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  1. Hello there, I'm trying to create a Korean account to get the Pirates DLC for LBP but I'm recquired to validate my Korean ID??😨 Is it the only way to create a korean account?
  2. Thanks guys! What trophies make us do... hahaha I know servers are down since I started playing LBPVita the day before it happened 😑 Anyway, I just want to complete it as much as possible.
  3. Hello, So it seems if you buy the digital version and DLC on the Korean store, you can also get the trophies? My main doubt is... it won't appear as a separate game, right? I mean, I won't see any LittleBigPlanet NA (or whatever region it's) added to my list, right? Thanks for it!
  4. Oh didn't know it, so thanks It's my very first report (I think) so I wasn't too sure if it was sent or not. Yes, actually the second report (about LBP) is wrong. I mixed dates, sorry, but the one about FIFA 16... he got 2 unattainable trophies in the last month while the fut seasons is down months ago Sorry for being a little bit overwhelming 😬
  5. So I reported a guy who achieved FUT seasons' trophies on FIFA16 while the servers are down since months ago...🤔 and then nothing happened. He's still there on the lists and so on. I remember reporting a couple more of games, but don't remember wich ones What should do I do now?
  6. Totally agreed. I think I read someone saying that, if you got that trophies from a random hacker without meaning to, you might not be flagged if you don't reach top X achievers or something like that. I've been flagged due to requesting RLTW help, but I'm trying to get back to that server to show I finally didn't take his help. I don't think it's completely fair for all of us but I understand this case it's a tricky one and not easy to proceed.
  7. So I found an Overkill Framing Frame job and decided to go for the related trophies. After a while, I got the one of stealing all the frames in Day 1 withouth being seen, did the second day (didn't get 9 frames) and finally tried the one of Day 3. After some tries, I decided to just complete it and opened the session. Casually that last time it worked and I could eliminate all the guards without activating the alarm and we went for the gold (and so the trophy). When we've opened the vault and were taking the money, a (you can imagine) guy just threw a bag across the red laser and bom....trophy run ruined when we were literally touching it (only 4 bags left). The alarm sent off and, I don't know if it was a bug, we had to find the server and upload the data and so on. We failed and I'm so desperate and frustrated to play.
  8. Hello everybody, I've read there's an "Ultimate edition" which includes all the 4 DLCs but cannot find if it's actually a physical version or only digital. Anybody can confirm? Thanks!
  9. Hi guys, this is how I solved it: Remove your AC:Revelations save data and dlcs from your main account Create a hongkong alt account Go to the store and download and install the free dlc's (be aware that there're a free trial and a full map expansion for maps, you have to download both) Have a try on your alt account and, if not worked, remove and try again. When downloading the full expasion you should see that there're 2 downloads ongoing. Once it works on your alt account, you can use them in your main Also note that some people had an error and others another different but just try again and finally it'll work.
  10. Yes guys, this is PS3 version and I had some plats from completing heists. Let's see if it pops up when completing nex activity.
  11. Hi everyone, So I'm about to buy this game and finally complete it, but I've discovered DLC is delisted I've found a download link on a Reddit post (not confirmed to be trustworthy but it seems to be) so I'm wondering if that would work on an EUR version since it says the DLC is US. ps: I'm not sharing the link in case that break our behaviour rules.
  12. Hi guys, I've just completed the Pacific heist and got the trophy and, at the same time, it was my 30th plat reward, however, the "Decorated" trophy didn't pop up. Is it a normal glitch? I've waited for a while just in case but nothing popped up. Hopefully it'll next time I join a lobby.🙏 Edit: I got it by getting another platinum reward. It might be glitched because I got two trophies at the same time.
  13. Hey, just confirm I could add it. They might've been a bug or something
  14. Divisive Figure (reaching DIv 4) and I guess Divide and Conquer, and Welcome to the League too. @AsheRebel yes, that's definitely unfair, but this is EA, probably the videogames company who care the least about their players. I'm completing my backlog with many FIFAs and I've found old FIFAs' servers are completely trash. I don't expect them to fix them or even to maintain them in a good status, but at least, keep functionable the mode games which are supposed to be active. f.e. FUT Draft for FIFA 16 on PS3 is not working despite the server is "alive" so can waste your coins for an entry which will be wasted as you will lose connection everytime attempting to match. Anyway, FIFA 20 was my last FIFA and probably the last EA game in which I spend more than 5€.
  15. Yes guys, I'm signed in. In fact I've added the PS4 games, but for some reason I can only buy the PS5 games