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  1. All trophies done in one playthrough, with a separate grind for hot springs at the start. Video should start after said grind. Will show you the most resistance-free path to getting difficult trophies like 'All I Need Is One Finger'.
  2. Anyone else NOT hyped for the PS5?

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    2. snakebit10


      Even though It may be a couple weeks before I get one I am hyped. Not just for the games but because I am a new tech nerd. I love electronics and want see what all the functions and stuff do. Game wise I really want Miles Morales.

    3. zizimonster


      Until there are more PS5 games, I think I'm going to wait a year or two.

    4. MidnightDragon


      I'm perfectly fine waiting. Just happily expanding my PS4 library. Have a couple free upgrades waiting.

  3. Mad Rat Dead A wonderful gem that came out last week. If you like rhythm games and platformers, this one's probably up your alley. Obtaining platinum is a decent challenge too.
  4. If you really want to get the first achiever that badly, there are hundreds of games out there where that's still possible. No need to bitch about people platting early due to getting review copies when there are plenty of other games out there ripe for the taking. Heck, if someone really put in some effort, they could get review copies too. I actually could've gotten a review code for this, but opted not to.
  5. Someone had the gall to drop by when I was streaming and ask me to help them platinum an easy SINGLE PLAYER game, then tell me they did so because they couldn't reach me on PSN. People like this is EXACTLY why I've put a restriction on who can reach me on PSN.

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    2. PermaFox


      Guess you need to put a restriction on who can reach you when you are streaming?

    3. starcrunch061
    4. Dreakon13


      *monocle drops out of eye in shock*  Well, I never!

  6. I often used to get trophy requests from randoms and it got to the point where I ended up restricting who can message me on PSN. I think I'm better off having done that.
  7. Guess someone's out on a reporting spree today, huh 

    1. HaserPL


      yeah lol, got mi surprised as well.

    2. MidnightDragon


      Why do you say that?

    3. HaserPL


      @MidnightDragon there's usually a dispute or two in the recent forum posts, today it's a reporting spree indeed. But done by someone who doesn't even know about whitelist, my friend got flagged for GTA V whitelisted trophy lol.

  8. greenzsaber Dragon Fantasy: Volumes of Westeria This game is split up into 5 subsections. It is possible to make separate saves before triggering any of the trophies (so you can do things like grind 25k gold and still be at 0% trophies), then just trigger them all in quick succession, which is what I've done for all but one section. The ONLY one that you can't do this on is Ogden's story, where High-tech Weaponry is unavoidable.
  9. Hardest trophy is actually 500 combo, not perfect combo. You have to search the entire stage and keep killing enemies while not taking too much time in between kills (one enemy kill is +1 to combo). You cannot take any direct damage at any point otherwise you'll lose the combo. Each stage has around 45-60 enemies, so you'll need to go through virtually the entire game (at least 30 minutes) killing enemies, while making sure to not take any damage.
  10. Dungeon Travelers 2 Finally decided to give this game a shot after having it for years. The 20000 kills may seem daunting, but it turns out it's easy to get 20-25 kills per minute with the right setup. Game was overall alright, but relies too much on status effects to give a semblance of difficulty
  11. Dungeon Travelers 2 platinum obtained, after not getting any trophies for over a month. Thought it was gonna last a while, but not even a 20000 kill grind takes that long once you've got a proper setup going.

  12. Gets all trophies in 1 playthrough. If you're worried about running out of time for the 90 minute trophy, pausing the game will stop the timer
  13. It's ridiculously easy to get first 50 if you play obscure games or difficult games hardly anyone touches.There are a lot of older titles that fit these criteria, so anyone can still go and get first 50 in them.
  14. I don't know what happened, but I booted up the game again just now and went through the stages, and the missing energies suddenly started registering, so now I have 100%. I guess they are just very buggy with being registered for completion purposes.
  15. Game won't recognize 2 energies in the EXTREME stages and will reset their status to 'not obtained' after clearing the stage. This makes 2 trophies impossible to get at the moment. I suggest holding off playing this until it's fixed.
  16. it's 2-2 EX and 3-1 EX, but I've already reached out to the publisher. They said they will look into it and have a patch hopefully by next week
  17. Have to agree with OP. I got burned out of guide writing (for long RPGs) years ago and rarely do it these days because I didn't feel like they were appreciated enough.
  18. This is one of those games where people will overestimate the difficulty. I'd say it's about a 6-7 difficulty since you don't need to S rank all bosses. For the record, I've played this on Steam and have 12 hours in it and 100% achievements. I've also S ranked all bosses in that time too. There's enough info out there that players who want this plat will eventually get it.
  19. I'll wait for a physical edition. I've already played it on Steam and there's a chance that the DLC may have trophies too.
  20. Reference in case you're having trouble doing the speedrun/no death trophies or finding the blue coins
  21. Pushed through the grind, RNG, and misinformation to finally get Platinum #300 - Oreshika. At the rate I've been going this year, I might be able to reach 400 plats or close to it by the end of this year

  22. Really starting to have second thoughts about the game I picked for plat #300 (Oreshika). Don't mind a grind, but this grind is just RNG hell through and through. Might pick another game and come back to this later if things don't get better today.

    1. Masamune


      Even with RNG, I'm sure it's not as bad as something like Mugen Souls, or Star Ocean, right? 😅 The game does look interesting though, honestly I'll take any turn-based games I can get nowadays. :hmm:

    2. greenzsaber


      A few moments after I posted this, I got the RNG event I was looking for at the time. It's certainly not as bad as Mugen, but this is a 10 hour story with a 50+ hour grind afterwards for the plat, so it can get aggravating when things don't go your way.

    3. Masamune


      Never underestimate the magic of status updates here, if I'm ever having a problem with RNG or something, I'll just complain about it in a status, then somehow my luck doubles. 😂

  23. Here's another one of these if you need a reference on how to beat the target times or get any of the more difficult trophies this game has.
  24. Looking forward to this coming 3 day weekend. I'll be using it to work on a longer game for platinum #300.

    1. Edunstar84


      Do you have a game in mind?

    2. greenzsaber


      The game has been picked, yes. I was considering a difficult metroidvania for it until the holiday happened. I'll probably save it for another occasion

  25. Video reference if anyone wants to get this game's platinum quickly. Can be done faster if you happen to get Triple Shot or Arrows towards the beginning. Don't recommend Ultimate Hat because it will interfere with your ability to get the Hearts trophy.