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  1. Send the emails to B1rvine... at least this will provide some context for your case. It may not change the result, but seeing as he or MMDE are the ones who generally determine the fate of these disputes, they're the guys you need to convince.
  2. I finished Kingdom Hearts 2 for PS3, but I don't think it's on my list. Currently working on KH1 though, so that'll knock one of them off when it's done
  3. yea, i did... maybe i misunderstood? i read them again and from what i'm understanding now, i'm not sure what the issue actually is? the grand prix trophies popping simultaneously can be explained by the second controller. the wheels of fire 6 minutes earlier can be explained by being unlocked on the 3rd race of four after he switched to controller 1 (I'm assuming) did i miss something else out of order? are there more issues?
  4. is this dispute still open for a reason? Has anyone else been able to confirm if the trophy in question will unlock with the 2nd controller? otherwise it might be good to put this one to bed... unless there's other trophies that are still in doubt?
  5. heck of an effort!! well done!
  6. Plat #116 - Kingdom Hearts 2 A great game in a great series. i think i prefer the first one though. this seemed to be waaaay more linear in terms of puzzles and exploration and felt more like 'cutscene, fight, walk a few meters, cutscene, fight, walk a few meters, cutscene, etc.' the story was great though so it was ok. but yea, re-doing kingdom hearts 1 again now. i plat it on an alternate account but will do it on my main again for completion sake... and its been 4 years since then anyway so why not. going to do my 100% run on proud mode like last time to make the level 100 trophy more purposeful. up to agrabah now
  7. So if it asks for the date and I don't connect online before unlocking a trophy, it will create these missing timestamps. That's great, thanks for your help. A bit annoying to have missing timestamps but at least i know why now and how to stop it in the future 😊
  8. that's good to know, thank you
  9. Thanks for the heads up, I'll have a look and see what else I can find regarding this. I noticed one fella had 47 years for a trophy or something? I don't really mind that I have missing timestamps, I'd just like to see if I can avoid it in future... putting in the correct date seems like a good start. Thanks again for your research. Actually, I'm not fully aware of what's going on. I can't even find the trophy you're talking about. One of the link mentioned above mentions a 47 year old trophy, my guess is that whatever the date issue that caused the missing time stamps has caused the same problem. But as I said, I'm here to try and find answers for these problems so I can avoid them in future. Edit: I checked the PSNP trophy order dates and all I can see is missing timestamps and GTA4 in 2008?
  10. Ah ok, fantastic... I had a look at your Nino Kuni and I see what you mean. I wonder if it has to do with when you sync the trophies or when you unlock them... because, I'm pretty sure that I had the correct date put in when I unlocked the trophies offline, just not when I synced them. Then again, now I'm not so sure. In any case, thanks to you and everyone else for your help and contributions. Greatly appreciated. I'll have to see if the next trophy I earn unlocks properly now that I have this information. Thanks again
  11. Yes, all my other Kingdom Hearts 2 trophies and many other games all had trophies unlocked on this same PS3
  12. Yep, but this PS3 has been logged on to PSN for years, which is why I can't work out the missing timestamps
  13. No, my ps3 asks me every time there's a blackout or I disconnect it from a wall. It's one of the two playstations I play regularly and the same one I unlocked all the other KH2 trophies on. I went on a holiday for the long weekend (here in Australia) and unlocked the trophies while I was away. I did notice also though that the anti-form, lingering will, level 99 trophy have missing time stamps too... which is odd because I unlocked them before I went away. No, it's the same PS3 I always play. I've never heard this happening... from my understanding the PS3's internal clock has nothing to do with trophy log times... which is why you can unlock the 30 day Twisted Metal trophy in one day and it won't show up with a month later date.
  14. I finished Kingdom Hearts 2 over the weekend and updated my card just now and noticed that i have missing timestamps. same goes with a trophy i unlocked on twisted metal. I realise that this happens with trophies earned before you set your ps3 up online but i synced them yesterday, so that shouldn't have happened. The only this that may have happened was that my ps3 asked to have the date put in when i turned it one. i skipped over it though but as far as i know, it shouldn't mess with timestamps online? Anyway, help would be appreciated. thanks
  15. Kingdom Hearts 2: About 80% through critical playthrough. It was interesting to see how fast the story missions go if you skip the cut scenes... if you had no interest in watching it again, you could obliterate critical pretty quickly