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  1. It's just the chapter it's in. There's a transition in between chapters, so it should be obvious when you should stop using hellbreaks.
  2. Titan Souls Platinum obtained. First PS+ game of this year done. Hoping to do more Plus games done going forward.

  3. Anyone got any cheap game recommendations from the Indies sale? Preferably under $2 and at least a 70% discount

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    2. eigen-space


      I'm going by the 70% discount...


      Cat Quest

      Candle: The Power of the Flame

      Never Alone (get the Artic Collection so you have the DLC)

      The Little Acre


      Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments

      Donut County

      Bear With Me (get the Complete Collection so you have the DLC)

    3. Royalredpanda


      Going to join in for Cat Quest cause I liked the puns and it didn't feel super repetitive.

    4. greenzsaber


      Some good ones here.

      @Tearbaer Have most of those due to PS+ already, but the ones that I didn't have were pretty solid choices. Will definitely grab the ones I'm missing.

      @eigen-space A lot of those I either have due to PS+, or already have physically (like Cat Quest), but I'm putting Never Alone DLC on my radar, and I found out Epic Dumpster Bear's also on sale thanks to your other bear suggestion, so gonna grab that one, lol.

  4. In case anyone needs it, I recorded some videos for the most challenging trophies in this game. No Hellbreaks All Challenges Plat is straightforward, but Time Conqueror 3 might take several tries.
  5. Oh, I somehow have 900 'Ultra Rare' trophies according to this site.

    1. pot1414


      You also have crazy completion times.Dungeon travelers 2 is one of the games I'm playing now and I can't understand how you finished it in two days...

    2. greenzsaber


      Most dungeon crawlers aren't that long. Especially DT2

    3. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      That's pretty impressive man, you've got pretty much double the amount I have! And some very challenging ones too, you're quite the skilled gamer.


      Then again, I think we both know not all URs are created equal... There are so many that have no reason to be UR but they are for 1 reason or another 😆

  6. Just wrapped up the platinum in Nongünz: Doppelgänger Edition. Very fun game if you like short roguelites!

    1. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      I will have to add this to the list, thank you for the suggestion!


      I would then recommend to you Atomicrops, which makes me think of if Stardew Valley and Enter the Gungeon had a baby 😁 It's quite the fantastic roguelite experience IMO with a fun set of trophies. No plat sadly enough tho.

    2. MossyOakRcn42



    3. ihadalifeb4this



  7. Will be a very grindy game to platinum, in addition to the difficulty. Its predecessor had an in-game award for 100 and 1000 hours played, just to give you an idea of what to expect.
  8. There's really not much to it. Take off your current deliriant or empty out the ammo of your current deliriant, enter the stage that has the ones you're missing and complete it while picking up at least one of the yellow ammo drops. Each stage has only one deliriant tied to it so getting it is all but guaranteed. It's a silly system, but that's how it works.
  9. Can you try beating 26 again and selecting the other choice for Yomi Bottle? That might be the trigger for it. In that case, there is indeed a 'correct' choice when going for that ending.
  10. Nice, thanks for clarifying. You need to check the charts in the guide and compare it with your equipment list to see what you're missing. If I remember right, you need to clear the stage for the equipment to actually show up. Also, the extra stage after the bottle ending gives the last equipment.
  11. In the video I have, choosing No --> See her off did unlock the Normal Ending trophy, so I'd definitely like some clarification on what Yes --> See her off does when someone picks it for their first ending.
  12. The note about the ending has been updated. But can someone confirm for me whether choosing 'Yes' on Hell 26, then choosing 'See Poisonette Off' will unlock the Yomi Bottle ending trophy? I was under the assumption that this choice would lead to a normal ending, but it might be the case that the Yes/No choice is what determines the ending.
  13. It's pretty short, about 10-15 hours if you play casually and watch/listen to all the scenes. Probably under 10 hours to platinum if you skip all scenes. It's a very text heavy game so most of the playtime would be spent on the scenes if you choose to listen to them.
  14. If anyone's wondering how to easily get the platinum trophy for this game, I've got a written + video walkthrough up here: Poison Control Platinum Trophy Walkthrough
  15. It's a mystery dungeon style game that's on the easy side. You can get OP very quickly in this unlike other games in the genre. You also have to babysit an NPC every now and then, which is the game's main gimmick. Recommend picking it up if you like these kinda games or want to get into the genre but are intimidated by the difficulty of other similar games (i.e. Shiren)