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  1. Managed to get 3 wins in a row before having half the team of thieves I was on drop out. No recovering from that. Gonna keep at it though. Prefer the shortness of the game mode over the longer shows. EDIT: Got Infallible and the 20 wins one shortly after posting this.
  2. *looks at the last match of the current Proving Grounds tower he's on to see a handicap tornado tag* ...Bollocks.
  3. Out of the 5 Faction Wars I've done since the patch, the enemy AI only rushed in the ring to break up the submission twice. Even when they did, they still missed the punch to break it up and then just stood there, which is what they used to do before. It speeds things up a bit but not masses. What kills time is not being able to play another match right away. Whatever they've done to the AI not caring looks to have carried over to Proving Grounds as I had a fatal 4 way where they didn't care that I was making the remaining opponent tap in the same ring. I'm fine with whatever they did but I'm making the most of it.
  4. Given how much I liked Ragnarok, I was probably going to see this anyway but hearing "Sweet Child O' Mine" slowly kick in cemented it.
  5. Can't find anything written in stone about it but even if this was the case, both Sony and Microsoft allowed and continue to allow the game to be sold on their systems. Don't get me wrong - 2K are a scumbag company. They're probably my least favourite out of all the gaming companies for a multitude of reasons but ultimately, this was allowed by Sony. Now, it may be the case that there's nothing at launch but 2K plans to add cards (say a tower reward of one or a locker reward code) and that's what let it get ok'd. The challenge description states to evolve a level 4 or 5 card to its maximum level. The DLC cards are only 4, so there's going to be more cards at some point that have the full 5 level one. Time will tell as to how they get put into the game. As it stands, you need one of the DLC packs so the platinum costs at least £8 but they could change that easily by adding something. Thinking about it, The Rock turns 50 on May 2nd. They could add a card FOC to all players to celebrate and give it a 4/5 upgrade path. Would be a nice move...which is why 2K probably won't do it.
  6. AJ, Becky, Natalya, Taker 95 and WM36 Taker all for 1 evo and then Faarooq for 2 and then Taker 98 for 3, giving me the 10 needed for the challenge. Two things sped a lot of the process up. Firstly, if it's the "perform taunt" goal, do a tag match and have the wrestler be on the apron. Hit the touchpad to play as then and then press the corresponding taunt (left for crowd or right for opponent) over and over again. Secondly, Iron Man matches are a great way to farm the goals. It counts each pinfall and submission and, after every successful one, the health of the opponents body parts goes up by one. So you can get their arm red for 1, pin them and then it will go back to orange. Taking it back down to red counts for 2 if damaging body parts is an evo goal. Diving attacks, finishers, signatures, kickouts - it's easier to get a bunch of them in one 15-20 minute match then only a few per single match.
  7. I've found that strikers are the easiest/quickest to get the 90 points with for legendary. Their non-taunt-or-special goals can be done quicker. However, where I'm struggling in proving grounds is the constant amount of ladder matches. The AI sometimes gets laser focused on you that you can have 2 or 3 enemies wailing on you and there's no chance of reprieve or reversal. In previous games, if the AI hit another, even accidentally, the hit AI would then change targets. It doesn't work like that anymore. I'm currently in the last match of chapter 2 and it's a 2v2v2v2 ladder match. I've been playing it for 20 minutes and everyone is pretty much full red health. The briefcase has had one section hit. One. This is on normal as well. I'd have hit all the legendary goals by now.
  8. Yeah, judging it "incredibly sloppy" based off a minor animation glitch in the first match seems like a bit of a rash move to me.
  9. Nope. It's based off the booking/rivalry/ popularity stuff - not the actions in the match. Playing the match doesn't make any difference as the star bar isn't there. Anyways, on topic. I got the trophy by following mostly following the steps in this guide: https://www.(URL not allowed)/t425253/the-king-booker-trophy. However, I used a bunch of the power cards I had (increase the rivalry by one stage, NXT show bonus of champions match gets more points etc) when it got to the first PPV show so I had a 4 star rivalry by that point so got it then. Also had Kyle O'Reilly instead of R-Truth because I couldn't draft Truth for some reason but as long as it's face/heel and fighter/bruiser, it should work.
  10. Honestly can't see the point in the mid-subscription. If it was priced in the middle of the others (so £75 a year instead of £83), I could maybe see why for someone who just wants PS4/PS5 PS Now but when for £17 more you can get the all-bells-and-whistles Premium version, then it's a no-brainer to me. Anyways. will have to see what games are going to be put on the service but, on paper, I'm probably going for the Premium option.
  11. With the benefit of hindsight, I wish I'd farmed more wins than 43. Knew they'd patch it eventually but didn't think it would be as soon. Then again, 2K/Take-Two are notoriously money grabby so I should have known they'd act fast. Still, I would have to play the other MyFaction modes a bit for the lifetime challenges anyway so I can work toward getting the tokens to get Ruby Asuka there.
  12. Ruby Asuka seems like the better long term method of grinding to 500 wins overall but in order to get enough tokens and the 100 Faction Wars wins, kendo stick method is probably better to start with.
  13. Had a few graphical blips here and there (mostly pop in and a two headed vulture in the background of a talking scene) but otherwise, I'm really impressed with how it looks. Variety in landscapes and environments is genuinely causing me to stop every now and then for a few seconds to take it in. Usually, at that point, I'm attacked by robot velociraptors.
  14. For trophy guides, it's usually written. Even for something like collectables, I can just copy it into a word document and go through it at my own pace rather than constantly stop/starting a video. I will use video ones occasionally though if it's something that's hard to explain in words how to get to. One thing that does bring my piss to a boil though is a trophy guide that just refers to a video with no text. Even a bit of descriptive info about what to do and then the video to back it up is something but no - just post the video that someone else made. Minimal effort.
  15. As much as I wanted to go back to this game at some point, the DLC/season pass/multiple editions thing has always put me off. That this DLC has now been delisted, odds of me going back to it are slim to none now. Shame really but if I ever get that extreme sports open world itch, Riders Republic might be worth a look.