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  1. Excellent I will be purchasing a Laptop just for this endevour! potato died last year!
  2. Downgrade still possible as of 9/1/19? Anyone know?
  3. What’s up with this trophy? Why hasn’t anyone obtained it yet?
  4. Dude have you seen the gameplay? It’s Kid Kombat 11!! 3 hit combos are the norm and game is slow as hell now. This game is for the masses and so is the trophy list! It’s clear they’re trying to break sales records. This is is a simpler game than SFV and I didn’t think that was possible. #BABY’sFirstKombat
  5. Ver 1.03 on PS4 slim, runs like a flaming turd. Jittery hot mess, audio cutting out. Man this coulda been such a good game.
  6. As of 5pm last night... patch is prepared and they are waiting in Sony/MS
  7. Do you have to kill every enemy or just encounter and fill the bar. Cause the shadow clones I’ve only killed 3/6 but their bars are filled.
  8. How the heck do you get enough points for S Rank on this mission. I've tried everything!
  9. This game is a must play for any diablo fan. Loving it!
  10. I can confirm on PC... U didn't have to have the 1M on hand, the trophy popped after all my spending.
  11. 20 levels for arcade mode. Trophy pops after you clear 15!
  12. Also how good do you have to be to make Golden League? Points Rank 0-999 Rookie 1000-2999 Bronze 3000-5499 Silver 5500-9999 Gold 10000-11999 Platinum 12000-13999 Diamond 14000-19999 Master 20000-24999 Grand Master 25000-29999 Warlord 30000+ Hero
  13. They confirmed 100k for the first character?
  14. 1. Character Level 50 2. Player Level 200 3. Make Golden League 4. 1M Fight Money Only long ones
  15. Wow that's different!!! Making us work! --- got it thx!