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  1. I seem to have gotten lost in all these accusations, but can someone clarify for me please: if we leave out his past history, is there anything actually wrong with the timestamps for this game that suggest its cheated?
  2. James Bond 007: Blood Stone Virtuoso (1.05%) The trophy for earning all game medals in the online portion of the game The win 50 matches getting the most of X medals were a heck of a grind! It's done though, so I'm happy
  3. i think their concern was more about people getting free money instead of getting band from psnp 😊
  4. I think separating was a good idea. For this thread I'd say Operation Flashpoint: Red River. Reason is they closed Dragon Rising with no announcement some time ago and while that one can be done using LAN, im pretty sure the 4 player one for red river can't (i havent tried so i cant confirm) plus the servers are shoddy and freeze often, making the dlc particularly rough, especially with people from different regions
  5. @Hibari-shugosha you could always just do weekly trials casually for the next 2.5 years 😊 good luck with hard runs!
  6. ok great, thank you!
  7. thanks for the feedback. one final question, do you need to do ranked matches to get online FM? or can you do player matches in a private lobby with a friend (if its even possible that is)
  8. A question for you veterans of FM related knowledge... I haven't started the game properly yet so I apologise if these questions are silly. 1 - What has Capcom nerfed the offline FM amounts to? for story, survival, etc? 2 - If I own a hard copy of SF5 original, could I simply not update my game and play all the offline FM related stuff for the original characters to maximise at least some of the FM? Thanks in advance
  9. This is in no way a bad grind compared to others. The 2500 respect points are cumulative and can be done in private matches with you and your bot. Matches can be shortened using Snow's code above. The ranked matches can be a pain if you have interference but I managed to get them pretty quickly with no hassle. It's really not a bad grind compared with others out there, even with only two consoles
  10. I figured this might be the case... thank you
  11. I've seen this mentioned a few time to argue against people with otherwise clean lists and harder games... I wasn't sure where to ask, but did this person or people who cheated aabs animals have otherwise clean lists with far more difficult games or was it part of an obvious cheaters list?
  12. Sorry, I thought you were talking generally as opposed to something specifically related to the dispute. What you've said here is correct... 2 consoles wouldn't somehow negate the need to unlock A before B
  13. How soon can I do this? Silly question, I know but... I've finished the epilogue bit and accessed the staff menu but have no idea how to trade. Do I need to play more campaign? Thanks in advance Edit: You need to beat Main Ops mission: Tank Battle: T-72U to unlock it. Strange I couldn't find that info anywhere
  14. From my understanding, running two consoles with the same game at the same time isn't against the site rules. As for any other cheating done, silly silly.
  15. 15 games for me ranging between 0.34%-1.23% rarity Gianna Sisters: Twisted Dreams - 5 Fifa World Cup 2010 - 5 Fear 2 - 5 MK vs DC - 18 Twisted Metal- 5 Chime - 1 Red Faction: Guerilla- 2 Injustice - 1 Army of Two: 40th Day - 2 Capcom Arcade Cabinet - 1 GTA 4 - 1 Double Dragon Neon - 1 Bionic Commando Rearmed - 1 Super Street Fighter 4 - 1 Marvel vs Capcom 2 - 1