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  1. Yes this is one of the games that got a downloadable trophy patch. I was not continuously connected to the internet with my PS3 at this point in time. So what I think might have happened is that i got the patch when I was already half in the game and after an initial restart (and probably noticing that trophies did not work for treasures), I most likely have gone back to one of my own (pre-patch) saves to get through the game first before deleting all and restart with fresh save file.
  3. kwax Tomb Raider: Underworld Game trophies very buggy. I do not know why I now got flagged for a game that I completed in 2009. I did however in the last few days transfer all my borderlands character files to my PS4 from my 2 playstation 3's and thus connected them to the internet.
  4. Bells are ringing and I have sent a message of to Sony, just hope I don't have to let go of the account.
  5. Got this also today, it took me a couple of times to change the password as it repeatedly signed me out. Money is still in the account, the only thing that changed as far as I can tell is that my PS4 isn't the Primary PS4 system anymore. Another system is activated as my primary PS4 with my account (I only have 1 PS4?!?)