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  1. New games: Sonic Mania (ps4) Sonic Forces (ps4) Banner Saga 1 (ps4) Street Fighter 5 (ps4) With my internet down for a week or so, I've been doing some single player stuff. Uncharted 4 Platinum trophy! Finished up the plat for this one. Such an amazing series. Just the final 2 DLC trophies left for 100% Killzone Shadowfall Doing the campaign on hard. Up to stsge 7 of 10. Great game. I hope to 100% all the killzones eventually
  2. Can't say I have any regrets with the games on my list. I only bought games that I wanted to play or I heard were hard plats. At least, that's what I remember anyway Good luck with the new onslaught of games mate
  3. Updates: Uncharted 4: Beat Stage 10 Survival DLC solo with 7 seconds to spare. Thankfully this level has a bit of leeway if you don't die leading up to the final boss wave because otherwise there was no way I could have got it. 5 stages done, 5 to go. Currently working on Stage 8, easily the hardest of the stages. Once this is done though (eventually), that's the end of the boss waves and only levels 3, 5, 7 and 9 to go. I figure the boss waves are the hardest, so if I got them done first, I'll be more motivated when the rest come. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2: My friend and I are working on the coop missions again. We completed Ultimate Ninja 2 (yes, with the wall glitch), which only leaves us UN1, UN3 and MN3 to go. I have MN3 done from some time ago when @Sergen was helping people out but I'm going to do it again because my mate hasn't done it yet... plus it'll be a good lead up into UN1. Every mission has been very rewarding. We're not the greatest, but we've managed ok so far. Finishing this off is our next mission. Same guy that I did Operation Flashpoint DLC with Hopefully we'll take a crack at UN3 tonight.
  4. New games: Superdimension Neptune vs Sega Hardgirls (vita) Muv Luv (vita) Ys: Memories of Celceta (vita)
  5. As it turns out, we managed to 100% Operation Flashpoint Red River on 29.12.18 So we beat the buzzer and made last year's cutoff, haha. Hopefully I'll be more active with the PS3 for this year's event! Thanks for hosting it!
  6. Operation Flashpoint: Red River VOD Master My last trophy for the 100%. My mate and I got it last night... the final last stand mission is very intense with only two people but still doable. Next online trophy mission is Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 coop... 4 missions left to get it done. Will be finishing it with the same partner and OF:RR so that should be good. Will be very happy to have that one done too
  7. I recently got onto Operation Flashpoint: Red River again with my mate and we got one of the tougher trophies out the way. I'm hoping we can get the last one done before new year so I can have at least one more game added here. Got quite slack this last half of the year with completion of games, instead focusing more on online trophies. But maybe on next year's run I'll knock more out
  8. Operation Flashpoint: Red River - These three unlocked altogether. The first is the Millionaire trophy for the DLC for getting 1,000,000 points on a Last Stand map. The third is for surviving beyond round4 wave 4 and the second is the Platinum trophy. There was a lot of relief when we did this as it kept freezing on us. It wasn't all that hard when there was a plan in place and we only needed two of us with two AI to do it. Should hopefully get the final trophy done soon if the game doesnt freeze on us.
  9. Operation Flashpoint: Red River Finally completed the million point run in one map on the DLC without it freezing. We did it with two people and two AI. If you use the right strategy, it's not very hard at all. Will probably get onto the final map to get the final trophy tonight or tomorrow. Looking forward to getting this one done. Edit: VOD Master Finished the 100% now. Very glad to get through this finally without freezing. Came close to blowing it a couple of times (the AI can be a bit silly with their decisions at times... a lot of the times) but we got through the whole DLC with just 2 of us. Great fun
  10. Well, my mate and i finally made it through a full million point game without freezing. The only thing we changed was that he shot down choppers with the stinger when previously i would use the javalin. Perhaps that made the difference. Either way, happy happy happy. Edit: Same happened with the second map... he took down attack choppers with the stinger. All done now
  11. Currently working on uncharted 4 survival mode 3 star crushing solo run without exploits. I've completed stages 1, 2, 4, 6 and 10 so far. Currently working on stage 8... its pretty full on. The seige wave in the middle and boss at the end are especially rough... worse than anything on any other wave for me so far. But I'm sure i'll get there 😊
  12. I've only played stage 8 a couple of times and it's pretty tough but I think manageable to do it the legit way. I'm doing the crushing 3 star run solo and so far I've done stages 1, 2, 4, 6 and 10 without going for exploits (I think the boss on wave 4 may have died by himself prematurely... I had him under half health and then suddenly the wave was over). I did 10 legit with 7 seconds to spare and throwing 2 grenades across the map to finish him off... very intense. Truth be old, I think stage 2 was worse than 10 though because of the time restrictions. I got stage 2 at 7.00 exactly and very happy about that. But yes, this is definitely a challenging mode and highly recommended for anyone wanting something intense. I'm yet to play it with a team but I'm sure it would be a lot of fun that way too. Anyone trying to do solo runs exploit free, I would definitely recommend shorty2905's videos found here: They are excellent and I cannot say enough good about them. Watch and you'll see what I mean. But yea, great game mode like the OP said... definitely need to put the time in for sure.
  13. Just added 48 games i didnt realise i owned... Uncharted 4 solo run. Doing stage 10. Got 2 stars last night. Not too bad. Feeling a lot better about the bosses. Will be good to be done with this level. Then onto level 8 😊
  14. Thanks for the heads up. I'm not having trouble per say but rather have very limited time to play. I think i want to try do them legit for the time being but if it becomes unbearable then i'll look into it. I've only got 8 and 10 with bosses left in any case and the first 3 waves of 10 haven't been so bad. But thanks for the heads up 😊 Edit: Finished stage 10 solo last night with 23.53. Very satisfying. The only difference was i used explosives master instead of the mystical perk. I didnt buy the mystical thing for the seige wave 48 as i would never have enough to buy the grenades and heavy weapons in the boss fights. Going to do wave 8 next as i hear its the hardest and then no more boss fights 😁
  15. You and me both... though im not sure what else they could change to make it harder! But yes, im sure your videos will remain relevant forever (or til the servers close anyway).