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  1. I believe you need to need the wraith to spawn in with a few minions somewhere usually as you enter the new area on foot. After you defeat them, the wraith lair will be marked on your map and you will be able to enter and complete it. Maybe just run around a bit and see if they spawn
  2. It should pop immediately after you harvest it. No idea why trophy isnt popping for some people, I was lucky enough for it to be my first kill of srp and trophy popped as it should have. Sorry but I have no suggestions as to make it work for you as it seems completely random. Hopefully the dev's fix it, as they are pretty good with patchs
  3. Pretty much on the money mate, lakes, with tripod stands setup next to tents and farm those need zones. Didnt actually take too long, just shoot the big males and eventually a diamond will spawn, then move onto next species. As for the medved collectables, I made a post regarding it, try this... So I got the shed hunter trophy today, I started map and jumped straight onto a quad bike and started collecting immediately, which is good for anyone that has to start a new game as they may have met the requirements when trophy was glitched and are unable to obtain the trophy on their current save. I went to these locations.. Moose Antler Sheds -11189 x -5090 -10211 x -7241 -11649 x -9424 -5549 x -9908 -8341 x -8439 -7765 x -7674 -7963 x -11039 -6557 x -11123 -7103 x -9655 -6968 x -6020 -9806,-11110 -8034 x -9580 Reindeer Antler Sheds -4486 x -6803 -8131 x -10264 -9116 x -9001 -6455 x -10364 -7981 x -7106 -11405 х -7590 -9202 x -10888 To my dismay the trophy didn't pop, then I found info that if you pick up a particular cave lion skull at location -9337 x -5191 the trophy may pop, which I did and bling! It worked! Apparently you only need 10 moose antlers and 5 reindeer antlers from those and then the skull for trophy to pop. I only found them all as I didn't know about the skull at the time. May be worth a shot if anyone has picked up all antlers and yet to pick up that particular skull to see if it trophy unlocks for them. Hopefully it works for you
  4. I also did Parque Fernando legit too, I worked out it took somewhere between 80-90 hours to shoot all my diamonds. Not bad at all with the right setup
  5. Yea mate hopefully, the game has issues but at least the developers regularly update it and have great communication. The only real issue I had was in the last dlc, in the last mission for baden, i shot the black wolf, ps4 froze and he wouldn't respawn so had to restart, now its just waiting for the ibex score fix for last trophy
  6. Yea ita not very good unfortunately, someone recommended backing up your save before starting the game with the new patch installed.. just in case
  7. Awesome! Glad to hear it mate, I'm sitting at 98% completion, just waiting for them to fix the scoring for the ibex so I can get back to 100%
  8. It shouldnt matter how much they made off the game, it has been broken since less than a month from when it was released and they still advertise the damn game and it's just not good enough in my opinion. The company 'should' have an obligation to fix it. I know It has been years since it came out and it is a pretty shit game but that's only down to codemasters ignoring every bit of correspondence that anyone sends them, ever!
  9. So last night i platinumed Borderlands 3 and i was going thru my list, looking at what else I could tidy up and of the 13 trophies I have left to obtain, micro machines annoys me the most so I have decided to have another crack at getting it rectified. Codemasters updated there fb cover page yesterday and I left a nice message putting my 2 cents in regarding my thoughts about their company... no reply lol So I have taken tazdevilz recommendation and emailed bbb.com and submitted a complaint against codemasters. Apparently it gets sent to codemasters within 2 days of being submitted and they have up to 14 days to reply. I included dates, screenshots and as much info as possible. I will post a reply soon hopefully when I get a response with some positive news. I also urge others to take 10 minutes of your time to do the same, power in numbers! It would be really great to see this trophy achievable again
  10. Thanks Merfolk, unfortunately the mission is tied to your single player story so if you shoot a diamond in a multiplayer game it will not count towards it. I can confirmed as I tried with a friend that shot a diamond blackbuck in my game but it did not count for him. All i can say is keep hammering the lakes and need zones with tents setup nearby and eventually they will spawn. I maxed out the tent limit with all the ones i had set up around the map and it definitely saved alot of running round the map. Also I suggest just going for one specific animal type at a time and take the time to setup tents / bipod stands correctly. A few hours of a decent setup is definitely worth the investment. It took me about 100 hrs to shoot all 7 diamonds which is pretty good I think All the best buddy
  11. Finally, my journey to 100% is finally over! (For now...) just snagged the last animal for Parque Fernandos finest. So while some trophies are still a bit buggy, the majority have been patched to work and there are work arounds for the remainders. If you are an avid trophy hunter and have been on the fence about playing it I would seriously consider playing it. It is a massive grind but totally worth it. Happy hunting
  12. Also keen to see if theres any positive news from this action, I have emailed the crap out of codemasters and never seemed to get too far Last trophy I need for platinum is the haunted trophy.. sigh
  13. Finally...! After 20 mins this morning in someone else's multiplayer game while I was north of the lake by the far west outpost in recovering teekon forest, I got attacked by the biggest mob of wolves I've seen. Must have been about 20+ and while scanning them a lvl 7 albino male runs out and graciously takes a brain shot from my .300 canning wolf slayer. So glad to finally have this trophy, I must have killed in excess of 700+ wolves to find one. I highly recommend searching multiplayer games as the spawns are all different, and hopefully you get lucky. Now off diamond hunting in Parque Fernando for the last trophy!
  14. Yea not bad, not particularly great either tho. After 15 evenings straight still no albino wolf. Think I'm up to 14 egg white 20 red brown 1 melanistic Killed well over 500 now and patience is starting to wear thin. Taken last few days to tidy up dlc for assassin's creed odyssey but will return to thehunter over the weekend. Only have albino wolf trophy for dlc 4 And diamond collection for dlc 3 Still really enjoying it thankfully
  15. The mission, pretty sure I had to do a few of the other characters missions for the next vargas mission to show up. I thought I had done all of his missions but eventually another one popped up