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  1. The only way I could get behind a remake of Last of Us is if it was a complete gameplay shift. Sprucing up the graphics on an already pretty game isn't going to cut it and there's not really many mechanics they could add that would completely change it in the 3rd person. There's two options I can think of that would justify a remake to me and the first one is a first person VR style. Having the clickers be able to hear noises through the mic so you'd have to keep quiet in areas with them sounds like an experience. Second is a golfing simulator, although that's just for shits and giggles.
  2. If they did this, it would probably be the thing that convinces me to give PS Now a go. Been tempted a couple of times but nothing is enough to make me bite the bullet. Sony seem to be missing an open goal when it comes to their older titles and back catalogue, which is an area Microsoft is beating them in. PS2 classics was a dud and is dead in the water at this point and Now, whilst a bit better, is still missing a bunch of titles. I know that one of the higher ups has gone on record saying that he doesn't believe people want to play the older titles but, personally, I'd be more inclined to spend money on those rather than a new title in the store. If they put the PS1 games in the store, I'd rather spend £40 on 10 games that I enjoyed as a kid and haven't played since than 1 modern title that I might not. Just have to see what they do next. Maybe the backlash to the store closing might influence their decision.
  3. Funnily enough, the only game I've noticed it in is Wall Guys and it's the exact same issue as the one in the video. Grabs for a second and then drops. It's not every time I play the round and, given how bad I seem to be at it anyway, it's not overly a major deal for me but it is something I hope they get round to sorting.
  4. Godzilla VS Kong. Enjoyed it about as much as the other films in the Monsterverse, which is to say that I really enjoyed it. Not anything too surprising as the clue is in the title - you know exactly what you're getting going in. If you're expecting something other than a big monkey fighting a giant lizard, then that's on you. It does lean more towards Kong but that's because he's the face in this match up. Baddie Kong isn't really an easy thing to do. Film would obviously be better on the big screen but seeing as that's at least another month or so off in this country, I'm glad I got to see it whilst my interest in it was still high.
  5. Yeah, I didn't do a great job on phrasing that. Meant that more for the genre of game on consoles and not Civilisation as a series. Strategy games generally lend themselves better to PC due to M&K being a better control method than controllers and whilst they're certainly doable on consoles, when I hear genres like strategy, simulation and RTS, my mind goes to the PC. So given that 2/3 March plus offerings and the 2 big hitters from the Play At Home incentive are 3rd person action games, having a completely different genre would make sense for an April plus addition, in my eyes at least. Still probably haven't phrased it well
  6. Glossing over the whole free weekend thing for a second... Given the selection that the Play At Home program is giving and with the PS Plus titles for March having one of the biggest A-List PS4 games of recent memory in it, I'm kind of thinking that the April offerings are going to be more low key and niche. And, with no disrespect meant to anyone who enjoys this sort of game, this would fit the bill. Just my 2 cents. Not really fussed what the titles are as I've got enough in the backlog to go through.
  7. Yeah, that reasoning behind the report is wrong. If you had 29 gold medals in various feats and then hit the requirements for Chief Inspector, they'd pop within a couple of seconds of each other, as the 100%ing the game would make for medal 30. Been 5-ish years since I played it but that's how it popped for me. Looks to be the same for some other earners as well.
  8. In theory, the trophy becomes easier, what with 4 people being on the squad. In practise, the squads are only as good as their weakest member. If 3 of the players finish a round and the 4th doesn't, it lowers their chance of going to the next one. There is still a lot of luck/skill involved and whilst the overall odds of winning are higher, there's still some rounds that can throw a spanner in the works. That being said, having gone back to the game, I do prefer the squad mode over the regular one. Just feels a bit faster paced.
  9. I was once top in the world for playing Everlong in Rock Band 4. The challenges had literally just reset so I was likely the first to play it but for a few minutes, I was top at playing one of my favourite songs of all time. In all seriousness, probably getting a team kill with McCree in Overwatch. I'd previously got the trophy for getting 4 kills with his ult but this was an entire team wipe, which would have been a better moment for the trophy to pop. Entirely situational and luck based but it still remains the greatest thing I've done in that game.
  10. Platinum 121 - Remnant: From the Ashes Not normally a fan of Soulsborne style games, with Jedi: Fallen Order being the only other one I've completed. There's just something about them that I've never been able to gel with. However, this one kept me entertained and I really enjoyed it. Got frustrated at times *casts a glare at the moth boss on a small bridge* and some sections did feel unnecessarily cheap but overall, I'd recommend this. Ability to join random games did help as I got a couple of weapons/trophies just by joining sessions. Also, once I'd got my boss strategy down, the game became a lot easier. Arrive, throw a swarm of bugs at that, beam rifle their weak point, leave.
  11. Ooh, that trophy. That trophy taunted me for 4 years and 16 days. Having just checked, I've got less almost platinums than I thought I did. There's only 4 games that I'm one trophy off from platinuming. More in the 2-3 trophies ballpark. Of those that are one trophy away: Bee Simulator - Glitched trophy preventing the platinum. Out of my hands. Fire Pro Wrestling World - "Clear all missions with an S rank", whilst completely doable, is not something I'm willing to put myself through. Whilst the game is good, the control scheme is something I just couldn't get to grips with, which I'm attributing to years of playing the WWE games. Unravel - Again, completing every world without dying is not especially tricky in the grand scheme of things but the amount of frustration I had going through one particular section of the game the first time round (running across the field with the crows) means that I'll b unlikely to put myself through it again. The Witness - The ultra tricky, no guide or pausing challenge. Given that I used a walkthrough for most of the game as I didn't understand the mechanics for some of the puzzles, this one remains out of my reach and I'm ok with that.
  12. IGN article mentions it being three player co-op For a horrible second, I thought I'd mistook the "third person" as being the amount of players but no, it's 3 player and third person.
  13. Off the top of my head, I've had two. For the longest time, the main one was was "Flappy Goat" in Goat Simulator. That trophy caused no end of grief for a fair few years, with constant attempts trying to get it and failing. The other one was for getting all the runes in Doom 2016, which glitched the first time round and left a sour taste in my mouth. Only recently went back to the game and platinumed it, making sure not to let the glitch happen again. Don't really have any major ones on the go at the moment. Maybe Bee Simulator but that's due to a glitch making the last trophy I need unobtainable. That's not on my gaming skill - that's on my poor, drunk judgement on buying the game in a sale.
  14. When you think about it, it's no different than boosting sessions. The person is setting up a situation in which they get trophies for a game they find tricky or lack the skill/ability. If the person who's going to be getting the trophy is fine with doing so, then that's between those two people - not really anyone else's business. The steps or actions needed to get the trophy are still being performed by someone. Hell, even the Playstation guide on Share Play mentions that it can be used if you're stuck on a game and want someone else to do it. Personally, it's not something I would probably do on here but I've nothing against anyone that does. Not cheating in the slightest.
  15. This is pretty much right up my street when it comes to games. Left 4 Dead PvE style gameplay? Check. Set in a franchise that I like? Check. Not an out-and-out horror game, as despite the good things I've heard about Isolation, I'm too much of a wuss to play it? Check. Something I can quote endlessly whilst playing with friends to make them regret their choice? Check. Bit surprised this is not 4 player but it's nowhere near a deal breaker. This might just be the Aliens game that Colonial Marines should have been.