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  1. Thanks, doods. I really need to do some work on my site and add more content. Would people be interested in game reviews from a completionist perspective? Something not full-on written guide length-wise, but just my perspective on the games I've completed. I do want to make another elaborate guide in the future, but they are extremely time-consuming to make and the game really needs to resonate well enough with me in order to commit to it. That being said, I'm 103 trophies away from 10,000 trophies, so I need to stop and think about what games I want to do. I will give platinums a break for now and work on 2-3 short 100% games to increase my trophy count. Considering doing the following next:
  2. Thank you. I am going to try and clear my backlog more in the later half of the year, so there will be more videos to come, hopefully. Managed to record my first platinum video this year. Dragooned! First attempt to stream it did not go well, as it was plagued with choppy framerate and general stream issues. I decided to record a playthrough offline, where I was met with similar issues, but the issues seem to be resolved after some messing around. Overall, I'm content with this recording. What is this game exactly? It goes on sale a lot. Someone actually gave me money to get and play this, so nothing lost on my end. It's a mix between a brawler and a dungeon crawler, with over 30 playable characters. Very short, and can be done in an afternoon. Difficulty is mainly a matter of figuring out what the heck you should be doing to complete some of the character challenges and going through 200 floors of an endless dungeon that has the same general layouts. Despite the questionable quality, I did enjoy what I played of this, and would recommend it if you like getting quick trophies. Otherwise, there are better games out there. What's next for me? I am getting very close to 200 platinums and 10,000 trophies, and I need to figure out what game I want to do for these landmarks. I know Disgaea 1 Complete is one of those games, but as for the other, I'm torn between Rabi-Ribi or Bunny Must Die, both fairly difficult Metroidvanias, and Mega Man 11. There might be another game out there that will work, but I'll need to weigh my options before I commit to it.
  3. This game seems to go on sale a lot. If you don't mind spending an afternoon getting a short and easy platinum, this game is for you, and this video will help with that. Goes through all the necessary sections in one go, only stopping to pick up some of the character specific trophies. Despite the questionable graphics, it's actually enjoyable to play, albeit in a weird way.
  4. Couldn't record a clean video due to stream issues, but got Platinum #196 - Dragooned, getting close to the 10k trophy mark.

  5. I haven't earned a single trophy in months. Let's fix that and platinum this odd looking game called Dragooned. How quick can we do this?

    1. Edunstar84


      Good luck!

  6. Welcome. This is not your typical trophy checklist. This will be used to track my ever-ongoing project: recording speedy 100% playthroughs of games in my backlog. I do them to showcase what I can do and to double as a reference for trophy hunters. Who Am I? I'm a gamer, like you. I also like completing my games. I get bored playing games slowly, so I've been trying to see how quickly I can go through a game. I have a knack for finding shortcuts and cheese strats, so I figured, why not record what I can do? And thus, this project came to be. What will you find here? Going forward, this thread will be my means to track my games I plan to do 100% trophy recordings on. I could list my games I've already completed, but you can just check out my profile for that. If you like quick trophies and are wondering what games potentially have them, you'll want to keep an eye on this thread. What's the purpose of this thread? Until now, I've mostly done these on a whim. When I decide I want to play a game that I feel is short enough to do in one session, I will just hit the record button and play through it until I get 100%. Sometimes, I've recorded with commentary, sometimes not. This thread is mainly for chronicling the games I do recordings of, for taking suggestions regarding the project, and gauging what games people would like to see, so any suggestions are welcome. Can you suggest a game? Sure, but it has to be a game from my backlog, must not already be marked as completed, and can be theoretically completed in a weekend. I reserve the right to deny your suggestion, however. If it is a game not listed in my backlog, I will only consider it if you get me the game. I already have enough on my plate as it is. Keep in mind I am big on getting limited/collector's editions, so there is a high chance that I will eventually have a copy of games released by the likes of Limited Run Games, Strictly Limited Games, etc. Will you make a trophy guide for XXX game? Highly unlikely. I don't have enough interest in making elaborate written guides these days. This is why I'll be sticking to recording videos. Where else can you find me? I can be found streaming on Twitch every now and then, and this is where all my videos with commentary will be initially recorded. If you want to drop by and ask questions or interact, you're always welcome to, provided you follow the rules (don't be a jerk). I don't stream on a regular basis, so any time I have something planned, I will make an event notification on Twitch or post something on forums or Twitter beforehand. I also have a website that I post gaming related content from time-to-time. Of course, I also have my YouTube channel where I'll post these videos once I'm done streaming/recording. What games have you done videos of so far? The master playlist is here . Current games include: Currently planned games in the pipeline: Disgaea 1 - likely going to be my 200th platinum or 10000th trophy, undecided on which one Mega Man 11 - I like Mega Man Rabi-Ribi - Metroidvania with bullet hell bosses Bunny Must Die - another bunny Metroidvania. Other games currently in consideration can be found in a tab in My Backlog.
  7. The games have a high initial learning curve due to the many, many, mechanics and systems available, but they are very fun once you learn the ins and outs of them. They are also not that long to platinum if you do the tricks to get overpowered quickly, of which there are many.
  8. Been considering starting a thread for my 100% recordings. Where would be the best place for that?

    1. Dragon-Archon


      Trophy Checklist subforum maybe? Seems a good place for personal trophy-hunting content.

    2. greenzsaber


      I was considering The Studio as well, as it's related to video recordings. It would mostly be a hub to track my trophy videos

  9. Been months since I got a single trophy. Need to get back on that again and record more 100% videos. Very close to the 10,000 trophy mark.

  10. I just missed a non-missable photo and filling out a map section the first time through and had to go back and get them after beating the game. It's not perfect, but every trophy is acquired in the video, using the minimum number of playthroughs. This is a short and easy game, and if you follow the video from start to finish, you can platinum it under a day. The only thing that might be tricky are the many,missable photos, of which I get all of them in the video the first time, and some of the boss no damage trophies, which are all doable with enough practice. I unfortunately have no desire to work on a written guide, as it would be too much work on my part for very little gain. A video guide for a game this short works best, IMO, as you can just see where to go and check what actions you must do to not miss anything. Either way, you will have to do a speedrun to platinum the game, and a written guide would have trouble spelling out exactly where to go and what to do. I suggest just starting this game instead of waiting, you'll probably get the plat long before someone ever decides to work on a written guide.
  11. Some games that could be added for this Shantae Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition (separate list from the regular Half-Genie Hero, with different requirements for plat) Bunny Must Die Touhou: Double Focus Steamworld Dig 2 Exile's End (no plat)
  12. Started off the new year by getting an RPG platinum - Shining Resonance Refrain. 

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    2. Angel


      Congratulations on the Shining Resonance Refrain platinum, hope it was fun for you as well.

    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    4. greenzsaber


      Game was alright, but suffers from several head-scratching design choices. It's a weaker Tales of clone IMO.

  13. Here's another one of these if you need a reference on how to beat the target times or get any of the more difficult trophies this game has.
  14. Finally hit level 40 on PSN, finishing up my goal for the year's end.

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    2. Evertonian


      well played.....good luck on your 2019 goals

    3. ee28max


      Awesome PSN Level up! 🏆

    4. ReimiSaionji9742


      Congrats! btw your pirates helped me greatly on Disgaea 4 plat, thanks :)

  15. Croixleur Sigma and SAO Lost Song platinums done. One more plat to hit level 40 on PSN.