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  1. It probably would pop the trophy but using save files from other consoles (even your own) will get you flagged on this website as it's not allowed here.
  2. Didn't know this even existed until now... just checked out a gameplay trailer and I'm not so sure it should Still, I do love Transformers so I'll probably end up getting it when it drops eventually. Trophies look simple enough. Hopefully no online stuff for them to shut down without notice...
  3. Loved that piece 160 videos in to Smash Bros Ultimate Collection... it's so good. Anybody that like nintendo music from days gone by should definitely make their way through. They remade so many great songs. Here's a couple more:
  4. i think i may have a very odd glitch happen to me that has screwed me out of up to the task... the hot air balloon at the very top left won't come down. I added fuel and intetacted with the console and it came down about half way and is stuck there. i can't refuel the console, i can't interact with the console, i can't reach the balloon. i've left and come back, enemies have respawned but still nothing on the balloon. anyone had this happen??? assistance would be appreciated Edit: may have found a solution... will check tonight. Edit 2: Solution found... I simply missed a button at the front of the bridge
  5. Same here actually... this definitely has 'in a decade's time' written on it if it wasn't for this shut down. Glad I started it though as I'm greatly enjoying it. I'd wager the advice given up top, that it's still going to be doable after shutdown, is bad advice or at best uninformed. I hope it works out like that, but I doubt it.
  6. Currently listening to the Smash Bros Ultimate playlist... 1055 videos long and only 68 videos in Some really awesome stuff there... nostalgia overload:
  7. Donvalve - Battlefantasia... 30 seconds in
  8. One of the best game series of all time in my opinion... the music throughout has been fantastic too
  9. Just finished watching this one a couple of nights ago with my wife and daughter, who has fallen in love with the soundtrack
  10. Finally finished The Last of Us on PS3 and, while I know most people are familiar with these songs, I thought I'd post them anyway
  11. Tomb Raider: Legends... worth listening to the whole thing if you have a spare 4.5 hours I especially love the atmosphere of the Bolivia tracks....
  12. I noticed quite a few game soundtracks I liked that people have contributed from. My favourite from DK Country - this was ringtone for the last few years And from Ori and the Blind Forest
  13. Fire Emblem: Three Houses has some epic music... I could probably post about 20 songs But I won't... And this one... weirded me out at first, but loved it by the end. Don;t know why exactly, it's not my usual taste