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  1. I'm leaving the game on the menu and then doing start new game, and then closing the game a couple seconds after selecting the difficulty. Works well so far. And yeah, this trophy is stupid. Possibly one of the worst offenders to have such a trophy. At least the other games I've played that had this kind of trophy were mostly RPGs.
  2. - Getting messages from randoms asking me to get trophies for them. I've since limited who can message me so I haven't seen any of that as of late, but my faith in humanity drops every time I get one of those. - Games that crash frequently, have broken trophies, or have 'that one trophy' that takes over twice as long to get as every other trophy - Unlockable difficulty modes. Unless it's something like a God Mode or a drastically different experience, I hate having to beat the game once to unlock a harder/easier difficulty. Especially if the difficulty doesn't really change much other than damage taken/received As someone who's gotten early access to a fair amount of games in the past, it isn't nearly as lucrative as you might think. First achiever doesn't really mean much to me other than 'Oh hey, this game doesn't have broken trophies and isn't impossible', and I've never had anyone commend me for getting 'First Achiever' status in a game. We're essentially the 'beta testers' and oftentimes subjected to a worser version of the game with more bugs and occasionally broken trophies that the launch version won't have. Besides, you can always start your own review site or be a content creator and get that same access if you want in on early copies.
  3. Finished the plat for Touhou Genso Wanderer. I really wished this game didn't try to be like Shiren. It does too good a job at it, down to the absurd range and bullshit attacks enemies have. I've yet to play a game where 'crafting all items' as a trophy was enjoyable, and this was one of the worst offenders due to how bloated the recipe list is. Here's hoping Reloaded will be a much better experience since it lacks the tedious 100% list trophies Wanderer has.

  4. Just wrapped up Ninja Senki DX 100%. What a rush that was.

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    2. greenzsaber


      I didn't use a turbo controller.

    3. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      Congrats bud, this was definitely a tough one to get!


      @S_y_n_e_IR_g_Y I feel like a turbo controller would help immensely. I did it without, but you pretty much throw shurikens as fast as you can mash the button. I think having that would help melt the bosses easier, plus you can focus on bobbing and weaving instead of mashing square!

    4. greenzsaber


      Honestly, the hardest part for me was going through with the decision to start it. Sometimes, you just need to dive in and see what happens.

  5. I recommend Dogurai at $0.74. Solid Mega Man-like platformer that isn't super easy or super hard.
  6. #351 - Furi Pretty fun game that I should've played a lot sooner. Not really too difficult once you get the hang of your moveset and the boss patterns/phases. My only gripe is the lack of a run button when traveling to the next boss, but it makes for a nice break session, I guess. Onto the next PS+ game.
  7. Really need to start working on knocking off more PS+ games. Currently looking at Downwell, but would love some other suggestions on short PS+ titles. I've got almost all the ones dating back to 2012, with a few exceptions.

  8. Plat #347 - Nexomon Extinction Pretty neat monster catching game that's definitely not Pokemon. Has a much better story, but simpler gameplay mechanics. Definitely recommend this one if you like "catching 'em all", cause you're gonna need to do that to get the platinum. It's also an entirely single player experience, with nothing missable. Looking forward to seeing the prequel come out sometime this year.
  9. Dragooned looks like the worst PS4 game on my list if you look at screenshots of it, but I ended up kinda liking it. The answer has to be Dragon Fin Soup. That game singlehandedly broke my ability to get a 100% trophy completion on my account, and subsequently made me not care as much about completing games with online trophies anymore. If there's one thing I hate in games above all else, it's game crashes and broken progression. This game has both, and then some. Advancing the story was a crapshoot due to the randomized nature of the game. Several trophies were broken and unable to be fixed because the original devs kept pointing fingers that their porting company. Game crashed spontaneously, etc. Too bad, because the base idea of the game was actually kind of neat, and was the reason I even started it back when it launched as a free PS+ game. Little did we know the absolute shitshow that lay behind the scenes..
  10. It's actually pretty common to wait many months when ordering something from LRG. I usually get multiple items when I order from them, simply because shipping costs WILL add up if you order individually. Papers was also a PS+ game for us, so I wasn't really in a hurry to get it. Cursed Castilla is one of the better Playasia exclusives, and thus, is probably gonna be worth quite a bit now. Interestingly enough, the PS4 copy of Castilla commands much higher reselling prices than the Vita version. Perhaps it might be because it's the 'better version'. I believe I managed to get a Vita copy of Castilla, but the PS4 copy was sold out by the time I got around to making that purchase. One of the odd exceptions for their releases, as their PS4 games tend to have some trouble selling out. There are still many PS4 versions of some of their other releases available to this day.
  11. Some good stuff you all have there. Guess I should post some of mine, although I'm getting very close to finishing out my wants list for the system. Got all of these the last 2-3 weeks. Mostly stuff from Playasia, thanks to their free shipping month. Soul Sacrifice Delta was in stock at the beginning of the month, after being out of stock for a while, so I just had to get that. Papers Please was bundled in with other games from the LRG website, so it took well over a year to finally ship after placing the initial order. At this point, I'm just waiting on the remaining Playasia Exclusives to drop, and Super Meat Boy from LRG, which will likely take about the same time for me to get it as it did Papers, due to also bundling it with other items.
  12. Hey thanks, I did enjoy the game, although the crashes and freezes were a minor annoyance (seriously, every session I did had at least one of those issues without fail). I ended up preordering a physical copy as well, so I hope these issues won't be present once the game's ready to ship.
  13. Successfully ordered the physical version of Super Meat Boy for Vita. I feel like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders today.

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    2. greenzsaber


      Well this one went up today, so it was nice to get one at 'retail' price.

    3. ThatMuttGuy


      I saw after I commented because I was curious. I tried to grab the Vita version, but it sold out by the time I put my card information in. I ended up getting the CE PS4 version though. 

    4. greenzsaber


      For a release like that, putting in your card info during checkout is the last thing you wanna do. If you didn't have a way to check out within a minute, you likely weren't gonna get it.

  14. Finished this over the weekend. It's short, but pretty good for what it is. I did have some issues with the game crashing or freezing during some room/cutscene transitions, but the game autosaves after every screen so there's no worry about losing major progress. Trophy list is pretty easy, and can be done in an afternoon. The game also gives you tools to make finding collectibles easier, although you'll still need to look around a bit for some caves that house them (why are some caves marked on the map while others aren't?).
  15. Might as well since a lot of people used my vol 1 video Overall, it's not as bad as Vol 1, since the other modes can be done by just finishing the last stage. WARNING: Completing stages too quickly may bug the game to the point that trophies may stop popping and stages won't register as cleared (this video has an instance of both happening), so do so at your own risk. A simple restart will fix this, however.