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  1. New games: Transformers: War fot Cybertron (ps3) 007 Blood Stone (ps3) Time Crisis: Raging Storm (ps3) Rayman Legends Still going on this one... over half way now, which is good. Basically, the plan was to get it done with 100 days, which would be the equivilant of 2 golds per night. So far it's day 30 (pretty sure) and i'm almost at 5000 (i still need to finish 1 world of origins maps too). So, all going well, i should be done a month earlier than expected.
  2. Tomb Raider isn't too bad... very boring though. But it's great that you can grind out all the XP solo Watch Dogs is on my list but I'm not really sure what you need to do for it...
  3. I've been trying to finish many incompletes over the last few months and it feels good when they get done. Then I get side tracked again with online trophies and trying to complete them. If only there was more time... the problem is that most of the ones I want to do are ultra rare and fairly long grinds... time crisis, war for cybertron, fall of cybertron, binary domain, 007 blood stone to name a few... I'm seeing so many servers closing lately that I feel I'll probably miss out on a bunch
  4. New games: Marvel vs Capcom Infinite (ps4) Vikings: Wolves of Midgard (ps4) Still chugging along on rayman legends. I have 2 world left of origins maps and am currently sitting on 4320 of 6000. Quite the grind but the online challenge maps are still fun, so its not bad. Saving a lot of time by realising which ones are going to be diamond and which will only be gold. Will be attacking a bunch of other online games in a couple of weeks from now too. Looking forwardto getting them done
  5. This is a great idea. I like the ultra rare thing that people are doing. Anyway, i'm 23 of 27 alphabet and 14 of 27 ultra rare. No japanese titles unfortunately. 2010 Fifa World Cup (UR) Army of Two: 40th Day (UR) Battle vs Chess (UR) Counterstrike Dead Rising 2 (UR) Eat Lead Fear 2 (UR) Grand Theft Auto 4 (UR) Hyperdimension Neptunia Infamous J Kane and Lynch 2 (UR) Little Big Planet (UR) Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe (UR) N Overlord 2 (UR) Portal 2 Quamtum of Solace Red Faction Guerilla (UR) Singularity (UR) Two Worlds 2 (UR) Uncharted 2 Warhammer 40K (UR) X-Blaze Embrio Y Z
  6. New games: Battlefield 1 + dlc Titanfall 2 Rayman Legends Still chugging away at this one. Finished all the main levels with diamond cups and im doing the origins ones now. 2/3 through the first world. The online is still good fun. About 600 / 200 complete. My favourite is the fall down the tree trunk and collect 150 lums.
  7. 2 new games: I am Bread (ps4) Walking Dead Season 1 (ps4) Rayman Legends I'm really enjoying it so far. Only been a week but i love the way the online is set up. It rewards you for improving, which is great. I've got 2 diamond cups so far and if all goes well, a 3rd one tonight. When i realised that 1 diamond cup is worth 5 gold, 10 silver or 50 bronze, it really sets up a perspective and motivates to try harder. I'm only half way through world 3 in the single player and sitting on just under 200 000 lums. I think because i really like this style of game, its nowhere near as bas a grind as it could be. Ps+ player influx has definitely helped with the diamond trophies too. If youre going to do this, now's the time.
  8. My goal is to 100% everything I own at some point... but it's a long goal as I'm currently trying to get whatever online stuff done that I can. So far I've managed to stay ahead of the server closures. Every now and again I pick up some old games and 100% them, but online is my currently priority
  9. I've been working on getting a lot of online trophies out the way as of late so I havent done much 100% completions. I think will keep up for the foreseeable few months however many of these online trophies should lead to at least a few 100%ers.
  10. All the online is now done for aliens colonial marines. Will save all the single player for a later date. Currently doing the online for resident evil operation raccoon city. Played 88 / 98 and done everything needing 2 people (except the dlc). Still need to do the 5 player ones. Also started rayman legends. Im having a great time with it so far... only 3 or 4 days in though. Level 5 awesomeness so far, completed the 1st world 100% and got 6 gold trophies so far online. No diamond, silver or bronze yet though either. Need to get a silver and bronze to get those two out of the way. So far, very enjoyable
  11. So i started last night doing both single player and challenges. Thanks for the advice
  12. Hahaha, well, there ya go! I appreciate your assistance on all fronts mate 😊
  13. Follow up: I'm now certain that's what's happened. Terminator from ps3t comfirmed it's possible to join someone's story regardless of where they and you are and i didn't notice you can change the search parameters until i started the online challenges. I feel quite comforted now 😊
  14. I've completed the better part of the online in aliens colonial marines. The only thing left is to complete the marines uniform. The shoulder pads are left but from what i read they unlock during online/offline challenge 15, which i just did 😊 The online challenges weren't too bad. A bit of a grind but fine with 2 copies. Only needed my mate to jump in for 2 of them as a 3rd player. I also realised tonight that i have the trophy for comleting level 3 but not for level 1. My theory is that i joined a random coop campaign match when doing my very first coop trophies thinking it was private. Hopefully i can confirm this somehow
  15. Follow up: I have a theory... when i started i don't remember setting my game to private or changing it from random. Perhaps i joined another person's game thinking it was just me and my 2nd copy and completed their level? This is the only this that could explain this that i can think of...