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  1. I think what's frustrating for me is that none of the guides I saw had the 'Teletraan 1 Regular' trophy as online. I did the multiplayer stuff sometime ago as that's what was listed as online, but missed the plat due to that one sneaky damn trophy. Ah well, I should have checked more thoroughly I suppose.
  2. If the community determines that what the OP has been flagged for is not only possible, but documented, then it's a false flag to begin with and shouldn't need explaining or defending in the first place.
  3. I started this last night without doing the proper research apparently... I have two PS4s on the same network in the same room, so I'll get both profiles up to the trolls and see how it works out... here's to hoping Edit: Nat type 3 refused to connect even in the same room Nat type 2 worked a treat 😊
  4. PS3 version was fine last night... just started it
  5. There was talk of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen going down but its not on this list... anyone able to confirm if they're up or down?
  6. Does anyone know if this trophy usually glitches out? I got the first rank trophy fine, but I'm currently on level 13 and I haven't got the rank each rank 10 trophy yet? I've only played one DM match and the rest King of the Hill... could it be the game mode? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Edit: Thinking back, when I levelled up from level 9, I unlocked a big amount of XP in KotH so it jumped from level 9 to level 11 in one go. I'm thinking this may be the issue. Hopefully it'll unlock when I jump on tonight though. Edit 2 - I did it on my second ps3. Turns out the online stats are saved to your local profile, so it started from level 1 again on my 2nd console. i made sure to actually hit rank 10 this time and it popped as it meant to.
  7. The James Bond 007: Blood Stone servers weren't accessible last night... hopefully it's just being temperamental. If it fixes back up and for those who still can, I'd say get cracking and get them done.
  8. Just got James Bond 007: Blood Stone finished. Another new letter and UR to the total 24/27 Alphabet 15/27 UR #2010 Fifa World Cup UR Army of Two: 40th Day UR Battle vs Chess UR Counterstrike Dead Rising 2 UR Eat Lead Fear 2 UR Grand Theft Auto 4 UR Hyperdimension Neptunia Infamous James Bond 007: Blood Stone UR Kane and Lynch 2 UR Little Big Planet UR Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe UR N Overlord 2 UR Portal 2 Quamtum of Solace Red Faction Guerilla UR Singularity UR Two Worlds 2 UR Uncharted 2 Venetica Warhammer 40K UR X-Blaze Embrio Y Z
  9. I just came back to this one from 2011. Thoroughly enjoyed it, even now after all this time. Two more levels of orbs and plat city and then Pigsy's DLC. I'm bummed they never made a sequel for it.
  10. Ok great, thanks for the heads up mate. I'll try let the guide writer at ps3t know. Thanks again
  11. I'm wondering if this is an online only trophy? I've played a quite a bit offline and so far, I haven't come across any secret missions. Apparently they're quite frequent online... has anyone managed this offline?
  12. If you are going to try solo, yes, DLCs are going to be very useful. The items that djippps mentioned and that shorty recommends in the video are essential I would say. Regarding stage 10, it's actually not the worst. If you can get the first 4 waves done by about the 16 minute mark, you have 8 minutes to take down the last wave bosses. I beat it at almost exactly 24 minutes because of this. The Harbinger was invaluable. Level 8 is the worst I would say.
  13. does this same deal apply to battlefield 3 and 4, or are they run differently? anyone know? thanks
  14. I think it's about perspective and goals really... if I was, for example, ever motivated to try for the world record trophy count then I would need multiple copies of many games. But that will never happen. As it is now, I will buy another edition of a game that I've enjoyed in the past that has another trophy set. I wouldn't, for example, rebuy my wii-u games on the switch (unless there was a good amount of additional content). I rebought the Uncharted games, Resident Evil games, Bioshock collection, Last of Us...a few others I don't recall now and I would probably buy a bunch more that I've enjoyed if they ever rereleased them. The benefit of another trophy list to attain is always good motivation for a repurchase.
  15. From what my friend was telling me, if you don't want to do everyone's survival on hard, you'll need to do pretty much all the combo trials (you'll probably need to do a bunch of these anyway). There's a little more leeway though now with Gill (and Seth to come) so they'll provide an easy 34K FM without doing their survival hard and trials. But like it's been said above, still a monster grind either way.