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  1. Platinum #203, 204, 205, 206 - Disgaea 1 Complete. At last, I've finally got 100% on every single version of Disgaea 1 Complete known to man.

  2. Finally done with Platinum #200, Disgaea 1 Complete! Now I can work on whittling down that backlog

  3. Streaming my entire quest for plat#200

  4. Disgaea 4 Complete+ Platinum #199 and Trophy #10000. Was fun doing this again for a third time, even if the later half was primarily grinding, farming, and RNG hell. I want some sardines now, dood.
  5. I need to learn how to update this thread better. Since the last post, I've managed to record platinum/100% vids for the following games: Kero Blaster This one was alright. A lot of mashing though, and you'll be resetting your game a lot at bosses due to the no hit challenges. Play through the game a few times in both modes to get a feel for the bosses. RemiLore Easy game, but very repetitive and a total grindfest. I did find some boss skips while recording this and managed to significantly reduce the time and playthroughs I needed to platinum. I took a break for several months from earning trophies since the latest games put me at 9949 trophies, and undecided on what game I wanted to make my 10,000 trophy. For a good while, I was considering Mega Man 11, since I like the series, but I wasn't really too high on 11 itself. After a while, a certain game released and it was then I knew what game I wanted to do. Disgaea 4 Complete+ released last month. A game I've platinumed twice before, and this was perfect as I got interested in seeing how long it'd take me this time around. The entire platinum from start to finish has been recorded and likely will be uploaded at some point. This one was interesting as it's very varied and engaging for the first half, then the later half becomes a slog, as it's farming and mass amounts of capturing to fill item lists completely. I'm happy with the results.I could go on about the approach I used, but there are too many elements to it and might be better saved for its own thread. What's next? Well, the latest platinum brought me to 199 platinums, so I need to find a game to take me to 200 plats. I'm very much leaning towards Disgaea 1 Complete at this point. The trophy list isn't as daunting as 4's is, and it should easily be doable in a weekend with time to spare.
  6. Trophy #10,000 and Platinum # 199 finally earned: Hardcore Gamer! from Disgaea 4 Complete+

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    2. Cassylvania


      Kinda sad you didn't make 10k your #200. Good job! 😁

    3. greenzsaber


      I dislike having the same game for multiple special milestones. #200 is intentionally set aside for another game

    4. ihadalifeb4this
  7. I've finally decided on my 10,000th trophy: Disgaea 4 Complete+, and will be streaming my journey to platinum until it's done.Starting in a bit and looking to finish it in a couple of days.

  8. Done in the minimum number of playthroughs. Shouldn't have too much issue with most of the trophies once you max your weapons out. It's advised to have a save before the normal mode final boss to practice it for the Omake Jacket trophy.
  9. Done in 1 sitting. Does the minimum number of playthroughs needed for platinum. Also has the best way I've found to grind out the weapons and some exploits you can do to shorten your playthroughs. It's still up to the game's RNG whether you'll plat this quickly or not.
  10. Platinum #198 - RemiLore. Getting close to 200. Can't believe I accidentally found out some neat tricks that significantly cut down on the plat time while playing it.

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    2. MidnightDragon
    3. WhiteDragonAura


      Man I can't even think about getting 200 platinums.  Great trophy count you got there.  Congrats on #198. :)

    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

  11. Getting close to 10,000 trophies and I have a day off today, so I'm gonna try to record getting another platinum today, featuring RemiLore!

  12. I seem to have resolved my computer issues from last time, so let's try and get 100% in Kero Blaster. Hoping things will go smoothly this time.

  13. Thanks, doods. I really need to do some work on my site and add more content. Would people be interested in game reviews from a completionist perspective? Something not full-on written guide length-wise, but just my perspective on the games I've completed. I do want to make another elaborate guide in the future, but they are extremely time-consuming to make and the game really needs to resonate well enough with me in order to commit to it. That being said, I'm 103 trophies away from 10,000 trophies, so I need to stop and think about what games I want to do. I will give platinums a break for now and work on 2-3 short 100% games to increase my trophy count. Considering doing the following next:
  14. Thank you. I am going to try and clear my backlog more in the later half of the year, so there will be more videos to come, hopefully. Managed to record my first platinum video this year. Dragooned! First attempt to stream it did not go well, as it was plagued with choppy framerate and general stream issues. I decided to record a playthrough offline, where I was met with similar issues, but the issues seem to be resolved after some messing around. Overall, I'm content with this recording. What is this game exactly? It goes on sale a lot. Someone actually gave me money to get and play this, so nothing lost on my end. It's a mix between a brawler and a dungeon crawler, with over 30 playable characters. Very short, and can be done in an afternoon. Difficulty is mainly a matter of figuring out what the heck you should be doing to complete some of the character challenges and going through 200 floors of an endless dungeon that has the same general layouts. Despite the questionable quality, I did enjoy what I played of this, and would recommend it if you like getting quick trophies. Otherwise, there are better games out there. What's next for me? I am getting very close to 200 platinums and 10,000 trophies, and I need to figure out what game I want to do for these landmarks. I know Disgaea 1 Complete is one of those games, but as for the other, I'm torn between Rabi-Ribi or Bunny Must Die, both fairly difficult Metroidvanias, and Mega Man 11. There might be another game out there that will work, but I'll need to weigh my options before I commit to it.
  15. This game seems to go on sale a lot. If you don't mind spending an afternoon getting a short and easy platinum, this game is for you, and this video will help with that. Goes through all the necessary sections in one go, only stopping to pick up some of the character specific trophies. Despite the questionable graphics, it's actually enjoyable to play, albeit in a weird way.