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  1. thanks for the response, so basically i will not get this trophy lol or it should be made easier to get it
  2. I don't know if this already has been asked before, but if for example if i do something on mobile that would give me a trophy on ps4, will the trophy pop when i log onto the game on ps4?
  3. i platinumed the game in may of this year and didn't have to deal with crashes
  4. Do you have a certain method to grind this?
  5. do i need to fully max all 4 effects to max 1 blessing? or do i need to fully max 5 effects in total to get the trophy? this trophy looks really hard to get nowadays, has anyone got any tips?
  6. is this game playable without vr? because some games are
  7. definitely gonna be using that
  8. I'll find out on tuesday That would still be a massive time saver
  9. Since most of you guys are pretty positive about the singleplayer i'll give it a go. I have never really played any other pvz games so i have nothing to compare with so i'll hate things less fast. I don't really mind the grind so i thing i'll be fine. Thanks guys for the quick responds
  10. So i'd like to platinum this game because it's free with ps plus. Most of the trophies are singleplayer based i like that. The game looks fun, but i heard some mixed feelings about this game. Is the singleplayer fun? Im not planning on playing a lot of multiplayer in this game. Just playing the multiplayer for the trophies
  11. well you'll get a bonus for the first kill and top 3 of the day i think which will get you half a level from level 10-50, this is the most efficient way and also do daily challenges to buy xp boosts. if you do it like this and only go for the bonus everyday it ill take you around 80 days. you can also grind the game but it's pretty slow. it gives like 2k xp per good game which will be around 10-15 minutes. you have to get 20k xp per level from lvl 10-50. so around 400 good matches or around 65-100 hours
  12. i'll just think of general shepherd from cod mw2 (if you know, you know)
  13. so i still need to do the violent playthrough for the game, but everytime when you need to take an important decision for the violent playthrough it just feels a bit wrong and goes against your instinct. this may sound strange cuz it's obviously a game and not irl but still. am i the only one or does anyone of you kinda has/had the same thing? just curious it's not like it will prevent me from getting the platinum or something like that cuz i love the game
  14. you are still able to find games, although it might take a minute or maybe 2
  15. the multiplayer didn't really feel like bf, but more like call of duty with more players and bigger maps and a bit more clunky imo, but enjoyed getting the trophies