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  1. From what I recall, you can do Deathmatch with just 2, but Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag need at least 4
  2. You'll have more fun punching yourself repeatedly in the genitles than you will getting to CQC level 50. I should know I've done both
  3. Just completed Grounded+ Now, onto the multiplayer grind! Wish me luck
  4. I'm currently on this very journey. I got my first trophy for crafting every item 4 years ago and then moved onto playing something else. With the release of Part 1, it kinda gave me a kick up the backside to go for the Platinum in the remastered version. Did my first run on Easy and did all the collectable trophies I could. Now I'm doing a Grounded+ run thanks to the glitch that's referenced in this thread - so far so good After completing Grounded+, I think I'll join a boosting session for the multiplayer trophies before rounding things out with the Left Behind DLC.
  5. Thanks. So no major impact to me personally. I’m only interested in the challenge of completing games in my backlog. I’m not here to compete with anyone
  6. What is the effect of getting flagged? Does it just remove those trophies from contributing to your overall rank?
  7. So does this mean I should play WipEout HD and boost trophies with people or not? What would be the pros and cons? I’m not interested in rankings just 100%ing games if possible.
  8. EDIT 18/08/2022: Feel free to try the below but when attempting to replicate this approach, in the days since originally posting it, I found it to be rather inconsistent and Team 2 would sometimes be the host. There appears to be no logical way of approaching it. The matchmaking system in this game appears to be a mixture of magic, sticy tape and the tears of trophy hunters everywhere... ============================================================================================= My group had a mess about with this yesterday. We had 2 groups of 2 and were playing Mixed Species Deathmatch. This is the most reliable method we found: Lets call the group needing wins "Group A" and the group helping by backing out is "Group B" Group A's host starts searching for a game in Ranked Match -> Quick Match -> Mixed Species Deathmatch Once it shows "2 Player(s) in game, waiting for x more" give it a few seconds and then inform Group B's host to search This should load into a lobby with Group A set as Team 1 (the host is always Team 1) and Group B as Team 2 A member of Group A (Team 1) kills a member of Group B (Team 2) Both members of Group B (Team 2) quit the round Both members of Group A get the win If you only have 3 people and are going into single player Deathmatch, this seems to become less predictable because matchmaking just gets even more inconsistent than it already is Oh one thing to note also. The winning team will go back into the lobby. If it shows the next match is either Species or Mixed Species Deathmatch, that's fine. If it says "Dominion" you need to back out because that doesn't count as a Deathmatch game.
  9. Nostalgic? No. If anything the PS3 gives me feelings of regret and disappointment due to some of the games I bought back then, that I wouldn’t have bothered with if I’d considered trophy hunting 😂
  10. I just got the trophy with no issues at all. I feel bad for those of you who are struggling, I hope you all manage to grab the pivots with as much ease as I did in the next few days. I quickly ran through the campaign last week skipping cutscenes and not caring about 100% synch. I spent the evening getting the pivots and honestly had no problems.
  11. First play-through I named him Shinji Ikari NG+ he’s called Kawrou Nagisa Group is N.E.R.V
  12. I know people say "live your live with no regrets" but I resent myself from 11 years ago who bought Superfrog HD thinking "I remember this from the Amiga". Stupid nostalgia based purchase. Never again (I'm looking at you Konami with your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collection...). Does anyone else regret ever buying this game? It's going to take a while for me to 100% as I can't stand playing it for more than 10 or 15 minutes.
  13. I went from 5 wins to 14 this evening alone. Also managed to grab Big Tease in the process. Should have Track Star done tomorrow
  14. This is what I did and I got the trophy too. The only thing I can add is I specifically allowed Madison to choke to death in the room that the Origami Killer traps her in. Whether that makes and difference or not, I'd seen it suggested that consititutes as Madison being killed by the killer.
  15. Thanks both. Sounds like it's going to be quite the effort then but probably best done sooner than later in order to not have the light level get any futher away from where I am at the moment.