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  1. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order PS5 platinum added
  2. # 127 Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order (PS5) A New HopeEarn all trophies Already finished this once before and really enjoyed it, so had to do the PS5 version as well. I could have auto-synced it to get the plat right away, but I wanted to give it another full run through, not only 'cause it's great, but to see what the PS5 upgrade has to offer. Truth be told, there wasn't too much difference between this and the previous gen version that I could see, but it was still great, one of my favourite Star Wars games of all time and I would definitely like to see a sequel one day. This game holds quite a unique distinction for me as the first game I have played in 4K as I finally upgraded my TV right towards the end of getting the platinum, it took me long enough haha
  3. Final Fantasy VIII Remastered and Jak X platinums added
  4. #125 Final Fantasy VIII Remastered (PS4) LionheartObtain all trophies Out of 7, 8 and 10, this is my least favourite of the Final Fantasy trilogy that I grew up playing but I still have great nostalgic memories of it from back in the day, so it was a lot of fun to replay this for the first time in over 15 years(!). Fundamentally, this game is flawed, in a lot of ways, but there's just something about it that still made it very entertaining to stick with and I can't put my finger on exactly what. Maybe it's the amazing soundtrack, the production values of it's time, or the sheer hype of the Final Fantasy name itself. My one criticism of this remaster is that some of the background graphics that weren't done up really look bad and stick out like the sorest of thumbs, seemed kind of lazy to be honest. Trophy wise, it wasn't too bad. Knowing FF8, it could have been a LOT worse, so I think this list actually took it easy on us players haha. I only used the boost (R3) feature of this game once, and that was admittedly for Omega Weapon. I did try and do it legit but I got my ass handed to me 3 times, and I was like "Life's too short for this kind of s*!t". Maybe I'll go back and do it properly one day. Difficulty - 5/10 Enjoyment - 8/10 #126 Jak X : Combat Racing (PS4) King of the RoadUnlock all trophies. Despite playing the Jak trilogy across 3 different Playstation console generations, this is my very first time playing the 2005 racing spin-off (pun intended) originally released on PS2. Naughty Dog is no strangers to racing spin-offs of their franchises, as seen in Crash Team Racing. While it wasn't quite on the level of that game, I still quite enjoyed it. It's very basic in premise and execution, but it doesn't need to be elaborate and it actually plays to it's strengths as it's a great game top play when you don't want to give full 100% of your concentration, a very casual title. The racing physics in this game were a bit clunky and frustrating at times, but I suppose it did make winning the races that much more of a relief haha. Overall a nice, fun little game, glad I can say I've played it now. Difficulty - 6/10 Enjoyment - 7/10
  5. LEGO Batman 2 platinum added
  6. # 124 LEGO Batman 2 : DC Super Heroes (PS3) Complete HeroCollected all of the Trophies The usual standard LEGO fare here, nothing too complicated. Play through the story, collect the stud multiplier red bricks as soon as possible, then just go back through the game unlocking everything to 100%, purchasing stuff and doing some other small miscellaneous tasks along the way. I liked the Gotham City open-world main hub in this one, that was pretty cool and it ran suprisingly well, considering it was running on PS3. Apart from that, yeah, not much I can say really, a nice chill game to play after work/on the weekends since it doesn't require too much in the way of thought/concentration, apart from some of the Minikits/Gold Bricks being a tad confusing. Will move onto it's sequel next! Difficulty - 3/10 Enjoyment - 6/10 Took me twice as long as the guide suggested, yeah I'm pretty slow 😂😂
  7. Middle Earth - Shadow Of Mordor platinum added (First of 2021)
  8. # 123 Middle Earth - Shadow Of Mordor (PS4 played through PS5) Master of MordorOne has walked in Mordor. First platinum of 2021 down in what I like to call Middle Earth : Arkham Asylum. Yeah, the gameplay of this reminded heavily of the Batman Arkham series of games, like it's basically identical, which I suppose isn't a bad thing, and kind of logical since both are WB Games projects. Overall, I enjoyed the game and I liked how it tied in well with the larger Lord Of The Rings story. Without that context, I'm not sure how enjoyable the game is though. The graphics were not too bad considering it is around 6 years old at this point and the trophies were a good enjoyable mix of story, side stuff, collectables and of course, the Nemesis system which I didn't fully understand until right towards the end but I like what they did with it. The game mostly ran absolutely fine on the PS5, however there was one Sword Legend mission that simply would not work for me no matter what I tried or when I tried it. So, I had to upload the saved data to the cloud, use my old PS4, install the game on there, do the mission (which worked fine on the PS4), quit the game, upload to the cloud, go back to the PS5, download the new saved data and continue on. What a pain that was haha. I believe this is the first plat I have earned for a game that isn't on the platform that it was released on, which is a bit weird but cool. There weren't too many PS5 enhancements that I could see as well tbf, maybe slightly improved load times, but that was about it, didn't detract from anything though, was still a good game.
  9. Arkedo Series - 01 Jump! 100% added.
  10. ARKEDO SERIES - 01 JUMP! (PS3) 2021 for me is going to be the year of the backlog for sure and that mainly focuses on finishing up PS3 as best I can, starting with this. This was a fun little side scrolling platformer only made by a handful of developers and I enjoyed my time with it. It was very colourful and held up surprisingly well given it's age, even if it was very short. I will see if I can 100% the series eventually, although the others definitely look more challenging.
  11. Mortal Kombat 11 PS5 plat added
  12. #122 Mortal Kombat 11 (PS5) Elder GodKomplete all trophies Was a breeze going through this game for a second time as many of the trophies auto popped starting them again. It was weird though, some auto-popped, like the Tutorials, the Krypt and the Story mode, but some required you to start again, such as the Kasual matches and the Brutalities, even though it recorded stats for both. Oh well, it ended up being easy enough in the end haha. As far as the difference between this and the PS4 version, there isn't too much tbf besides the improved graphics/resolution and drastically improved load times (seriously, it loads in like 2-3 seconds, if that). Other than that, it is pretty much exactly the same, but I hadn't played it since originally getting the platinum about 18 months prior, so re-learning the game again was a challenge lol. One thing that was really annoying was that, on the disc-based PS5, the PS4 version constantly kept trying to install itself in the background without me asking, even though it doesn't require this version for the PS5 version to run, very irritating.
  13. Astro's Playroom plat added (PS5 starts here!)
  14. # 121 + 100% Astro's Playroom (PS5) You've Only Done EverythingFound all trophies in ASTRO's PLAYROOM. See you in our next adventure! Platinum Difficulty - 4/10 Game Rating - 10/10 And so begins a journey of what I'm sure will be many PlayStation 5 platinums to come over many years and what a way to start it off within a week of it's launch. Sony have really outdone themselves with this decision to include such a fun 8-10 hour platformer completely for free for everyone who buys a PS5. It was such a trip to go through the entirety of PlayStation's history and to relive so many memories having been a loyal PlayStation player since 1998. To find all the easter eggs and references was an utter joy. The game itself isn't half bad either. It may not be the deepest game ever made, but that's not the point here. It really is a fantastic showcase of all the new console's features, such as the beautiful graphics and performance, the lighting fast and genuinely impressive SSD (that song in this game is amazing) and of course, the DualSense. The new controller really has to be played to be believed. The sensitivity and accuracy of the haptic feedback is very impressive as is the adaptive triggers, which is a genuine workout or your fingers haha. I can't wait to see how developers utilize this technology in future releases, there's a world of potential with all of the new features. With this game, I have also now earned at least 1 plat on all 4 possible PS platforms at the time of writing, maybe with the exception of PS VR I guess, might look into getting one if they go relatively cheap. Hope everyone out there is enjoying their PS5's, we all need some happiness in 2020!
  15. Platinums by franchise added