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  1. 9 minutes ago, mecharobot said:

    Looking forward when my hair turns white so I can be like an anime villain and laugh at the cat babas.

    😁 My words! My hair is already seriously turning white on the right side of my head. Almost can’t wait for it to turn white completely. It’s all about the style 😀


  2. 6 minutes ago, ladynadiad said:

    As a suggestion, I'd suggest to say "older games" rather than elderly.  That works without having an implication of a particular age group or insulting anyone.   As far as the topic goes, I'm in my 40s.  I've stated in topics before that I remember gaming since I was 6 when my parents got me and my brother an Apple IIe, though I'm pretty sure I played games before that because we did have an Atari 2600, I just don't remember playing any of those games quite clearly enough so I usually use 6 as a timeframe for when I started since that's where I can clearly recall some of the games played even if I don't remember specific names of them.

    Thanks for the suggestion. Just updated the original post. 🙂
    I got my first console (NES) when I was 7 and my first game was Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu. Getting nostalgic while writing these lines. 


  3. After browsing through the community and forum topics for a while I realized (somewhat to my surprise) that there seem to be more (🤔 how do I say this without offending anyone) “older gamers” on PSNP than I thought.

    The topic “How long have you been playing video games?” started by @ShadowStar83x hardens my suspicion even more 😉


    To make a long story short:

    This is reason enough for me to start this poll as I think it would be really interesting to see the rough age distribution here on PSNP so...


    How old are you?


    The poll options are pretty spacious on purpose as I do not want to force you to give away too much personal detail if you do not want to (but of course you can let us know your real age which would even be more interesting). Voter names are also not made public.


    Further it’s important for me to say that it’s not my intention to derive anything from this poll. No prejudices, no discrimination, no nothing. Your age DOES NOT MATTER as we are all just gamers and trophy hunters sharing a fantastic interest. 
    So please do not participate if you feel offended by any means.


    As I started this topic I’ll start of 😁

    I am in my best years right now and 37. Finally back into gaming again. Though I do not have as much time for it at the moment as I’d like to have. 😜


  4. On 21/05/2020 at 6:46 PM, dovah said:

    2) Too many cinematics. I don’t want to be told who I am or watch who I am, I  wanna PLAY who I am and BE who I am w/o cue. 

    Hate that to! If I wanted hours of cinematics I’d stream a movie. Games I like to play, not watch. Worst thing is if there is no skip option available. That should be forbidden. 


  5. Both awards go to:

    Velvet Assassin (Xbox 360) - this was one of the worst games I have ever seen. In all aspects, be it graphics, story, gameplay, everything seems to be wrong with this game to me personally. But thanks to my trophy-hunting genes I had to complete it nonetheless.

    Wondering if this fact should make me rethink my gaming habits 😁


  6. Oh dear, from my own experience I can tell that your play-style is probably a LOT better than mine as what I currently do (or did - as I stopped that about 2 weeks ago) is playing like 4-5 games at the same time.

    My problem is that I do not really get into a game because as soon as there is the smallest annoyance, I switch over to another game and so on and so forth.

    Once I play a game for a while, I typically tend to forget the controls, combos etc. for another game I played before (probably comes with my age 😂).

    When you are already halfway through a game and stop playing it for about a month or so it is damn hard to get back into it.

    So I started to do what you are currently doing. Letting my backlog be my backlog and grow and instead focus on ONE game at a time and enjoy it.

    The 100% thing is another topic though where I cannot give much good advice except to not care about that too much (had the exact same problem a few years ago - my problem was solved the day my first kid was born 😅). 


  7. My 2 favorites:

    "Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong." – Unknown

    "If You're Going Through Hell, Keep Going" - Winston Churchill


  8. On 29/05/2020 at 1:56 PM, PalaceOfLove706 said:

    I think the community here is far less toxic than other forums. It’s not perfect of course but you could do a lot worse. The site itself is incredibly well designed and I’d say addictive. It has made playing video games a lot more fun.

    Fully agree 🙂 I love the design of the site and so far only met very nice and funny people here. 


  9. QTEs in some games. Don’t get me wrong, QTEs are not a problem in general and 1 or 2 chained after another is all fine. But there are games out there which are driving me nuts. Knight’s Contract on the Xbox360 for example. Anyone beat the final boss in the hardest mode? It’s 7 QTEs in a row! 7! And the response window is just insanely small. One miss and you have to start all over again.