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  1. This wouldn't affect your legitimacy on this website though, would it? Seems to me like an in-game exploit more than anything... or did you just mean regarding OP's OCD?
  2. Kingdom Hearts 2: working on the post story clean up. at level 78 now with most only 2-4 puzzle and treasures to find. the organization 13 are pretty intense. only played a couple goes to see what they were like and got oliterated. i beat separoth though, so thats something at least!
  3. For me, definitely Fear 2. It took me a year and a month to get through the online for that. Stuck in a 16 person ps3 chat with so many non-cooperative folk or guys simply in chat but not even playing while others who were waiting to get in the lobby were blocked out. I remember one time a guy who already had the plat was blocking space in the chat to 'supervise the chat' and not actually playing... seriously, some of the crap in that chat. Plus my connection was pretty bad so i would get booted 2 out of every 3 matches and xp doesn't count if you get kicked. I think being part of such a toxic chat made it all worse. if i were to do it again now, with a couple ps3s and some good like-minded mates, it would be somewhat more bearable. Looking back, if it were still possible, i'd do it again for the japanese stack... never with a chat of randoms though.
  4. In some cases perhaps, but not universally. I don't think beginning disputes with 'this guy obviously cheated' is helpful in any way... not unless you have some form of collaborating evidence to the statement anyway.
  5. New Games: Luigi's Mansion 2 (3DS) Shantae: Half Genie Hero (PS4) BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle (PS4) Shaq Fu 2 (PS4) Update NGS2 Finished UN3, only MN3 and UN1 to go. Haven't played in a while though due to mate's work schedule. Kingdom Hearts 2 At the final story boss's door. Thinking I might do some clean up first like maxing out Valor and Master Forms to get high jump 3 and aerial thingy 3 to get all the chests / puzzles Great series KH.
  6. This is probably the best analogy for boosting I think I've seen
  7. I think that as long as they get rid of them all, then the leaderboard still remains clean. Someone who used a few saves several years ago may regret doing it now and as long as everything else is clean, I don't see why they should lose several years of legit trophies because of stupid mistakes when they were younger. Then again, I'm a benefit-of-the-doubt kind of person. Different story if the save files were used recently if course... but that's my two cents on the matter
  8. While there's quite a few, I'd say Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series. I joined the Sony console mob late in the piece and I'm glad I did simply for this series. It has become my co-favourite series of all time (along with Metroid). The story telling, the gameplay, the music, the entire cast of characters are nothing short of amazing. The character relationships are at a level where I feel like they're actual people with actual lives that I actually care about. Uncharted does that in a way that I've never quite experienced before and so Drake gets my PS rep award.
  9. I only discovered there was a rarity leaderboard the other day but as stated, noticed a lot of profiles with hidden trophies. Would be pretty awesome to have an updated rarity board with all the hidden profiles removed.
  10. Pretty sure Uncharted: Fight for Fortune (Vita) servers were closed without warning or at least stopped working some time ago.
  11. A friend of mine has confirmed that Uncharted 2 is back on
  12. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Played un3 a few times with my mate. Cam pretty close before we tanked at the end. All in all, i think we should get this mission down relatively soon. Kingdom Hearts 2 Thought it was time to start this. 3 worlds in so far. Gteat game... such a wonderful series Dungeon Travellers 2 Up to the post game world Eternal Hell. Still working on 20k kills but its good that i can play however i want to achieve them
  14. Do an Uncharted-a-thon and complete them all 100%, starting with U1 of course
  15. I'd say Modern Warfare 2... you have a stack of COD games there that are partially done, so I'd start with that one and work my way from there. Either that or plat Uncharted on PS3