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  1. Some games that could be added for this Shantae Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition (separate list from the regular Half-Genie Hero, with different requirements for plat) Bunny Must Die Touhou: Double Focus Steamworld Dig 2 Exile's End (no plat)
  2. Started off the new year by getting an RPG platinum - Shining Resonance Refrain. 

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    2. Angel


      Congratulations on the Shining Resonance Refrain platinum, hope it was fun for you as well.

    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    4. greenzsaber


      Game was alright, but suffers from several head-scratching design choices. It's a weaker Tales of clone IMO.

  3. Here's another one of these if you need a reference on how to beat the target times or get any of the more difficult trophies this game has.
  4. Finally hit level 40 on PSN, finishing up my goal for the year's end.

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    2. Evertonian


      well played.....good luck on your 2019 goals

    3. ee28max


      Awesome PSN Level up! 🏆

    4. Saionji


      Congrats! btw your pirates helped me greatly on Disgaea 4 plat, thanks :)

  5. Croixleur Sigma and SAO Lost Song platinums done. One more plat to hit level 40 on PSN.

  6. Here's a video that gets all the trophies in a single sitting from start to finish. Passwords are used to skip anything that's unnecessary in X1-X3. As such, this video is more for people who have played these games before and just want a quick and easy platinum. Passwords used are found in the video description.
  7. Here's a video that gets all the trophies from start to finish. Does the 100% playthrough on the easiest difficulty to get all the collectibles and optional bosses done quicker, then goes straight to challenge mode once it's unlocked. Should show the path you'd want to take in getting all collectibles quickly and the places you need to go in challenge mode.
  8. Gonna stream a 100% trophy run of Iconoclasts in a bit, if anyone wants to stop by, that'd be nice

    1. dokkanexpert


      I'm a little busy but i gave you +1 for the effort. Good luck & have fun!

  9. Iconoclasts 100%. Great PS+ game. Gonna stack another 100% of it tomorrow, and maybe record a video of it while I'm at it.

  10. Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 at 100%. Short ride while it lasted. Might be able to reach level 40 before the year ends.

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    2. Orphioon


      Yeah, its always the pressure of it that gets to me, the run is easy in its individual bits, but all together and you start choking, very similar to speedrunning.

    3. greenzsaber


      It's a joke on easy, 0 challenge whatsoever on that difficulty.

    4. DamagingRob
  11. Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 platinumed. Legacy Collection 2 awaits.

  12. Like most people, I had some issues trying to unlock some trophies, and even characters, so hopefully these videos should help. One is a full playthrough with all areas including clearing the secret area Blackstorm Lab which unlocks the final character. The other I jump straight to the final area and beat the regular final boss and true ending final boss for the respective trophies. Had to do this two separate times, as they don't unlock together. It seems you have to do it this way to get these trophies.
  13. Old vid, but might as well make it easier to find. Should have all you need to platinum this game, just remember to read the video description and take pictures of all NPCs you meet.
  14. If you need a reference vid for any of the trophies or how to get through the game, here you go. One note is I save most of the world 1 trophies for later because I wanted to get the "beat a world without dying" trophy first and didn't want to extend the video any more than was necessary.
  15. Xenon Valkyrie+ Platinumed. Been a while since I've played a game with so many buggy trophies.