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  1. The trophy description is "Shark Bait." I don't think much was spoiled
  2. There is no transfer, you have to play it again.
  3. I highly doubt they will add DLC to a standalone DLC. You are safe to play the game
  4. Why would they put the "Collect all the trophies in Unchartedâ„¢: The Lost Legacy" trophy in the base game list if they have a DLC list for Lost Legacy trophies?
  5. Maybe sub in your RE for your LE?
  6. There is no remastered version on ps4
  7. Does every mission say "completed on veteran" in the chapter select screen?
  8. Yes. Both players need to be online for it to work
  9. Are either you or your friend appearing offline?
  10. This guy just avoided another MLA format essay response
  11. There have to be better things to get riled up about
  12. Most players who have played the game for a small amount of time seem to share this sentiment. The game is great but one of its flaws is being particularly hard on brand new players. Apart from the field manuals at the home screen and some small text blurbs in-game, there's no explanation to the player of what is going on. This leads to new players being very turned off from the game since they have no clue what is happening. I was there too. In my first game, I spent 30 minutes running around aimlessly and dying. After learning the way the game mechanics work, I have found this to be one of my favorite shooters out right now. Most of the people I meet in-game share my sentiments about how hard the first few games are, but they also agree that after playing a few matches the game is incredibly fun. Sure it can be slow at times, but the action sequences are insane.