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  1. I've heard that it's good to do this game with someone else, but is it necessary? Can you get the platinum solo and is it way harder or longer solo?
  2. you could try using the method that is explained in the video in this thread. way faster than grinding private matches
  3. So i'd like to platinum this game because it's free with ps plus. Most of the trophies are singleplayer based i like that. The game looks fun, but i heard some mixed feelings about this game. Is the singleplayer fun? Im not planning on playing a lot of multiplayer in this game. Just playing the multiplayer for the trophies
  4. hey, sorry for the late response. i already platinumed the game. it wasn't a very fun or good game in my opinion, but i had fun doing the xp exploits to get the platinum. i've spent 40 hours in the game, because i didn't really go through it really fast and also helped other with the xp. if you find people that only want to boost you, you can get the platinum in like 20 hours pretty easily
  5. alright, thanks guys! i'll try the game soon then
  6. so i played this game for some time before it went free to play and there were a lot of bots which made a lot of trophies really easy. right after it went free to play the servers were full of players which made it harder to get some trophies. are the servers filled with bots again or are there still a lot of real players?
  7. So i'm new to JRPG's and i thought i'd try persona 5, but i'm not sure if i will enjoy it to get the platinum and i saw that the platinum is around 150 hours. Is a big part of those hours grindy or is it just a lot of playing the game and stuff like that?
  8. there is one that need 10 per level, but is level 2 max for that one? the other 2 need 10 total a piece
  9. do i need to fully max all 4 effects to max 1 blessing? or do i need to fully max 5 effects in total to get the trophy? this trophy looks really hard to get nowadays, has anyone got any tips?
  10. how many potion breaths do you need? you can only get one a day right?
  11. Am i the only one that feels that the undisputed trophy is impossible while the blitz trophy felt eazy? the highest level i had to face in blitz was lvl 25 and they were all very bad. in the other gamemode for undisputed you only find level 90 guys in division 1 that throw you on the ground and do submit everytime until you lose.
  12. yeah blitz was very kind to me lmao. also i did ko mode so that could be a reason why it was easy for me
  13. true, but if i get matched one time against someone that is not in the boosting session i'm screwed lol
  14. so would it be a better idea to wait some time untill fewer people play the game?
  15. well the first round you just have to get lucky you guys are being matched up against eachother when searching for a match at the same time, but i don't think you can boost the other rounds unless your boosting partner is in the same round as you are. don't know for sure, but that would make sense
  16. you can do it in less than 20. if you're pretty quick with online trophies you can do it 10 or less hours.
  17. it actually is really easy, just tried going for it the first time and lost in the finale when the opponent had 1 hp left. Edit: got it the attempt right after
  18. getting the game soon, and i'll play the ps5 version first but is the ps4 version on ps5 playable in terms of framerate or graphics?
  19. i played the game before it went f2p and i still have those tutorial missions, but i don't have to play them and before that there were no tutorial missions. is there no way to somehow skip those matches?
  20. Alright thanks guys
  21. I don't own persona royal, but i do own the normal persona 5 and i'm not planning on buying royal either
  22. I don't know if this already has been asked before, but if for example if i do something on mobile that would give me a trophy on ps4, will the trophy pop when i log onto the game on ps4?
  23. what is the most efficient way to level, getting a lot of kills or finishing games as fast as possible?
  24. thanks for the response, so basically i will not get this trophy lol or it should be made easier to get it