announced servers shutdown on 3rd September and I do not have to worries about Uncharted 2 & The Last of Us too. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Platinum Video: