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  1. It's over, finally. Akiba's Trip 2 is one of my favorites from the PS3/Vita days. Stellar music, 'interesting' combat, nice character design, doesn't take itself too seriously.
  2. Almost at 400 plats now. I think I've got just the game for this occasion.

    1. nestamar5



    2. starcrunch061


      I'll be disappointed if you aren't the fastest on whatever leaderboard it is. 😄

    3. greenzsaber


      The game I'm considering has multiple speedrun trophies attached to it. Don't worry 

  3. That's because there hasn't been a patch at all since the first one (see 2nd post), which was almost a month ago.
  4. I just uploaded my playthrough of it, but obviously most of the trophies won't unlock in there. Current possible max is 20/26. I've already sent all my findings to the publisher and it's just a matter of waiting at this point.
  5. Game updated to version 1.01 today. The issue with stage 2 now has a workaround so you can beat the game deathless and get HP to max. Trophies mentioned are still glitched. Speedrun and no death trophies also did not unlock for me.
  6. As of version 1.00, game currently has a bug where you're forced to die at the end of stage 2 to progress, making the 'no death' playthrough impossible, possibly the HP max trophy too. 250K points and hanafuda trophies also did not pop at the end of a playthrough despite getting no game overs and getting a hanafuda per stage.. Game has a stage select feature that supposedly saves your best score/times, but they never did for me, even after replaying a stage via stage select. Will see if the devs can address this soon.
  7. If anybody's struggling with just clearing this, why not post your team and all your gear setups so we can get a better idea on what needs work? It shouldn't be too hard to clear with a proper team setup and gear. I've only started playing this on PC since late September of last year, but I've been able to clear Abyss since February, mainly after getting Zhongli. I hate the wolves too, but having a unit that can instantly heal everyone in one move like Jean makes the corrosion a non-issue Alternatively, you could just stock up on primos/fates/resources by doing dailies and events and save up for Kazuha's rerun in a few months. I hear he makes Abyss a joke for whatever side he's in.
  8. A Pixel Story This game caught my attention in one of the sales last month, as it was under $2. Really fun game if you like puzzle platformers. Hardest plat I've gotten so far this year, although that's not saying much, as I've played harder games than this. Devs aren't afraid to go all in and challenge the player, requiring a speedrun trophy and full 100% completion, as well as surviving a gauntlet of multiple challenge rooms with limited lives. Overall, I'd rate it around a 6/10 difficulty wise. Definitely recommended for people looking for a challenging platformer.
  9. It's really easy to get this trophy on Hard, as you can just shoot two rockets when the fight starts and one-shot the boss. Note that this trick only works on this particular version, as the non-Vita versions have a different build.
  10. Both are probably in the ch7 nightmare world. I don't remember if the other ox enemy is escapable and have already uninstalled the game, but if someone else can confirm that it is, post here and it'll be added.
  11. Just a correction to the corrections... You can go over 50 restarts and still clear the challenge requirements for 30 and 50 restarts. Same for the 20 stage bonuses. Probably best to combine the 50 restarts and the rewind 60 seconds challenge to get over 20 bonuses easily. The under 6 bonuses needs to be done with regular Kohaku, as using her super form grants some seemingly unavoidable bonuses. It also needs to be mentioned that you have to die to the boss at least once and defeat it when it reveals its weak point more than twice. Game seems hard until you beat it once, then you can unlock a very powerful form that will trivialize most of the challenges. No need to buy any DLC
  12. The physical release should have the more 'complete' trophy list. Sometimes if EAS does a physical for a game where the plat only requires beating a fraction of the game, they'll add in new trophies that require beating the full game
  13. 0 or more. Ultra rare trophies are overrated. I look at the games played more than anything. It's entirely possible to have a 'cool' profile without a single UR trophy.
  14. Just noticed I have 1000 "Ultra Rare" trophies according to this site. Should I be celebrating?

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    2. greenzsaber


      Unlike most people, I don't put too much stock into "Ultra Rares", since I don't believe they (as in any UR trophy) are too difficult to get with the right games. Too many games out there have trophies with deceptively low rarities that can be done without too much trouble.

    3. greenzsaber


      @Otonio_BrunoI wish I could scrub some of those 'sub-0.1% rarity' trophies from my profile, actually... 

      @nestamar5 Maybe if I ever get 1000 rep on here too :P 

    4. JohnCenaSong-


      It may be arbitrary but I think a new digit in any stat can be fun to celebrate. Whether it be 1000 URs, 1000 gold trophies, 1000 bronze trophies xD  (Y'know what, proportionally you're not too far off 10k bronze, that'll be pretty cool)


      I'm totally 'meh' with rarity, it doesn't really mean much to me and there's so many easy games out there with like 20+ URs in them and a dozen sub-1%s so I don't really attribute much value to them in of themselves but a milestones a milestone!

  15. It does exactly what it says, and no, it's not worth it. Always take the spirit. If you're really curious on what the different choice variations are like, I have a video showing them all.