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  1. As I am super new to PSN I have not realized there was a change πŸ˜… So I am level 37 right now and when comparing that to the levels above I realize there is a LOT to do for me πŸ˜‚
  2. As I am just starting trophy-hunting (and playing on a more regular basis) on my PS4 I'll go for Marvel's Spider-Man which will hopefully soon be my very first platinum trophy πŸ˜€
  3. Awesome
  4. When do you plan to go to bed?
  5. Yes! Have you ever tried chocolate with mustard?
  6. Hi everyone, I used to excessively hunt for achievements a few years ago on my Xbox 360. Took a break from gaming for a while, sold my Xbox and after a few years! started to play on PC most of the time. Around 2 years ago I finally got a PS4 Pro but did not have much time for gaming unfortunately, but I am slowly coming back and enjoy trophy hunting more and more again. As I am pretty new to the PSN I also do not have many friends there yet. Hope this changes soon πŸ˜€ I play lots of single-player games (Horizon Zero Dawn, Spider Man, Tomb Raider, Darksiders), but would also love to get going for some multiplayer action (which came a bit short in the past due to the lack of fellows to play with actually - had the only MP sessions in Fortnite with my brothers (due to cross-play) so far). Let me know you're from PSNP and I'll accept πŸ˜ƒ PSN: Silverbackmethod
  7. Hi guys, I am back into gaming after a looong break. Hope to get to know some great people. I am primarily playing single player games but probably because I do currently not have many friends on PSN. PSN: Silverbackmethod PS4 Pro Please mention PSNP and I’ll definitely accept πŸ˜€
  8. Hey there, totally with you. All my friends are playing on either PC or Xbox. I switched to the PS4 Pro a while ago but am now again starting to play on a more regular basis and currently only have 1 friend on PSN who is hardly ever online πŸ€”πŸ˜…
  9. Styx: Master of Shadows Seems to have a pretty good reputation, but to me it is nothing more than pure boredom. Assassin’s Creed III II, Brotherhood, Origins, Odyssey are all fantastic and I am looking forward to get Valhalla as well, but Assassin’s Creed III I had to quit after a few hours.
  10. Gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce and a dash of habanero tabasco sauce. One of my favorites!
  11. No sports games for me either. I also do not play "serious" racing games (Mario Kart would be the only exception πŸ˜€)
  12. As time flies by my hair starts to turn from dark-brown to grey (a tiny little bit on the sides - I am not THAT old actually - mid 30s). For that reason, my wife sometimes lovingly calls me "Silverback". As that name was already taken, I kind of randomly added words to it and came up with "Silverbackmethod".
  13. This is very useful, thanks! And a great place to start as a newbie ☺️
  14. For me it's "Hexic" and "Kung Fu Panda", both on the Xbox360. I played Hexic out of boredom and immediately got the first few achievements. Then I tried to go for all of them (actually I think it's only 12), but the last one I never got as it is insanely difficult. Kung Fu Panda just is nothing for me. A cousin started playing it on my Xbox and picked up some random achievements.
  15. I am having a "luxury problem" here πŸ˜… As I still struggled making my decision, I decided to follow you and started playing Horizon Zero Dawn yesterday. Now it's "be strong and stick to it" πŸ˜† I might just as well roll a dice for my next game.
  16. After hunting down each end every trophy on my old Xbox360 I decided to take a break for a while when my first kid arrived A few years later I signed up for a steam account, but had more trouble than fun with my notebook and the fast-paced hardware and software topics related to PC-gaming in general. So I decided it was time to go and grab a new console. Instead of a new Xbox, I went for a PS4 Pro (mainly because I prefer the exclusive titles here ) and so far I can say that this has been an awesome decision. Then came the first PS Store "Winter Sale" and I panic-shopped most of the fantastic titles I've always wanted to play when I still had my Xbox (Uncharted series, Shadow of the Colossus, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Last of Us, Heavy Rain,...) which turned out to be not the very best idea... Because I now have a library full of awesome games and cannot decide which one to play first At the moment I am primarily playing Fortnite with my brothers, but the primary reason for that is the cross-play function as they are still on the Xbox. But we are having a ton of fun. Long story short: I am super happy that I stumbled upon this fantastic community and forum and am looking forward to make some friends to play with and read interesting stories.
  17. For me that would be the β€œRelics of a Forgotten Past" achievement in Too Human where you have to find all 7 pieces of an elite armor set. Literally killing the same enemy hundreds of times hoping for the last peace to drop. This took me ~30h and my last nerve.
  18. Mine is Dragon Age Origins on the Xbox 360 with ~100h for all achievements including all DLCs that had been published at the time of my playthrough. πŸ€”
  19. Introducing myself to other PSNP Members and reading through my first topics and posts here. This is an AMAZING site! πŸ‘πŸ™‚