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  1. Master Duel was recently updated and added a new rank and also revamped how ranking works. Within gold rank, you no longer rank down when you lose, making the journey to Platinum easier than ever.
  2. Public Matchmaking works now. I was able to do some tailing and hacking last night.
  3. Tearlaments are the best deck at the moment. If I were you starting right now, I would spend the majority of my gems on the Tearlament selection pack to build them. Unfortunately, you missed the ishizu selection pack so you would need to craft those extra cards. Another deck to play is Floowanedreeze because you can easily earn 20 tributes for one of the trophies. Floowandereeze is also a counter to Tearlaments (graveyard hate) so I would also recommend building them as a secondary deck. These are just a few suggestions and reaching Platinum Rank could be done with any deck that isn't "4-star beatdown".
  4. The DLC co-op can be completed in a private/invite session. Only the public matchmaking is currently broken. Try and reset your wifi router to fix the Uplay connection issues.
  5. Thank you for the tip. I was able to purchase all 3 DLC packs from the Norway PSN store. Now I just need a EU copy of the game... Edit: If anyone is interested in purchasing the DLC, make sure that the product code in the store matches your copy of the game. In my case the DLC product code was BCES-00701 which is the Australian region of the game.
  6. Check save password after your first successful login. That way you will not have to renter a new password each time.
  7. There is an upper limit on resources and GMP. For reference ( GMP: 25,000,000 (online) + 5,000,000 (offline) = 30,000,000 (total) Materials (Processed): 1,000,000 (online) + 500,000 (offline) = 1,500,000 (total) Materials (Unprocessed): Same as Processed. Plants: 30,000 (online) + 6,000 (offline) = 36,000 (total).
  8. There is a free roam section after you beat the final boss. You are able to collect all collectibles once you have unlocked all power ups. Also, mastery is reset in NG+ so it’s better to master all your moves before starting prince of darkness mode.
  9. If you get trophies auto-popped by a hacker; reinstalling the game should reset the trophy list on your hardrive. Make sure you don't sync before hand and have a backup save file (before the hack).
  10. Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition is on PSNOW, which includes all the DLC.
  11. The DLC comes free from the patches and the updates should be available.
  12. Swapping HDD’s is possible. I have done it with my fat ps3; switching between the original 40gb HDD and a 500gb SSD. No save data or game data was lost. Of course, the only way to confirm is to test it out yourself.
  13. I can make a list later, but the names are more or less the same as those listed on this website. If you search “Duels of the Planeswalkers”, all those games should pop up with the ability to purchase.
  14. I just want to point out that all the magic the gathering games and dlc can be found in the UK store.
  15. An update from my end. I just tested the original Motorstorm game (NA) and the patch could not be found. GTA4 (NA) has patch and will test GTA5 soon. Edit: GTA5 (NA) patch was found.