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  1. Looking forward to this coming 3 day weekend. I'll be using it to work on a longer game for platinum #300.

    1. Edunstar84


      Do you have a game in mind?

    2. greenzsaber


      The game has been picked, yes. I was considering a difficult metroidvania for it until the holiday happened. I'll probably save it for another occasion

  2. Video reference if anyone wants to get this game's platinum quickly. Can be done faster if you happen to get Triple Shot or Arrows towards the beginning. Don't recommend Ultimate Hat because it will interfere with your ability to get the Hearts trophy.
  3. This should get you all trophies, in one playthrough with minimal backtracking and a good amount of time to spare for the speedrun trophy. Pausing shouldn't affect the game time, so do that if you're following this from start to finish.
  4. Did you check out the video description? It tells you what stats to go for during the later tiers. A full stock of Potions also helps. I've personally never wiped in tier 3, nor have I needed to use potions following the build I've listed.
  5. Includes full clears of all Tier dungeons, as well as what characters to use. I recommend using the D-Token exploit to unlock Archer quickly before going for your first dungeon clear, as he moves much faster than all the other starting characters. Alternatively, you can also use cleric to play it safer. This game thankfully does not have any issues with trophies unlocking unlike Xenon Valkyrie+, so it's going to be a more enjoyable time overall.
  6. This should trivialize the game and platinum if you choose to use it. All you have to be at a boss fight, then press the green switch to trigger a rocket, then jump on top of it while having 1 health. You'll die but will be invincible when you respawn
  7. Game's surprisingly short, so if you need a reference on how to get the platinum quickly, here you go.
  8. In case you need a reference for this short game. I find it's better to die and start over from level 1 if your powerups aren't good enough when you've reached level 2
  9. For those who want to get this game done ASAP
  10. If you need a reference on how to easily get this platinum, here you go. It shouldn't take you more than a couple hours if you do the right stages. You basically just need to get 199 stars to unlock all worlds, then do all the bosses. You don't even need to do all the stages if you don't want to. In this case, I skipped doing stages for 2 worlds except boss stages..
  11. Closing in on 300 platinums. Need to start considering what game to do for that.

    1. Kishnabe


      I expect a JRPG of some sort. You holding that D D2 EU Stack for some milestone?

    2. greenzsaber


      DD2 is not happening for a while (No DLC Purchased). I'm leaning towards either Bunny Must Die or Rabi-Ribi actually

  12. #280 - Sword Art Online - Hollow Fragment By far the longest RPG and game I've done this year. This is a milder version of Star Ocean 4's trophy list. It's got battle trophies, aka Implements, bosses with 5 million+ HP pools that require a massive amount of prepping and setup to take down quickly, missable events that can lock you out of endings, Good thing the game has a lot of content to keep things interesting. Might still be playing this for a bit to setup a file to transfer over to PS4 later.
  13. Done with SAO: Hollow Fragment's plat. This is the Vita version of the Star Ocean 4 plat if I ever saw one.

    1. DamagingRob


      That sounds like a nightmare, if so. Congrats!

    2. greenzsaber


      It's like a mini SO4 in a way. There are 'battle trophies' that require doing random things like take 5 million damage, get poisoned 40 times, hit enemies with a specific weapon 5000 times, etc. There's only 100 of them though.Also multiple missable ending related events.

  14. Just checked the game download on my Vita, and the patch is an optional install, so you can still use this exploit if you have a Vita.
  15. Using this method, you can get enough D-Tokens to unlock all the starting classes that need tokens, and enough to buy everything you could ever want from the shops in the first 20 minutes. You should then be able to max out on Healing Potions as well, which will make the Tier 1 playthrough a lot easier.
  16. Whole thing's under 6 minutes, so if you wanna stack this in the future...
  17. Got Transistor platinum last night. Don't know why I slept on this one for so long. Great and short game that doesn't overstay its welcome, and a nice warmup for when I start SAO: Hollow Fragment this weekend.

    1. ihadalifeb4this
    2. DamagingRob


      Nice work! Transistor was indeed great. Loved all of Supergiant's games, so far. 

    3. greenzsaber


      I gotta do Bastion sometime. It's another one I keep putting off. This year, it will happen!

  18. In the event this gets patched, you can refer to this video to unlock the Archer class, which is the main thing I really recommend having before taking on Tier 1. Save most of your tokens till the very end when you need to unlock all classes.
  19. Yes, it's review codes. Physical versions are in production and not distributed yet. I played it on PS4 so my trophies cannot sync yet, but the groundwork's already been laid out so you too can get the plat in 2-4 hours once the game releases.
  20. Another weekend, another platinum. #276 - Demon's Tier+ for PS4. Game's not officially out yet, but it's made by the same guys as Riddled Corpses EX and Xenon Valkyrie+. I definitely recommend this game if you like roguelikes or twin stick shooters. Best part is, no bugged trophies like Xenon did.

  21. Curious if anyone knows of a list of games with 'X hours of playtime' trophies, whether it's directly a trophy like Tales of Symphonia, or indirectly like MGS4?

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    2. DaivRules


      There might be, I haven’t looked for or seen one yet. 

    3. Cassylvania


      It's not perfect, but you could use this:

    4. greenzsaber


      It's a start, but it only looks at the trophy name and not the description, which leaves out a lot of games.

  22. Makes me happy knowing that it's possible to platinum every existing region of Disgaea 1 Complete in a single weekend.

    1. DaivRules


      That’s a lot of Larharl!

  23. I played both Vita and PS4 right after each other, and I didn't feel any noticeable difference. Do keep in mind that there is no e-mail trophy on PS4, but the video does get all the acquirable e-mails regardless, so you should be able to get it on Vita..
  24. Video is done using the PS4 version, but can be used for the Vita version as well. Main difference being, you need to collect all e-mails, which you should get if you follow everything done in here (e-mail 45, which isn't acquired in the vid, is really easy to get on Vita and only requires killing an enemy). You also need to defeat the final boss before finishing Hell Temple, and make sure you get Curry Addict trophy during the escape sequence (Curry Addict is NOT in the PS4 version, but IS in the Vita version. It will no longer be obtainable once Hell Temple is completed, so make sure to at least have a separate save before clearing Hell Temple). This means you'll need to beat the final boss a minimum of 3 times on Vita as opposed to 2 on PS4.
  25. Tried this for a bit. It's nothing like Super Meat Boy. This is an autorunner puzzle platformer where surfaces start disappearing once you touch them, and you need to figure out how to get to the end given the limited movement options you have. No death trophies are just for beating one stage without dying. That said, the biggest challenge comes from figuring out how to get the collectibles and reaching the end, so this plat won't be too hard to get if you look up solutions to every level.