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  1. So I've been trying to connect with my bot but can't get to connect and even though it's just me and my bot, both with dlc installed. I've used to separate internet connections but the problem still remains. I've read the issue can involve Nat Type 3 connections, which I have. I was wondering if anyone else with a Nat Type 3 connection managed to connect with others as I'd prefer not to muck around with the Nat settings if I didn't have to. Thanks in advance
  2. Ok, so just avoid all public online in general... go for all online trophies in a group. No worries, thanks
  3. What modes are these hackers usually in? I was thinking of doing this at some point but don't want to risk the hackers. Is there any ways to minimise the risk of running onto hackers?
  4. aaaaaand, Kingdom Hearts is done too 😁 nothing for a while and 2 in a couple of days!!
  5. Finally!! Something to add here again I finished Uncharted 3 100% a couple of nights ago. Only had curator medal to finish, but it's done finally!! So we can add that one to the completed list. Also, I'm at the final save point of Kingdom Hearts, so that should be done very soon as well for my last trophy. After that, it's going to be operation online trophies for a while, but I will always have this thread to come back to if I get tired of online for a while
  6. There are so many games that I've played and stopped doing anything and simply panned around the screen for some time and soaked everything up. I won't bother listing the all but the below two are definitely stand outs for me. 1 - Metroid Prime Trilogy - these game worlds were absolutely mind-blowing. When they decided to take Metroid into the 1st person realm, like many others I was unsure... but man was I wrong. And I'm so glad I was because the atmosphere that these world's had was second to none. 2 - Uncharted 1-4 - A world within our world... the number of time I've stopped playing just to walk around and take in the scenery in these games... they are truly something special. Especially U4 with its beefed up graphics 3 - Killzone Shadowfall - I remember in chapter 4 I think when you're in a chopper flying over the city and my mind stopped comprehending the level of graphical splendour that games had reached. 4 - Resident Evil Remake (Gamecube) - when I played this way back when, I was awestruck at every different eerie section of the game... the mansion, the lab, the guesthouse thing... I had seen the original but the gamecube one took everything to new heights for me. There's a million more, but these come to mind right now
  7. Kingdom Hearts Finished the 100% run on Proud. Such a great game. Even on Proud, once you level up beyond a certain point, everything becomes a cake walk. KH2 was far more difficult as the boss fights actually require a fair amount of skill, though I definitely prefer KH1's gameplay. Just the normal and unchanging equipment left to plat. I've decided to see if I can do unchanging equipment on Normal. I'm up to Monstro now and there's no issue so far... battles just take longer. I'm sure the time difference spent levelling up will negate needing to do another run through on easy
  8. Aside from unhiding black ops declassified, how does having other hidden games impact this particular dispute?
  9. Depends on my mood at the time. There are times when I will plat it all in one go and there are times I won't. My time is pretty limited so I don't always want to spend 2 months on one game, which may take people a week or two to finish. Often I'll get stuck somewhere and don't have the enthusiasm to complete it at the time. Kane and Lynch 2 for example took over 6 years to do because I got stuck on extreme mode. Then, on day I decided to have another go and did it. But, I do plan to 100% everything so I often go back and revisit very old games... I'm working on Kingdom Hearts now for example which I first started in 2013.
  10. Send the emails to B1rvine... at least this will provide some context for your case. It may not change the result, but seeing as he or MMDE are the ones who generally determine the fate of these disputes, they're the guys you need to convince.
  11. I finished Kingdom Hearts 2 for PS3, but I don't think it's on my list. Currently working on KH1 though, so that'll knock one of them off when it's done
  12. yea, i did... maybe i misunderstood? i read them again and from what i'm understanding now, i'm not sure what the issue actually is? the grand prix trophies popping simultaneously can be explained by the second controller. the wheels of fire 6 minutes earlier can be explained by being unlocked on the 3rd race of four after he switched to controller 1 (I'm assuming) did i miss something else out of order? are there more issues?
  13. is this dispute still open for a reason? Has anyone else been able to confirm if the trophy in question will unlock with the 2nd controller? otherwise it might be good to put this one to bed... unless there's other trophies that are still in doubt?
  14. heck of an effort!! well done!
  15. Plat #116 - Kingdom Hearts 2 A great game in a great series. i think i prefer the first one though. this seemed to be waaaay more linear in terms of puzzles and exploration and felt more like 'cutscene, fight, walk a few meters, cutscene, fight, walk a few meters, cutscene, etc.' the story was great though so it was ok. but yea, re-doing kingdom hearts 1 again now. i plat it on an alternate account but will do it on my main again for completion sake... and its been 4 years since then anyway so why not. going to do my 100% run on proud mode like last time to make the level 100 trophy more purposeful. up to agrabah now