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  1. 9 years of trophy hunting and loving every moment of it!
  2. Have been messaging and emailing the crap out of codemasters regarding this to no avail... pretty ridiculous that the trophy was only available to obtain for 1 month looking at the leaderboards. If I'd only started playing it again 2 days earlier I wouldn't be in this predicament but then I wouldn't expect it to be unobtainable for at least a year either.. grrr. Another developer to add to the 'do not support' list
  3. Hey, I played this game right from day 1 and prioritized these events. I ended up on the leaderboards for about 15 and made sure I set at least 1 valid lap before I quit. I didn't get my trophy til the completion of the 26th event. And my cousin got his for his 24th. Seems to be no particular pattern for obtaining it, all I can suggest is keep playing til it pops. Chur
  4. Awesome, for sure I love a good challenging game. I try and 100% all the games I play and I'm pretty close now. Havnt played vanquish but I may have to give it a go. Cheers
  5. Hey there, I just stumbled onto this thread and wanted to wish you guys good luck. I platted xcom enemy within and enemy unknown a year or so ago and thoroughly enjoyed both. It was refreshing to play a game that was unique in so many ways that offered such a challenge and where every desicion had consequences. Was most dissapointed to learn that xcom 2 was not to be released on ps4 but I'm sure it will one day. Anyway I have enjoyed reading thru this topic and hope everyone enjoys their xcom journey.. R3D
  6. My first plat came 7 years ago. Had been playin Resident Evil 5 with my cuzzy and both of us were steadily working towards the plat, One of the first decent horror games with trophies. And on April 13th 2009 we got there and had a blast doin it. Ever since then I've given trophies a decent nudge and I'm pretty proud of my virtual display cabinet. I don't do it to gloat about, personally I don't mind what people think as their entitled to their opinion, I only play games that I want to play and don't consider myself a 'trophy whore' there's plenty of games that I could finish for some cheap points and sure I may have a couple of those games on my list, but the quality of the majority outweigh those. A good few games I have continued to play and plat with my cuz which is what I feel gaming is all about. We've managed some of the hardest trophies coop, with laggy servers and disconnection dropouts imminent, even dedicated around 20 hours to the 'it's in the trial' trophy for dante's inferno which is only a bronze but so satisfying once it finally popped. I initially only really cared about plats and not so much completion, but after buying a few dlcs cheap and being satisfied with *100% I pushed on and have managed to tidy up most my games and I try to keep my completion rate around 98% These days I don't game all that much but still give it a decent go when I do get on.. have to give my wife a mention too, thanks for putting up with my eyes being glued to the TV, the relentless sound of the buttons being mashed furiously, the roar of the race cars screaming out of the surround sound,the heavy breathing when I have a headset on and all you want is peace, the thousands of gunshots I have fired echoing throughout the house and yea.. all the cursing when things wernt goin so well =) I think I've gone a wee bit off topic so my apoligies but I don't post often and think this is an excellent topic. It's mint reading everyone's posts. Cheers R3D
  7. Yea mate for sure! My best on shi no Numa is around round 90 with a score of over 600,000 without using the ray gun or waffle. Just sucks that not many people play it anymore... just hackers that ruin the survival factor. sigh
  8. World at war. Platinum and 100% is extremely difficult. Yeah mate the veteran campaign as bad enough and getting over 75k in shi no Numa was difficult at first, but finally mastering it and surpassing that score tremendously has made it one of my all time favorite games. Zombies havnt been as good since...
  9. I'm gonna run with a few off my list that I remember being a pain to Plat... Gran truismo 5 (Gold standard trophy) Prototype (Pt trophy) Shift 2 (king of the hill trophy) Cabela's dangerous hunts 2011 (I will survive trophy, some how i did it with the ds3) Grand theft auto 4 (Auf wiedersehen Petrovic trophy - had to do all races and modes 3 times due to glitchy servers) Call of duty world at War (for the motherland trophy - grenades anyone?) Pain in the arse dlcs... Dantes inferno dlc (it's in the trial - a combined time of around 20 hours for one shitty bronze trophy!) Dishonored dlc (by my hand alone trophy) still yet to 100% Dragon age origins dlc (grim reaper trophy) I try to finish all the games I play but some of these games go from piss easy trophies to devasatingly difficult trophies. Perserverance is key, practise enough and you will get the trophy
  10. Hey I have 5 plats ffx, ffxiii, ffxiii2, type 0 and lightning returns
  11. Choice cheers bud ☺
  12. Hey I'm from new zealand and I'd be keen to join. Probably the only game Ill need help with is the ghosts dlcs if anyone's keen? And probably future ps4 online trophies. Cheers
  13. Enjoys a wide variety of games but not so focused on trophies
  14. For me the most frustrating and nearly at the point of giving up in pure disgust was the 'it's in the trial' trophy for the dante's inferno dlc. Me and my faithful cuzzy dedicated around 20 hours for this ridiculous bronze trophy. The difficulty spike jumped up from the rest of the entire game, but with plenty of perseverance we managed to get it. Another nightmare trophy was the 'I will survive' trophy from cabelas dangerous hunts 2011. Trying to survive 7 minutes in a repetitive and increasing difficult shooting gallery memorizing where the spawn points where with a dual shock was infuriating. Upon entering the 6 minute mark the hands would be shaking and sweating with the adrenaline pumping, and with a few sub 7 minute times my vocabulary was abhorrent much to the wife's disgust lol. Other annoying / frustrating trophies include the gran turismo 5 plat, prototype plat, shift 2 king of the hill trophy, gta 4 awp trophy. Good effort to everyone here for their efforts on these difficult trophies. They may just be little digital icons on our tvs but the personal satisfaction they give is well just... satisfying ☺