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  1. Based on some of the others slightly 'off' requirements, you probably have to throw a grenade on the ground, hit that with a melee weapon, which then blows up a machine, which in turn blows up a car. All while doing a 360 no scope.
  2. Dunno if it works for this, but I think that's for the splash damage trophy - Super weird trophy description for that one. States that it needs to be "Destroy more than one machine at the same time using the m/49 Granatgevär or a hand grenade." as in damage from an explosive, but seemingly needs to be damage from an explosion (that is activated by the grenade launcher or a grenade). This won't be all that helpful to you I guess, but when I got it (& my friends as well if I recall), it was from a single shot from the m/49 Granatgevär that hit specifically one hunter & killed it. Tried it a few times before this & it didn't seem to register, but ironically (based on what I said above), I think that it was because others around it were taking splash damage! Think come the end I isolated one, took a shot & it popped (after some time had passed, as with all other trophies on this game).
  3. Yeah, I think that mirrors my experience somewhat tbh - It's gone on the backburner for now with me just chipping away at it from time to time, but I am getting less xp than I had hoped for from them adding the individual tours for each of the characters. The hope was that these might get me to somewhere in the mid 90's, but it's looking like that was a pipe dream (puns about the mid 90's & pipes not intended, but stood by). I mean, I get that they want people to play for as long as possible, but making the xp to get to 100 such a grind is not really the right way to do it.
  4. I always tell myself I'll be good & not create a huge backlog when a new generation rolls around. Usually lasts about a month.
  5. Cheers for the response! Yeah, based upon what's been said, I think I'll be waiting until it hits like the £30 mark or something. Not any reference to the quality (which I am sure is good), just I have way too much to be getting through right now to be paying full price for it! (Thanks to everyone else that responded as well btw)
  6. I of course realise that this is a spelling mistake, but this did give me a chuckle. Suffice to say, I prefer to manually control my poops than have them occur whenever they feel like.
  7. I would say that you are probably better off going in to this with no experience of other skating games, as you won't have muscle memory making you mess up lines or tricks. It plays quite differently to THPS for example (at least in terms of controls). As for how long it takes, I can't say that I can be that helpful on that front, as apparently it took me 3 years & 7 months to get the platinum, but I suspect I shelved it for a long old time before it became a game I could play with some friends.
  8. Yeah, thought as much. Cheers for the confirmation @HuntingFever. 👍
  9. I appreciate that this is maybe not exactly the right place for this one, but I couldn't really see anywhere else relevant to put it. Noticed this game (which was apparently a standalone pre-order DLC thingamabob for 'Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?') pop onto the store for the fairly decent price of 'free' the other day, but I can't seem to find any trophy information for it. Has anyone played it that can confirm whether it actually even has any trophies? I am guessing the absence of any kind of list would indicate not, but
  10. Asking out of curiosity: Is this actually necessary to hit 100, or could you feasibly get there by completing all of the individual challenges for each of the characters? Am not there yet (am around 67-70 ish... I think?), but if I wasn't in any particular rush to get this done, is it feasibly attainable over time by just playing through with each of the characters & doing their individual challenges?
  11. See, if/when I hit that level, I would be tempted to stop gaining trophies. I mean, I won't. But I would be tempted.
  12. ... & that right there is what kills it for me - No-one I know plays this game now & I don't really fancy getting a 'fall guys squad' together. If this isn't something I can practically achieve by myself, I don't think I am interested. (Congrats on your achievement though!)
  13. Not sure sexual favours are going to help much here...
  14. Well, I am not sure what of what I have said above that would give you that impression, but no - At this point, I don't think that I even know anyone that even has an Xbox anymore & my opinion of something is rarely formed from someone bleating that something is bad for x reasons, when they could have no feasible idea about whether those things are actually true. Additionally, I have no idea how long a Gears or Halo campaign actually is as I have never played them. Weirdly, I don't feel I have missed out on anything with Gears, but I'd probably give the Halo games a playthrough if the opportunity was to arise. Anyway, I digress - As mentioned, I am just aware that this is a side project that was effectively spun off of a bit of DLC, so i just wondered whether there was enough 'meat on the bone', as it were.
  15. Thanks - As it goes, I am not looking specifically for a JRPG, but was interested in this & from what I have read about it, it gets bundled into that general JRPG 'sphere'. I just felt it was worth mentioning that I haven't really played any JRPGs before in case that was a sticking point. Appreciate the response though, cheers.