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  1. i platinumed the game in may of this year and didn't have to deal with crashes
  2. what is exactly the fastest way to level? i know that heroes vs villains is the best gamemode and that every wednesday there is double or triple xp and sometimes in the weekends aswell. i also heard that chewbacca is really good to level but those videos were from 2018 or 2019 and chewbacca got nerfed between those times and now. so is chewbacca still a good pick? and which villain should you pick when you are a villain?
  3. Do you have a certain method to grind this?
  4. so i want to get this trophy using the boosts you can buy, but how do you use them? i bought them but it didn't do anything
  5. is this game playable without vr? because some games are
  6. definitely gonna be using that
  7. I'll find out on tuesday That would still be a massive time saver
  8. Since most of you guys are pretty positive about the singleplayer i'll give it a go. I have never really played any other pvz games so i have nothing to compare with so i'll hate things less fast. I don't really mind the grind so i thing i'll be fine. Thanks guys for the quick responds
  9. so i still need to do the violent playthrough for the game, but everytime when you need to take an important decision for the violent playthrough it just feels a bit wrong and goes against your instinct. this may sound strange cuz it's obviously a game and not irl but still. am i the only one or does anyone of you kinda has/had the same thing? just curious it's not like it will prevent me from getting the platinum or something like that cuz i love the game
  10. well you'll get a bonus for the first kill and top 3 of the day i think which will get you half a level from level 10-50, this is the most efficient way and also do daily challenges to buy xp boosts. if you do it like this and only go for the bonus everyday it ill take you around 80 days. you can also grind the game but it's pretty slow. it gives like 2k xp per good game which will be around 10-15 minutes. you have to get 20k xp per level from lvl 10-50. so around 400 good matches or around 65-100 hours
  11. i'll just think of general shepherd from cod mw2 (if you know, you know)
  12. you are still able to find games, although it might take a minute or maybe 2
  13. the multiplayer didn't really feel like bf, but more like call of duty with more players and bigger maps and a bit more clunky imo, but enjoyed getting the trophies
  14. yeah but BO4 had one of the best campaigns ever made, so hard to top that
  15. already got it with another person, but he just wasnt able to play golf, not under any circumstances
  16. so i need to play golf in gta for the numero uno trophy, but my friend is unable to play golf. golf isn't even on his map, not in a public game nor in an invite only session. i am able to play golf but he can't join me when i invite him. is there a solution for this?
  17. yeah i already figured it out, i was looking at the wrong seasons, so they didn't count for that one, but they did work for the other one
  18. are we going to get a playstation 2020 wrap-up? if yes, around which date will we get it?
  19. how do you unlock this trophy? do you have to get 4 champions exactly level 5? the trophy is more rare than the master collector, so there has to be a catch of getting this trophy
  20. thx for the tip man
  21. is this an even better option than playing first order? because its not really reliable
  22. thx guys for the tip enjoy your day
  23. wow, thats a lot. how long does a game of coop take?
  24. he has completed the story mode already and is lvl 200, so that's not the case
  25. alright thanks guys