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  1. I also found that the bottom sunken Airdrop was bouncing me all around under the water and I couldn't get close enough to open it. However, today I noticed a ? On the map to the left of the area which was on a Tower Block in No Mans Land. I had to paraglide over to it from VNC Tower Roof. It was an Air Drop I had missed. Opened it and the Trophy Popped, even with the Bottom Sunken Airdrop still being a Question Mark.
  2. No way will I ever be buying any Credits from the store for this game. I am also refusing to actually class the transactions as micro. They are Exorbitant, 2 cars currently in the Legendary Dealership would cost £148. It is immoral, laughable and outrageous. If you bought all the cars in just Brand Central with paid for Credits, they would be £1210. These prices are just Insane and Vulgar.
  3. I have just completed my 1st Playthrough and I had issues with the following trophies, Family, The New Boss, Baby You're A Rich Man, Hole In Your Pocket Combat Specialist. I am going to do a 2nd Playthrough to see if I can get the 4 trophies related to that, but I'm not hopefull. I have never played a game before where so many trophies are bugged.
  4. All sorted now, So I just carried on playing the missions that I had done the least amount of times. There were like 3 or 4 I had only previously completed once, after finishing the 3rd one the trophy popped. So I am not sure if the completion info is stored differently locally on your PS4 than that on the Division Servers.
  5. So, according to my Merit Badges, I have done all the Missions on Hard at least once, and today I also got the Merit Badge for completing all 16 Missions on Hard. But, unfortunately the Trophy " Hard As Nails" has not yet popped. Has anybody got any suggestions of what I need to do to get this to pop? Thanks In Advance.
  6. Sign me up for Champion of the Gods, got 6 Platinums in God Of War Series. :-)
  7. The MP Trophies should remain, as it is a fantastic part of the game. It isn't difficult to survive 12 weeks as a Hunter or a Firefly. In fact it is extremely easy. Basically all you have to worry about are the 100% loss weeks, and just choose something that is really easy to do such as heal team mates and or gift items.
  8. Yeah the graphics might be a bit iffy, the draw distance is kinda funny, sometimes you cant see the enemy unless you are in the right position. But after all is said and done, the game is over 10 years old, and it is still one hell of a FPS. I am having one hell of a wonderful time playing this again. I am currently 75% of my way through it on Hard, and boy do you have to be cautious. You have to really look after your health and armour because, as opposed to todays FPS's, your health does not regenerate over time. If you like FPS, then you truly must give this a try.
  9. #57 God Of War : Ascension Really liked this game, wouldn't have said it was the best God Of War, but still a good one, and gave me my 6th GOW Platinum.
  10. I think it was about 4-5 hours per play through depending on the amount of times you restart. It gets quicker on each subsequent play through though, as you know where most of the stuff is and what the levels are like. It probably took me ages as I struggled with the World Exploration until I realised what I was doing on my 3rd play through.
  11. Right, I have completed the game 3 times, 2 x Hard, 1 x Easy. So here is a sort of Trophy Guide. Its not brilliant but it's how I got them. Finish Him I think you get this for killing an enemy by an execution kill. Either sneak behind and press circle or hang of ledge and fire gun then press circle when he looks over the edge. Rookie / Agent / Super Agent All difficulty related Trophies. These do stack so if you play Hard first you will get all three. You will probably need to play this 3 times to reach level 30 (Hero) so either play on Easy / Medium / Hard or a combination of them. Big Bang Just kill 200 enemies with explosions, either use the Red Fruits, Grenades, or shoot the Cyborg Backpacks. I got this after I had reached lvl 30 and had all the upgrades, I used the VR Cyborg Mission where you have to kill 15 cyborgs, and just ran around trying to shoot there backpacks. Got over 100 in 30 minutes. Heavy Fire Kill 500 Enemies With Heavy Shot, self explanatory, but I only had just over 250 after 3 play throughs so I used the VR Drone Mission where you have to Kill 10 Drones. I got the other 250 in about 30 minutes. Terminator Kill 50 Enemies by Executions. Use the Execution Sneak and Hang as much as you can through your normal play through's. If you are still short, you can farm the VR Sneak Challenge to get the Rest. Hero Conrad To Reach Level 30. You will probably need to play 3 times to reach this level. I was level 35 after 3 play through's, and with all the VR Missions Completed. Galactic Explorer You have to have 100% World Exploration. Use Select to bring up the map. For 100% Level Exploration every square has to be Bright Blue. Just before you finish the level check, and try to back track, if you can't, restart the level. This has to be done in one play through. I didn't realise all this until my 3rd play through. Fight Club Kill 50 Enemies with Melee Attack. This is best done on an Easy Play through. Shoot a Drone once or twice then finish them with your melee attack (Circle, I think). Use the Glasses to check there Health. Master Of Virtuality Complete All The VR Challenges. Self Explanatory, but probably left until the end, when you have reached level 30, and have all your extra upgrades. Maximum Overdrive Obtain the Max Level for Every Upgrade. I didn't notice how or why these upgrades are scattered across the levels, but I had to play three times, and I was lucky enough that I got all the upgrades, some appeared in the VR Challenges as well as the normal levels. Just try and use your glasses lots, and search all of the levels on every play through. I hope this helps some people out in getting 100% on this brilliant PSN title.
  12. Out of yours Rach, I would say Borderlands. Only because I know how long it is and I haven't started to play that yet.