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  1. so thought I would add my comments on this game as after first playing when it came out i then shelved it. Almost 3-4 years later I decided to plat it! The game itself was okay, i love star wars and i love LEGO therefore on to a winner from the start. I agree the load times are a pain (least I knew how to skip the opening intros ) The side missions are tedious and damn there are so many. I've had 3-4 crashes over the last week. The main irritant from me was the character selection... oh my god why oh why did they not allow you to sort on an ability. It took me forever to workout the dude that jumps into little ponds...... Overall good game but poor in comparison to some of the others! Think I may just do the DLS for the hell of it!
  2. thanks all
  3. So I know there is 4 endings to the game Worst ending: In 6 or fewer levels. Bad ending: In 7 to 11 levels. Good ending: In 12 or more levels. Will also unlock the final levels including 16 and 17. Final ending: In all the 17 levels. but my question is if I go for the worst ending and complete the game can I then replay a few of the levels to see different ending or is it a full replay?
  4. So some how was on level select DOH ta
  5. Is anyone else a bit miffed you can't save the game mid level? You start a quick game late at night only to find your a little stuck on something. You know you are 3/4 through the level then it ends up being 1am.... option 1, sack it go to bed and try again when you can option 2, put it in sleep mode but you then have a high chance the game or PS5 wont resume or does with errors! option 3, carry on slugging away and save at the end (option I chose which turned out to be 2am) sigh.... it's not a difficult thing to ask for a save point is it!
  6. Cant find anything on what this mode is? anyone?
  7. some great tips there thanks and some I wasn't aware of either! I think some of the levels not dying is going to be a right pain in the arse tho'
  8. Am I missing something with this one??? All other trophies bar the 1’000 Mile trophy have unlocked and I’ve finished all career events... Have I got to be placed 1,2 or 3 in each? Because having difficulty in the first sprint :/ Do I have to play the takedown events? or has this glitched?
  9. Great minds and all that, logged onto discord and created a bug report. Have triple checked and even done the career twice to ensure nothing overlooked
  10. So I have replayed the full career again in a new save, saved every 10 races or so. Last save was just before the last 3 races which unlocks AJ. if I race any of the three, once won I go to continue and you get the dialogue and end credits but it never takes me back to the main screen to continue I’m forced to quit the game and then continue. Problem is even when I finish the last AJ race it still doesn’t pop. I’m about to delete the game and save, reinstall and then bring the save back to test one last time.... this is really tedious
  11. thanks will finish grinding the 1000 mile trophy first then guess start the career again on a new save (this time saving before the last events!) at least its only 125 races sigh
  12. I like to play each and every game to platinum status at whatever cost so these are my thoughts I came across a Valkyrie early on in the game and died a horrible death quite a few times. I therefore continued to play and complete the game without another Valkyrie fight. Once I completed the game I then set about to finish the game by collecting everything. Once that was done I had just this trophy left. When you get to that point in the game and have spent 60hrs in the game you will of course have the best of the best armour BUT your build will probably be strength / defence. This configuration will work on all 8 valkyries very very easy but WILL NOT work on the queen. You have to read the guide, swap the armour and enchantments around and focus on runic and cooldown. I then went to the realms of Mannheim and practiced chaining the special moves together in the trials. Once done I then got the rage up to full and went to meet the queen. Three battles in I thought WTF I will never get plat and gave the game a break for an hour or two. Went back tried again and was much more patient. Watch for patterns, when you have just dodged an attack double special ability her and then attack using the boy. Whilst stunned attack her again using the other weapons special ability. Then dodge until cooldown has kicked in. Repeat 3 or 4 times. If you get low on energy use your rage to beat her to get more energy. If she grabs you more than twice you are toast. In total it took me 5 attempts to defeat her and it’s so sweet to see 100% completed on the screen. Now for the next game Just remember patience is key... it’s a marathon not a sprint