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  1. A little heads up for people who are worried about not being strong enough or not getting the right item drops... if you save your gil you can buy +25 strength items for 2100gil at extra item shop in the second half of the game. By using these, a +30% crafting perk (bought from the witch), 8 meteorites (obtained through dismantling) the tall sigil, 3 x level 1 yoshimitsus and a half levelled corsesca, I went from a 350 strength to 4900 strength! From this point, the rest of the DLC became very easy. You lose health very quickly, but the AI revives you straight away so you can go back to your hack-a-thon. At level 36, I walked through all the compulsory battles with next to no strategy. Ifrit needed a little bit of dodging but even he fell after two attempts. And then by the time you reach the end, you can buy watts from the fisherman and finish off your 999k trophy. There's still a lot of time to get all this done.
  2. Final Fantasy 15 - Comrades Got the final trophy last night - 999k watts. If you have enough gil, this is very easy as you can buy watts from the fisherman in Old Lesterium (or whatever the nane is). I bought 200k for 90k gil and saved myself hoursof loading screens. I'm increasingly gald i didn't splurge on outfits and haircuts šŸ˜
  3. I finished the final boss last night at level 46 and did the DLC completely solo with the AI (except the 4 comrades missions). The very easiest way is just level up a few weapons random weapons to be able to get you through until you can unlock the item shop that sells the +25 strength items. They cost 2100gil. I didnt spend any money on costumes, etc so i had a stack of gil and therefore could afford to stack 4 weapons with mass strength. Coupled with 30% crafting and the tall sigil, i was level 36 with 4850 strength beating level 70-90 missions with AI with ease. It's very doable once u get to that point
  4. Final Fantasy 15 With the comrades DLC servers closing in December, i decided to put uncharted 4 on the back burner til i finish comrades. The good news is its nowhere near as bad as its made out to be in terms of difficulty. As long as you save your money and reach a certain part on the expansion which unlocks the new item shop, u can buy +25 strength items for 2100gil!! Couple this with a dragon whisper and 3 yoshimitsus, a 30% crafting upgrade and the tall sigil, and suddenly you have 4900 strength. I upgraded one item with 100% flame resistance as well. Basically, i became level 35 and coasted through level 90 quests with AI. Oh yes, everything was done with AI only (except the 4 comrades quests). Now only the 999k watts to go.
  5. Great to see Eternal Sonata getting a lot of love on this. Such a great game
  6. I don't see why he should take it like a champ... it's very annoying and is something that obviously needs to be addressed on this site. If I was in a situation like this where someone hacked my lobby, I'd be very annoyed and the general attitude of 'oh well, tough crap, it happens, just hide it and move on' doesn't really help. It's an attitude I see far too often in the dispute threads... hackers is a different story, but when someone innocent gets jammed, I think it needs rethinking, The fella has gone to a lot of trouble to prove his point, more than most, and I think it's quite valid.
  7. Good to know, thanks
  8. Ok, so it's a level issue. So if i've got 2 other friends who are the same level as me (none of us have started the game) it won't make much difference in that sense. Thank you for your reply
  9. I've read some people say it's faster to do comrades online rather than with bots... can someone please explain to me why this is so?
  10. I apologise but I'm still a bit confused... so comrades, which is the multiplayer mode you can currently complete offline using AI bots if you want to is what, going to be patched so that you can no longer do it offline either? I get that they want to close the servers but are they going to deliberately patch it so you can't do it offline either?
  11. I'd also like to know...
  12. New games Bulletstorm (ps4) Yakuza (ps4) Uncharted 4 - 3 star crushing survival solo run. 2/10 completed. Stage 1 and 6. Stage 1 - very easy when levelled up Stage 6 - not too bad. A lot of random elements that can throw off your time though. Working on stage 2 next.
  13. Even though I haven't done it yet, I'm currently working on doing the Uncharted 4 ...It trophy (all levels 3 stars on Crushing) solo. One down, 9 to go. I think once it's done though, this will definitely be a trophy that will be a part of this thread!!
  14. New games Dishonoured Death of an Outsider (ps4) Red Faction Re-mars-tered (ps4) Chime Sharp (ps4) Uncharted 4 Level 50, beaten every level on crushing once. I've decided to try and do the 3 stars solo. I know it's possible based on videos i've seen and it seems like a great challenge.
  15. Warhammer 40K - Let the heavens bleed. Finish the Bonus wave of the DLC You need to beat waves 16-20 again and then beat 21. We'd run out of ammo at this point with one of those special enemies and only hammers left... run out, hit him with a hammer, run back... very, very intense but very satisfying to complete Army of Two: 40th Day - Survival of the Fittest - Finish all 16 waves of Extraction Ridiculousā€¦ not sure how others found it, but this one took me all night. Killzone 2 - Valour Grand Cross - Finish in the top 1% for the week I did this legit many years ago. I had 3 days to do this between work break and leaving for holidays. 8 hours a day for 3 days of pistol matches was enough... I was very, very happy when I saw this pop. There was no way I would have another block of time like that to play.