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  1. Got mine after defeating 7 bosses on normal and so did @Legchomper it seems so that might be the definite number you're looking for. Not sure how many it would take on expert or simple however.
  2. The icon for the cursed relic changed, I've got a vertical line going through the eye now. Not really sure what that represents in terms of progression though. My best guess for how this works is that you can play on any difficulty but you get less points towards upgrading the relic on the lower difficulties.
  3. Guide looks great! For the Paladin trophy, I have been able to progress my cursed relic by defeating bosses on the first island so it might not be exclusive to island IV. I also found comments that claim you only need to beat the final boss, the Chef, with the cursed relic and it turns divine. Might need more people to work on this trophy to find out for certain. Good job on the guide and the 100%
  4. This order doesn't seem to be working for me, is there anything else I need to have equipped other than the Broken Relic? I hope I haven't done something to make it glitch
  5. In case someone would like to get a head start, the first trophy in the DLC list, Hearty, is already obtainable prelaunch
  6. A workaround for this bug after patch 1.5.3 has been posted on a Ubisoft forum and it worked for me on the PS4. Maybe someone with a PS5 can give this method a go and check for themselves. Run your first trial, assassinate the Goliath (which will automatic steal the key for you) and DO NOT open any chests. Open the door and escape with the prisoner (you can assassinate everyone you want, it is just important not to open any chests and complete the mission) Once the mission is over, select “repeat challenge” (without exiting or doing anything else, just repeat the trial) Immediately run the second trial, opening every treasure chest, STEALING the key from Goliath as intended, staying anonymous and not killing anyone. Opening the cell door should now work and you can escape with prisoner to obtain the Gold medal. THE FORUM : https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/162539/unable-to-open-cell-door-with-key-in-anderitum-raven-challenge-when-the-key-is-stolen-post-here?page=1&lang=en-US EDIT: This method is confirmed to not work on the PS5
  7. Pretty sure it's just as simple as getting a unique character to fight at the end like Plattitudes and GinjAJ found out. Was working with the duo theory at first and ran three cycles that ended with Solomon but had different duos. So I ran H+E, H+T, and T+E duo encounters followed by Solomon then I found this guide and decided to follow and the trophy popped once I completed all unique final encounters. So the Solomon run was one I chose at random followed by the seeds provided on the thread: 893183 (playing Hadern) Tiel Harros + Eredrim Solomon 185744 (playing Solomon) Harros Eredrim + Solomon Tiel 767553 (playing Eredrim) Solomon Eredrim + Tiel Harros 720684 (playing Tiel) Solomon Harros + Tiel Eredrim This solution seems pretty solid to me
  8. Just completed the following cycle with Tiel coming in first: 893183 Tiel Harros + Eridrim Solomon