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  1. This is a shame. I can understand if it's a game whose servers have closed for example and the 100% is impossible to achieve, but not playing games as they might be too difficult is doesn't make sense to me. I personally find a great deal of satisfaction from unlocking a trophy that was particularly challenging. Much more rewarding that unlocking the platinum on an easy game. But in the end, my goal is to play whatever I feel like playing and 100% the lot, be it a 4 hours plat or a 100+ one... if only there was more time aye!
  2. I've noticed you mentioned this specifically a couple of times. It makes no sense for a couple of reasons. Firstly, you're naturally going to have many easy games when your profile has 60000 trophies and you're on top of the trophy leaderboards. The leaderboard is based on trophy count, so it's obviously going to happen. Secondly, both of these guys have more trophies below 2% rarity than you have Ultra Rare, Very Rare or Rare altogether. I'm not sure how you get off saying that it's simply a matter of 'they can afford more games.' It's like those people who claim, 'oh, if I had more time I could do it too...' as if it somehow means anything. You have no need or way to back it up and it makes you feel better about not being at that level. Also, this, for example... don't you think the guys who have 50000 trophies enjoy it? If you're happy with playing whatever you want for whatever reason you want, that's great for you. But that doesn't mean that people who unlock a hundred trophies a day can't enjoy it. It simply mean YOU don't enjoy it. And that's kind of the whole point here. Your definition of enjoyment is not the universal definition and what you would do is not the universally correct way of doing things.
  3. Ah nice, that's very lucky! And I notice you did it less than a year ago too. Maybe with some luck our next run will go smoothly.
  4. Yea, it can get a bit ridiculous... this one is the worst for me though as each mission will take an hour and half - two hours to complete and you need to coordinate times with other people. The first night we got to 612K of the 667K before it froze, another 400K, then on the other map which need 334Km we've frozen at 280K, 312K, etc... As I said though, at least the maps are doable if it wasn't for the freezing.
  5. For a long time, i put off doing the DLC last stand missions. Based on what people have said, i assumed the rarity of the dlc was due to difficulty... but it seems that the game freezing is the issue. We have tried several times with each one ending the same way. FREEZE. And the 3 of us are all Australian, so its not a compadability issue. We will persist but its pretty annoying to play over an hour each go and have it freeze. Still, it just shows that anyone who wants to do it, and can persist through the freezing, definitely can.
  6. Nice work… yea, blitzball sucks. Can't say I understood the point of it either
  7. Nice! Games like this are great. I remember having a great time when they released Double Dragon Neon... I'd imagine this will bring the same joy. It looks really nice graphically speaking too
  8. I'm surprised you can still play it at all. Servers for sports games don't even last a year these days! Good luck with it... hell of a grind! I'm currently working on Operation Flashpoint Red River. Three trophies left for the 100%, two of them being DLC. The final main game trophy will unlock automatically when the DLC is completed too. Not sure if anyone knows much about the DLC trophies, but the Last Stand maps are about 1.5 hours to complete wave after wave. We've come close but the game is notorious for freezing, which is the biggest issue. If it wasn't for that, they'd be done now. But, all we can do is stick to it.
  9. New Games: Conan Exiles Final Fantasy Dissidia NT Mortal Kombat XL Resident Evil 4 (ps4) Resident Evil 5 (ps4) Resident Evil 6 (ps4)
  10. Uncharted 3 - plat #112 Only brutal run to go. Uncharted 4 Decided to start uncharted 4 following up the rest of the remakes. Amazing! I'm up to chapter 19 now. Its not often that I stop midgame and pan around just to take in the scenery. It's great to see that they kept up with the same caliber of story and quality of gameplay as the first three. Operation Flashpoint Red River Finally getting onto the remainibg DLC trophies. We are 3 people doing it now and it's not as hard as i thought it would be. The main problem is freezing otherwise we'd be done. The game froze at 612k of 667k on our million run and 312k on our 334k run. It'll get done but its a bit annoying when it freezes Hard Corps Uprising Onlinecomplete 😁
  11. I don't agree with this. Whose to say they don't have fun doing it? Perhaps stacking 10 of the same game and bumping up their trophy count to massive numbers is fun to them? While it may not be fun to you, it may be to them. If I had the time and resources to try for world number 1, I'd have fun doing it. Fun is a very personal thing... no one can define what someone else finds fun or enjoyable.
  12. Nice work mate, some hefty online grinds there!
  13. I think the reason this was said because you went out of your way to mention hakoom and rough specifically, citing that their profiles were all easy games, when in fact, they're not.
  14. I was thinking this too actually... Rough's profile maintains an almost 100% completion rate and includes games across a vast array of difficulties. When you have such a high number or trophies, you're inevitably going to have a lot of easy games...his profile however, also includes a lot of very tough games or long grindy games too.
  15. I personally love the idea of a 100% completion rate and it's something that I hope to attain at some point. Every game I own is a game I want to play. I don't see the value of buying easy games to simply bolster my trophy level. If I had time and was going for number 1 trophy leader, that would be a different story. Then I'd buy and play everything... but I would not simply play only easy stuff. I respect accounts that have UR or very difficult trophies, especially those with high completion rates, because I know the time and dedication required to achieve them. To say something like 'oh, if I had the time and money, I could do it too' in my opinion is ridiculous. I don't think anyone could simply do it if they had time... which is why when I see a profile with games like Street Fighter 4, the Ninja Gaiden games, Battlefantasia, Capcom Arcade, etc or White Knight Chronicles, etc, I'm impressed by them. These are things I look up and think are impressive. Also, something to remember, this is a website whose primary purpose is to showcase trophy leaderboards. which includes most trophies. Naturally people way at the top will have a lot of easy games. However, there's also a different calibre within those top guys. You only need to see the completion % or UR count to notice these differences. I'm also not sure why people say things like 'who cares about trophies' on a trophy website.