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  1. I had error NP-2247-5 today also. Not 100% what made it work but it suddenly did. 1. Tried to download via the PS3 store. 2. Started the demo download on my PS3. (Not downloaded) 3. Started the game in single player backed out. Retried multiplayer and I have access Only as Zyxhco says no-one in the lobbies.
  2. Bells are ringing and I have sent a message of to Sony, just hope I don't have to let go of the account.
  3. Got this also today, it took me a couple of times to change the password as it repeatedly signed me out. Money is still in the account, the only thing that changed as far as I can tell is that my PS4 isn't the Primary PS4 system anymore. Another system is activated as my primary PS4 with my account (I only have 1 PS4?!?)