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  1. GenHanTen Injustice: Gods Among Us Ok now I know you guys are full of it... this is 100% legit. Cheating methods weren’t even invented in the PS3 era!
  2. From March 21-(Whenever I can’t remember when exactly prolly a month or two) I played on my PS4 slim at work.... no internet access backing up occasionally on a thumb drive. Using it as my offline DMC5 box whenever I had down time at work. I bought an SSD and upgraded it in my work truck without even thinking about syncing like a dumb ass ... I have a pro at home which I used for fighters and regular titles ... AND I never not once played dmc5 on it cause I resigned it to like a work fun thing reward and I actually game shared dmc5 from my buddy. On Aug 31 I brought my slim home on vacay and just banged out the plat cause I knew that repopping certain trophies and earning the plat would only take me one or two sittings. It only took me one. I lost 90% of Nioh .... so I basically replayed the entire game again... because why not it’s fun it’s soulzy and there’s a sequel on the horizon. but I run a slim profile I usually only work on one or two titles at a time as I’m a 100%’er. So I really only lost Nioh..... but I mean it was all of Nioh 🙃. Hurt slightly.
  3. Most modern day trophy hunting is a joke... cake... there are very little challenges out there. The other trophy’s I lost in my hard drive swap I didn’t even bat an eyelash at losing them... just earned them again in no time. Syncing didn’t even cross my mind to be honest as it was my first time upgrading a drive. Dmc5 was slightly challenging so that’s the only game I threw on a thumb drive to save. I’m currently working on getting my FFXV downgraded and finishing out the unobtainables. Then I’ll be back to 100%.
  4. Great!
  5. Via email or this inbox?
  6. When will I be notified ?
  7. Well DaivRules? Can’t I get a warning as this was done without intent? And I don’t plan on another HDD upgrade.
  8. Smh...... this is nonsense. It’s my save... the trophies I earned..... used on my new SSD. I had zero internet in my place of employment when I swapped out my old drive, I had no ability to sync! I lost a lot of trophies on certain titles! This was not done intentionally or with malice. Can’t this be like a warning... now that I read your bulletin that says YOU CANT USE YOUR OWN SAVE!
  9. I did no where in that bulletin does it cover SSD hard drive upgrades. My same save I had on my old hard drive... used on my same account on my new hard drive is not covered anywhere. Sorry I wanted a bigger faster hard drive... I really don’t see what the issue is.
  10. Uhh it was my completed save file... on a thumb drive. Used it to repop my own trophies on my SSD cause they don’t automatically pop once you install the game again. How is that a bad use of MY save... which can only be recognized in a hard drive formatted to my account. You can’t use another persons save on your PSN! Duh! Check my entire list ain’t gonna find any cheating ... ever.
  11. GenHanTen Devil May Cry 5 1. Finished all S ranks on my old pS4 when I didn’t have internet<br /> 2. Installed a new HD SSD but didn’t sync my trophies<br /> 3. Used my old game save with S ranks completed on my new SSD... popped all s ranks trophy after a “warm up level.”<br /> 4. Then I just went down the list and finished the plat all in one sitting finishing the game starting on easiest difficulty to Hell/hell.<br /> 5. No cheating ... just a hard drive upgrade to SSD.
  12. Excellent I will be purchasing a Laptop just for this endevour! potato died last year!
  13. Downgrade still possible as of 9/1/19? Anyone know?
  14. What’s up with this trophy? Why hasn’t anyone obtained it yet?
  15. Dude have you seen the gameplay? It’s Kid Kombat 11!! 3 hit combos are the norm and game is slow as hell now. This game is for the masses and so is the trophy list! It’s clear they’re trying to break sales records. This is is a simpler game than SFV and I didn’t think that was possible. #BABY’sFirstKombat