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  1. Update: Finished Kane and Lynch 2 100% All i had left was finish on Extreme... man, the difficulty lives up to its name! It gets slightly easier in the sense you understand what guns are good and which to avoid and also the enemies behaviour.... but still, each checkpoint will still have you on edge. Glad to be done though. I really loved the campaign. I quite like these two as characters for some reason. If i ever needed a personal security team, these two would be in for sure! Not sure what to do next... maybe i'll knock out counterspy for the online trophy before servers close
  2. Not sure if you got past it, but i just ran forward in between them and then turned around and shot them. I might have got lucky though? I ended beating the checkpoint first try somehow so i can't confirm if it works everytime. Edit: i see you did it already, good good
  3. New games added: Counterspy Has-Been Heroes Overlord: Fellowship of Evil I've decided to finish Kane and Lynch 2. I only have Extreme mode for the 100%. I trued it years ago and got obloterared... this time is better though. I didn't realise the different strengths of each gun but now i do and so, instead of being stuck on chapter 2 i'm half way through chapter 7. Should be done with it in the next cpuple of days hopefully. Will be a nice 100% this one once its done.
  4. Just finished secret of mana... aaaahhhh, so good 😊 So now i might tackle another from this list... i'm think either kane and lynch 2 (only extreme difficulty to go), mirror's edge dlc or something cruisier like wonderboy or monster world 4. Guess we'll see when the time comes to put a game in aye. Edit: i decided on kane and lynch 2. I started extreme once years ago and couldn't get past the second level. Started again last night, and i'm up to chapter 4 now... but man, the difficulty is bonkers! A great challenge for any gamer i'd say
  5. #106 - Secret of Mana I love this platinum image!! I loved this game growing up and this remake was a wonderful revisiting to the past with some great upgrades. The 'grind' to get the final weapon orbs was nowhere near as bad as some have made it seem... only 3-5 hours I'd say. Monotonous, sure, but very easy to do. The crashed were a bit annoying but a 15 second inconvenience at best. The autosave fixes that issue pretty well. I loved the graphics and small gameplay changes. Very happy that I got to play this again but I'm actually a little sad to be done to be honest. Great game! Loved it!
  6. As i said, this isn't an issue for me and i still don't see why people put so much emphasis on it. I think 'unquestionable laziness' is a bit dramatic though. The remake fixes heaps of other stuff from the original... running doesn't reset your stamina, you can run any direction, attack any direction... all little things that make the game play better. They didn't have to change that stuff, but they did... so i'd question your assessment of 'unquestionable laziness.'
  7. Record of agarest war, hyperdimension neptunia and whole lot of other jrpgs i can think of don't have moving mouths with their voice acting? I dont think this is something that should discredit a game
  8. Yea, its a nice set of plats to have 😊 The thing i couldnt understand is that, not only did he kill civilians, but deliberately did so when there was other options. Couldnt understand it. I get the anger but how does it make him different from the gods he's so angry at? But anyway, at least the games were a lot of fun!
  9. Nice work. The GoW games are great fun. Kratos is a douche, but the games are excellent! Have you played ascension or the two handheld ones?
  10. Sort of follow up question. An example: what if i own 2 ps3s and copies of little big planet 2? On one copy a turbo controller is doing the 24 hour create trophy and on the other im just playing normally. Is this illegal on the site?
  11. As long as it can be shown that they're running the same thing as when the servers were up without enhanced modifications, I don't see the problem. In fact, as is evident, I think a lot of people would love the opportunity to polish off some games they didn't get the chance to or complete ones they missed out on. The whole idea of not worrying about server closures just seems right I read all the previous posts and found it quite interesting. I can see the concern for what could potentially happen with people altering things to their benefit... but from my very limited understanding, someone would have to be very compute literate to set something like this up. As mentioned, it seems like a lot of effort to cheese something that will get you flagged / caught. As long as someone can prove they didn't use one of these, as of now non-existent, rigged servers, I can't see the issue. This seems different from the Street Fighter example brought up earlier. Also, if you have the capacity to create one of these unrigged servers and can unlock the trophies and prove you did it legit, then good for you. You would simply need to prove it. There are people on this site who care passionately enough and are smart enough I'd imagine to determine if there's been additional tampering. I agree with a comment above about the site being able to monitor or host such events or at least approve certain ones that are unrigged. I don't however believe they should charge money for it as mentioned... the whole 'pay for our approved servers or we'll flag you' doesn't really sit well.
  12. I'm up to the Lofty Mountains in Secret of Mana now... so, basically the second half of the story. Most weapons are level 5 or higher, and I just received Shade. Currently levelling up all my magic to level 5, just shade left who is at level 2. Having played for a little bit now, I can happily say I'm enjoying every minute. The game crashed periodically but the autosave makes up for it as you only lose progress for the room you're currently in. I still don't get the issue people have with the remake, but then again, we can all have our opinions. For me, this nostalgia trip has been everything I hoped it would be.
  13. I disagree. I think the graphics are look fantastic. And i don't really see an issue with the voice acting either... not to the point it ruins the game anyway. If they released the same SNES game with no changes, then we'd have the opposite 'they're just releasing old stuff for a cash grab' mob complaining. Anyway, while many may disagree, i for one am very thankful that they've released it this way. Aside from the occassional game crash, i'm enjoying every second of it
  14. Where we are it was about 2/3 the price of a new release... a price i was more than willing to pay. What do u mean by 'modernise' it? Is it the graphics you're referring to? If so, i can't see how it's half-assed. I guess i'm just not seeing what all the hate is about. I'd personally take this over the original as a ps4 release. If it was just going to be the original, may as well just play the original.
  15. I loved secret of mana when i was younger and i absolutely love this remake. I love how it looks and how it plays. The mouths thing? Big deal, a non issue. The only thing im not overfussed on is the new soundtrack... i definitely prefer the original. I'm so happy this they remade this game!