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  1. Look like ng+ meanwhile… the new playthroug counts the previous. Hmmmm
  2. Don Quixote trophy for all windmills was glitched for me. Tried these decisions, but did not worked. 1. connect to someone that has 16 of 17 windmills, I unlocked the last one - trophy did not popp 2. connect to someone that has about a half windmills locked, unlocked all the rest by myself - trophy didn’t popped 3. When I started new game trophy popped for me on 5th or 6th windmill. I did not discovered all 17, very strange
  3. Many thanks HuntingFever.
  4. I know this is a very rare physical copy but I see a lot of recent payers here. Anyone knows where to find digital if it does exist?
  5. I found a glitched session 2 weeks ago. There was about 10 players with 200k+ xp))) Fast-traveled to them (to Thieves Landing) and done! I think you need just to be close to cheater to earn xp.
  6. No one talks too much about it, but the game has a training modes - for bosses, for npc’s. for example It can be useful if you got stack on some movement of any npc somewhere in 3 or 4 zone. I used this training room sometimes after watching my death replay to work on my faults. Anyway you can play the zone separately, but keep in mind this ability. Can be helpful to watch closer at one of the enemies. It helps me in my way to plat... or not... idk)) this game is not for trophy hunters only, you need to like it anyway
  7. I see no real way and timings on river 2 to do not take any damage. Played a lot of platforming games, there should be some math, maybe the one only hard way to pass this level. But there’s not... Do is mean glitched trophies and impossible platinum? Some glitches maybe?
  8. Thanks a lot! Did a lot of manipulations with saves between systems snd now i can confirm that i have the similar progress!!! Using an inner menu cross-save is the only way to beat the game on these two systems. Inner cross-save feature use ps cloud too, but some other way))) -This should be added to important info- Use only game cross-save option to do not lose your progress between systems! Using ps cloud Is dangerous
  9. Have a game and dlc on both systems. vita and ps4 Playing my two systems... But when i started to play on ps4 after beating 3 trophies on vita, ps4 doesn’t count my account progress (opened chars etc.) I see, ps cloud on ps4 doesn’t read vita progress. ps4 saves only ps4 progress. IDK does Q is Can i beat something on Vita for total score? who did it the same way with two platforms?