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  1. People still complained about what games were offered and what game won. It didn't solve anything which is probably why Sony have never tried it since. Fact of the matter is, regardless of what they put on Plus, some people are going to whinge about it regardless. Some of the complaints may be valid and others are going to be with the mindset "Things I don't like = trash". No month is ever going to appeal to everyone and at no point is anyone forced to play any of the games. With regards to the games themselves, PvZ is probably the most likely out of them that I'll play but they're all get put in the library regardless. Trophy list seems grindy but not difficult.
  2. Generally, if you're climbing the cage to get the bags, mashing the triggers is enough to win the struggle battle if she goes to grab you. It's when it comes to escaping that she'll win the struggle easily. Found the best way to deal with that was to let her get a move in when there's a bag on the cage, mash the get up button and then climb the opposite side and go for the escape. The AI will try to shimmy all the way round rather than climb down, giving you enough time to escape and win the match. Found it the hardest match of the section just because Ember seemed to counter more than others. Final two fights are 10 man rumbles with the same strategy as any other rumble. Getting an opponent down to the red health bar is usually enough to win the corner elimination game Rest of it is countering and using the heal power up when available. 1 vs 1 against Taker is best accomplished by a ring out win. His health goes down slowly so escaping the ring, hitting a few big moves and getting back in at 9 was my strategy. Took a couple of attempts as getting the timing right is tricky. If the animation for getting in the ring hasn't finished by the 10 count, it counts as a draw. Tag team against DX and the Bellas is pretty much just wailing on whoever and going for the cover closer to your corner. I lucked out in the triple threat as Rey hit Kalisto with a finisher and then left the ring to taunt. If he didn't want the pin, I was taking it. Doing it normally is a similar strategy - wait for one to hit a finisher on the other and then hit your own move and go for the pin on the lowest health one.
  3. WWE 2K Battlegrounds The first WWE game I've ever managed to 100% and it doesn't even have a platinum. Generally enjoyed my time with the game but I can see why people have problems with it. Locking most of the roster behind currency that you either have to grind for or pay to unlock is a dick move and the limited nature of the customisation is a turn off for me. If it had been F2P, it would have been a different story but that aside, I found the gameplay loop to be fun enough to pass the time. The worst game that we've ever got on PS Plus? Nah, can't agree with that statement in any way.
  4. At time of writing, World Hacker in Micro Machines World Series. 145 achievers. Out of the ten trophies with the least achievers, 7 are from that game. Guessing it really wasn't that popular...or people who played it didn't set up 4 controllers and cheese a lot of the trophies like I did.
  5. Platinum 125: Days Gone In the "big open world game that has your main source of transportation constantly needing refuelling" genre, I much prefer this over Red Dead 2. By no means a perfect game but it's still very good. Not often that a game can give me a genuine sense of dread but underestimating the size of a horde can do just that. The way that the trophy screenshots are done for the story milestones is something I wish a lot of other games would do as well. All the story ones unlock after cutscenes and the screenshot is an image from that cutscene that the devs timestamped for selection. Beats the blurry/loading screen shots of other games. Sequel looks unlikely at this point but it would be interesting to see where the story/world goes next.
  6. When they announced it at the State of Play by saying "What do you get when you mix fighting games and battle royale?", my first thought was that it's a genre that I'd be doubley bad at. Interesting concept nonetheless. Backlog is a bit full at the moment but I'll certainly add it with the intention of giving it a go at some point.
  7. If this is genuinely the worst game that some people have played, then I envy them. Hell, it's not even the worst wrestling game I've ever played *glares at 2k15* Don't think it's worth the normal price of £34.99 and the premium currency/microtransactions-in-a-non-F2P-game are as scumbaggy as ever but I can't stay mad at a game that lets me through Hulk Hogan into the mouth of an alligator.
  8. Fallout 4 with 66%. All the dlc trophies are still unearned. Had I not had to do a factory reset on my old safe-mode-looping console and lost the save file, I probably would have gotten them by now as the season pass has been £15 a couple of times since. However, I can't bring myself to sink the time into the game to get back to the point where I was so it'll likely stay at that. Can't do another settlement clear out for Preston Garvey. I just can't.
  9. Platinum 124: Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 Definitely the least enjoyable Lego game I've ever played. In terms of content, it's got way more than the others but it's a case where bigger isn't always better. Yes, it has more side missions and challenges but when they are mostly all a variation of "Do a thing 3 times", it gets old fast and padded beyond belief. Finicky controls make the racing a chore and the occasional glitch halts momentum. Character roster, whilst massive, is full of jobber characters that you'd rarely want to use and is missing the big hitters - the X-Men in particular. Game seems to be combining the comic versions and MCU and it just doesn't mix right. However, I could forgive all that and still enjoy it. What I can't forgive is the constant hand holding and wrestling control away from the player every few seconds whilst a door opens or a switch activates. Every little thing does this and it breaks the flow so much. Can't remember any of the other games being this bad for it. I know these games are aimed mostly at a younger audience but I think a kid would be able to work out that pressing a button near a door opens it. They don't need a zoomed in shot of a spark going along a cable to the door and then it opening. By the end, I was genuinely putting myself through mental strife just to get it completed so I wouldn't have to play it ever again. First one is miles better AND has Wolverine in.
  10. Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 You Cannot Be Rhino-Serious! Get killed by the Rhino Mech Played a lot of the Lego games over the years and took the opportunity to get the deluxe edition of this in the recent sale. I remember the first one being really good so more of the same should in theory be a good time but the constant wrestling control away to show a switch opening, overly padded and grindy nature, glitches and the neutered character roster just is making me hate this game as I play it. Genuinely the least favourite of all the Lego games I’ve played. However, I do appreciate a good pun and this one is top tier.
  11. GTA Vice City TimeSplitters 2 Star Wars Battlefront 2 Ratchet & Clank WWE Smackdown! Here comes the pain War of the Monsters was going to take the 5th spot before I remember HCTP.
  12. No interest in playing BO4 but Battlegrounds has genuinely been on my radar for a while so I'm ok with that. Sort of game me and a group of mates would put on during a pizza & beers night and seeing as we've not had the opportunity to do one of those for ages, this would be the sort of game to bring that back. Assuming the Government doesn't balls up the easing of Covid restrictions again. Plague Tale for PS4 would have been nice but I've already got enough in my Plus backlog to not be too fussed about it.
  13. Salt in the Wound - Predator: Hunting Grounds As the Predator, perform a finisher on a wounded fireteam member One of the most commonly earned trophies in the game and it's taken me this long to get it. Combination of being really bad as the Predator as well as not wanting to sit through the over 5 minutes wait times to play as it. Set the goal of getting this on my week off from work and managed to get it on my birthday with 35 minutes to spare. EDIT: With 12 seconds to spare at 11:59:48pm, I managed to get... That was Close... As a Fireteam member, successfully defuse a dead Predator's self destruct mechanism Trophy title is appropriate in both getting it just before my birthday was up and in game, it was in the final few seconds of defusal time. Between getting this and previously getting the trophy for securing 25 Predator bodies, I've now no reason to stick around once it activates the self destruct mechanism a.k.a the poor sport bomb. If another team member defuses it, I'll come back but otherwise, I'm legging it out of the blast radius.
  14. When this got revealed, I thought it was a more action orientated version of the Guardians Telltale game, with shooting, choices, squad commands and whatnot. It took a worrying amount of time before I realised the phrase I was looking for was "Mass Effect". Like a lot of people, I'm cautiously optimistic about this. Had this been the next game after Spider-Man then I'd have been all in right away but Avengers has made me a little wary of games based on the Marvel IPs. Studios before have also said that their game wouldn't have microtransactions and then added them post launch after the reviews are done so I'm taking that statement with a pinch of salt. Still, it keeps throwing in the 70's/80's jams (Kiss and Iron Maiden have already been mentioned) and I'm likely to get it. Can take or leave Bad Reputation but to be able to blast enemies to Love Gun would just set off the happy centres in my brain.
  15. Quoting IGN here: "World War Z: Aftermath will launch later this year for $39.99 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and will be backwards compatible for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S with 4k/60FPS support. Owners of the original release of World War Z can upgrade to Aftermath for $19.99. A deluxe edition, including a bonus weapon pack, weapon skins, and four days early access will be available for $49.99 or $29.99 for existing World War Z owners. The fully upgraded PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions of the game will be released in early 2022 and provided as a free upgrade for existing owners." So it's an all-the-bells-and-whistles version for new owners and a second season pass for those that already own it. For $40, you're getting quite a bit of content as a new purchaser and given that this expansion provides more content than the first season pass did for the same price, it looks to be a good deal for previous owners. Given that I enjoyed the game (aside from the multiplayer) I may give it a look.