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  1. // Chenso Club (PS4) (NA) [greenzsaber] // // // "17851": [1, 23], // Chenso Club (PS4) (EU) [greenzsaber] // // // "17848": [1, 23], Has been unobtainable since launch. The devs are aware of it, and a patch that fixes it has been released for PC, but the game supposedly didn't perform as well as expected, so the game getting patched for consoles is looking unlikely at this time.
  2. Another indie game, yet another glitched trophy. As the title says, the grindiest trophy, Hoarder, currently won't unlock as of version 1.01. Devs have been notified and a fix may be coming at some undetermined date.
  3. Ganryu 2 The worst 'good' game I've played this year. The game itself could have been good... if it wasn't riddled with many head-scratching bugs and glitched trophies that absolutely ruin the experience. To add insult to injury, the game wants you to do challenges like beat the game deathless and complete the game in under 70 minutes, but NONE of these trophies were able to be acquired when it launched. A later patch fixed some, but not all of the bugged trophies, then fast forward to today, all bugged trophies have finally been fixed. But guess what? THE GAME'S STILL BUGGY. The latest patch actually introduced some NEW bugs such as being unable to jump occasionally and dying when going too high up the screen. On the other hand, the platinum isn't too difficult, especially with cloud saves, and the game isn't very long, so it's a quick 'ultra rare' plat if you're into those. Just be prepared to deal with the game not functioning correctly at times. Definitely wouldn't recommend paying full price for this either. Wait on a deep discount for this one, as I can see it getting as low as 80% off by next year.
  4. NEO: The World Ends With You Best RPG I've played from 2021. Not as good as the original, but playing this did bring back some of the fun times I had with it. I really appreciate this game's trophy list, as it makes you do everything the game has to offer while not going too overboard like getting 100% Noise drops.
  5. I was told yes on the physical version free upgrade. However, western copies won't be available until 2023 for some reason. You can preorder an Asian copy at Playasia and get it sometime this month, however. All trophies will autopop as long as you're on the latest version. One of the trophies was bugged in the base version and won't unlock until you update.
  6. Sword and Fairy 7: Together Forever Pretty chill RPG that released this week. No missables, and the hardest thing in the game is probably winning 15 card battles, which is doable with enough tries/luck. Definitely recommend if you like action RPGs and want to experience an eastern RPG with a Chinese flair. Also has a free PS5 upgrade and an autopop plat for PS5, although you have to update your PS5 version to the latest, as one trophy won't pop without it.
  7. My 36* lineup for this Abyss. It heavily favors Pyro on the first half, so having that is a must. Swapped teams for last floor because first part really sucks without a shielder and Ruin Serpent gets shredded by Yae. Still use Diluc as the Pyro DPS. Haven't had any issues so far. Could be better yeah, but I've had awful luck with pulling limited 5*s in general. Lost 4 of 5 50/50s so far and all took 70+ pulls on limited banner, and I'm not gonna spend any more on this game after buying 2 welkins to try and get Raiden only to get Qiqi'd. Got lucky for once with getting Kazuha in about 30 pulls right after getting Qiqi'd again, so maybe it'll finally start to even out for me. Jean is really underrated. Recommend using her if you have her. She can instantly heal your entire team to full with her burst so she usually takes up one spot in my Abyss teams
  8. Last place without a doubt is Qiqi. Tired of seeing her every time I lose a 50/50, and I haven't won many to begin with. She's currently at C3 while all the other standard 5*s are either C1, C0, or haven't joined yet. Anyone whose account hasn't had the misfortune of being cursed by her should be grateful. Top ones for me would be Yelan, Ganyu, and Zhongli.
  9. The difficulty is mostly the same across all of them except for the HP you start out with. 300 for easy, 100 for hard.
  10. Now that it's on the new PS+ tier, I recommend giving Fury Unleashed a look if you like roguelikes/lites.
  11. Pretty short game that you can beat in under an hour. Unfortunately, difficulty trophies don't stack as of this post, so you gotta play through it 3 times to plat. I've lobbied for the devs to make them stack, so we'll see if it actually happens down the road. First 40 minutes are pretty much all you need to see here, as it's the Hard playthrough. 'Legendary Hero' requires beating the game in one sitting, meaning don't exit the game and choose 'continue' as that'll void the trophy. Yes, you can die while going for it, as long as you don't exit the current game session.
  12. Got this recently, but I don't recall ordering it. Props to anyone who knows where this is from.
  13. With that attitude, I don't think I will. Played this game more than I've needed to already, and there are other games that are more worthy of my attention at this time. 🙃
  14. It's probably a Japanese culture thing. Most JP devs don't want people posting videos of endgame content when the game launches because they don't want people getting spoiled since they want people to 'enjoy the game'. It does suck and probably hurts the game's visibility in the long run, but until most JP devs start realizing how it hurts sales in the west, it's gonna keep being a thing.
  15. Sucks how no one seems to be willing to step up and do a fresh playthrough to check this. The longer we wait, the less likely this will ever get fixed if it does indeed turn out to still be glitched.