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  1. Very simple and easy. Just click on Montreal, Canada on the mission select screen (world map). I think both players have to click on it. I believe the studio that makes the game is based in Montreal so it's a neat trophy in that sense.
  2. Glad it helped! Yeah I'd say the challenges were overall easier, definitely less of a headache than jimmy jenkins...
  3. I thought the grinder challenges were gonna take forever until I found a strategy from another forum online. Just take a second controller, log in to another account. When that account joins your game via split-screen, have them load a brand new level 1 character. This character comes with 2 white weapons, drop them. Log out of that account and repeat. Moonstone grind the white weapons over and over until you get 20 luneshine weapons. Not hard and only takes an hour max.
  4. You can criticize a game for its content but saying something is a bad choice for a free game is an oxymoron. Maybe they shouldn't have given out subnautica because it's a horror game and we can't have those in stressful times.
  5. AKA You barely got past the first boss and didn't like it, therefore no one will like it. Still complaining about free games, crazy.
  6. "Terrible pick for a free game." Man, nothing like complaining about free stuff.
  7. It is definitely doable but it is a grind that at most times isn't fun. I'd say play the game in whatever game mode to learn the mechanics and such. Once you want to start targeting certain trophies I would recommended playing first-person perspective solo squads with crossplay disabled. This is the optimal mode imo because the lobbies will be mostly bots who will be downed when killed. This allows you to finish them off with grenades, cars, crossbows etc. to acquire whatever trophy you are focusing on. I've heard others have had trouble with kill tracking and that their trophies popped later than usual but I had no such issue and acquired the plat in around 120 hours.
  8. I got it by playing first-person perspective squads and killing downed enemies with the grenade (Underhand toss in the direction they are crawling). I'm sure other modes work as well but I'm pretty sure Pubg only counts what finishes off the player as the actual kill. My kills seemed to track fine but I have heard of tracking issues from other people.