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  1. Managed to plat/complete eleven games so far this month: Color Guardians Skylanders Spyro's Adventure Waltz of the Wizard: Extended Edition KNACK 2 inFAMOUS Second Son Island Saver by NatWest (inc. DLC) Goat Simulator 3 What Remains of Edith Finch Tiny Troopers Joint Ops (inc. DLC) Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Also grabbed the still obtainable FIFA 15 and FIFA 16 trophies. Unfortunately only three of them games count for the competition but some great progress nonetheless. That's 31 games cleaned up this year now.
  2. I pushed on and finished it anyway, so I need to add another game to the list. I'll add The Unfinished Swan. I'll also add Tiny Troopers Joint Ops (DLC) to my list.
  3. Finished the Fantasy Island DLC for Island Saver by Natwest for my March game. A decent free game to pass some hours (the DLC will set you back four pounds - but there's plenty in it for the price). I should add Goat Simulator 3 to the complete list by the end of the month but it's taking its time as the collectibles and side missions are really tedious and the amount of them is unnecessary.
  4. Squeezed Disney Infinity into February to equal 14 completions for the month. Only 2.97% completion on PSNP so my 6th rarest platinum. Had to buy an extra PS3 controller and find someone to do the two online trophies with so it wasn't a simple cleanup. Also became my longest ever plat at 9 years and 5 months. Worth it though.
  5. February was a good month for clearing up the backlog. Took my account completion to above 50%. Got three game completions for this competition (Grim Fandango, Life is Strange, Unpacking) but also managed to finish another 10 games that I resumed at above 33%: Cave Digger: Riches Costume Quest Stories: The Path of Destinies This War of Mine: The Little Ones Floor Plan: Hands-On Edition Goat Simulator (DLC) Hue BlazeRush Type:Rider Skylanders SuperChargers Some decent low percentage trophies in there. Also made good progress on other toys-to-life games as well. I start a new job with more hours tomorrow though so probably much less progress in March.
  6. Don't go through it alone, keep talking about it, whether it's with strangers on a forum or your friends and family. Mental health isn't taboo any more and needn't be bottled up. It may be a long journey but you will come through the other side and you will be stronger for it. Sending my best wishes.
  7. To be honest I don't really remember the ins-and-outs as it was a few years since we played it and even then my son played most of it. It was a decent little game for free though (although as pointed out the DLC costs).
  8. Hi, I'm going to add Island Saver by NatWest (DLC) to the list if it fits the rules. I currently have the base game at 47% but the DLC is 0% so I think the DLC can be counted if I've understood the rules correctly. I'll be completing the base game to 100% too but I know that can't be counted due to its high percentage.
  9. Completed Unpacking and I'm adding Goat Simulator 3 to my list. Cheers.
  10. Costume Quest, Stories: The Path of Destinies, This War of Mine: The Little Ones & Floor Plan: Hands-On Edition all wrapped up these last few days. All started above 33% though. Should have waited until April and I'd be flying up the leaderboard.
  11. I completed my monthly game yesterday with the Grim Fandango Remastered platinum and also platted Cave Digger: Riches today (not included in the comp). So a good start to the month clearing the backlog. 👍 EDIT: Life Is Strange finished as well now but that'll probably be my last contest plat for the month because that was the last of my 33%+ titles allowed and I've got other games to finish before i start on the low percentages.
  12. "And to your second point, the tapping x game wouldn't be Mayo would it? Such a silly 'game' that borders on regret for my personal list." No it is this stupid 'game' called Disco Cannon Airlines. I didn't even realise them sort of games existed at the time and only bought it as I wanted to test that the store was working with a cheap purchase. Played it out of curiosity and three minutes later I have the platinum and instant regret as I realised just how underwhelming it felt. Wish I could scrub it from my list but at least it serves as a reminder to never do it again!
  13. I definitely wouldn't associate indie with quick and easy (unless you choose the tap X ones). A lot of my plats are indie and some of them have been the longest and most challenging but satisfying platinums I have. I still look back proudly at some of them! I have one tap X (or whatever you want to call it) game on my list that I bought just to test the store was working and I regret platting it every time I see it.
  14. It was only about a week ago that I decided to start clearing some of my backlog as I have been trophy hunting for the last few years but only completing the lists of new games that I bought, which I just figured is a waste of money when I've got plenty of good ones to go at. I have 100% on 101 games but have played 282 so a good amount to go at! My January trophy hunting looks like this: Inscryption (started on 31st December) and moon platinums from 0%, and Day of the Tentacle Remastered from 90%. I found this thread late though so none of them counted. I got Valiant Hearts: The Great War to 100% completion for this challenge and made good progress on Grim Fandango Remastered (@ 85%) and Skylanders SuperChargers (@89% but not part of the challenge). I'll probably be completing a lot more games than will count here as I already had quite a few over 33% that I couldn't add but I'm enjoying going back to playing games that I loved but I classed as completed as I wasn't interested in the trophies in at the time.
  15. Grim Fandango Remastered 84% Valiant Hearts: The Great War 80% Life Is Strange 80% Unpacking 28% Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart 32% inFAMOUS First Light 30% forma.8 16% Spy Chameleon 16% Please Don't Touch Anything 7% Minefield 9% Yooka-Laylee 7% Octodad: Dadliest Catch 10% I think this fits the criteria, but if not give me a shout.