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  1. I love White Light... my daughter used to play this song and jump on the bed when she was three And now...
  2. I did a guide free playthrough for fun the first run and got the trophy for letting the train stations get trashed. Used a guide for the 2nd run to get perfectionist. It's a good fun little game if you're not bothered by trophies though, which is why I'd recommend playing without fixing the trains first (although the trains certainly make travel faster)
  3. Loved this game... great music, great fun. So many more tracks I'd like to add but I already overstep with my double posts
  4. If Nintendo ever did an achievement / trophy system, I would hope they did it as optional. For those who like trophies, take a crack at it... for those who don't want them, don't worry about it. I usually complete all my nintendo games as much as possible anyway so I'd probably enjoy a trophy system there but not this compulsory business and definitely more regulated as to what is worthy of being called a platinum and what isn't. And no online trophies Not sure if having a trophy system would make me buy more games for it though... I get whatever nintendo games I want anyway so that probably wouldn't change
  5. Sounds like a cool idea if there was another Q game to play. I remember some guys brought up a PSN 100% sometime ago... that would be a sweet one to add (though I can certainly acknowledge it would be a lot more work).
  6. Not too fussed by the rest of the soundtrack, but this one is catchy as
  7. Probably the most civil dispute I've ever read