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  1. Pushed through the grind, RNG, and misinformation to finally get Platinum #300 - Oreshika. At the rate I've been going this year, I might be able to reach 400 plats or close to it by the end of this year

  2. Really starting to have second thoughts about the game I picked for plat #300 (Oreshika). Don't mind a grind, but this grind is just RNG hell through and through. Might pick another game and come back to this later if things don't get better today.

    1. Masamune


      Even with RNG, I'm sure it's not as bad as something like Mugen Souls, or Star Ocean, right? 😅 The game does look interesting though, honestly I'll take any turn-based games I can get nowadays. :hmm:

    2. greenzsaber


      A few moments after I posted this, I got the RNG event I was looking for at the time. It's certainly not as bad as Mugen, but this is a 10 hour story with a 50+ hour grind afterwards for the plat, so it can get aggravating when things don't go your way.

    3. Masamune


      Never underestimate the magic of status updates here, if I'm ever having a problem with RNG or something, I'll just complain about it in a status, then somehow my luck doubles. 😂

  3. Looking forward to this coming 3 day weekend. I'll be using it to work on a longer game for platinum #300.

    1. Edunstar84


      Do you have a game in mind?

    2. greenzsaber


      The game has been picked, yes. I was considering a difficult metroidvania for it until the holiday happened. I'll probably save it for another occasion

  4. Did you check out the video description? It tells you what stats to go for during the later tiers. A full stock of Potions also helps. I've personally never wiped in tier 3, nor have I needed to use potions following the build I've listed.
  5. Game's surprisingly short, so if you need a reference on how to get the platinum quickly, here you go.
  6. This should trivialize the game and platinum if you choose to use it. All you have to be at a boss fight, then press the green switch to trigger a rocket, then jump on top of it while having 1 health. You'll die but will be invincible when you respawn
  7. In case you need a reference for this short game. I find it's better to die and start over from level 1 if your powerups aren't good enough when you've reached level 2
  8. For those who want to get this game done ASAP
  9. Closing in on 300 platinums. Need to start considering what game to do for that.

    1. Kishnabe


      I expect a JRPG of some sort. You holding that D D2 EU Stack for some milestone?

    2. greenzsaber


      DD2 is not happening for a while (No DLC Purchased). I'm leaning towards either Bunny Must Die or Rabi-Ribi actually

  10. Video reference if anyone wants to get this game's platinum quickly. Can be done faster if you happen to get Triple Shot or Arrows towards the beginning. Don't recommend Ultimate Hat because it will interfere with your ability to get the Hearts trophy.
  11. #280 - Sword Art Online - Hollow Fragment By far the longest RPG and game I've done this year. This is a milder version of Star Ocean 4's trophy list. It's got battle trophies, aka Implements, bosses with 5 million+ HP pools that require a massive amount of prepping and setup to take down quickly, missable events that can lock you out of endings, Good thing the game has a lot of content to keep things interesting. Might still be playing this for a bit to setup a file to transfer over to PS4 later.
  12. Done with SAO: Hollow Fragment's plat. This is the Vita version of the Star Ocean 4 plat if I ever saw one.

    1. DamagingRob


      That sounds like a nightmare, if so. Congrats!

    2. greenzsaber


      It's like a mini SO4 in a way. There are 'battle trophies' that require doing random things like take 5 million damage, get poisoned 40 times, hit enemies with a specific weapon 5000 times, etc. There's only 100 of them though.Also multiple missable ending related events.

  13. Just checked the game download on my Vita, and the patch is an optional install, so you can still use this exploit if you have a Vita.
  14. Got Transistor platinum last night. Don't know why I slept on this one for so long. Great and short game that doesn't overstay its welcome, and a nice warmup for when I start SAO: Hollow Fragment this weekend.

    1. ihadalifeb4this
    2. DamagingRob


      Nice work! Transistor was indeed great. Loved all of Supergiant's games, so far. 

    3. greenzsaber


      I gotta do Bastion sometime. It's another one I keep putting off. This year, it will happen!

  15. In the event this gets patched, you can refer to this video to unlock the Archer class, which is the main thing I really recommend having before taking on Tier 1. Save most of your tokens till the very end when you need to unlock all classes.