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  2. - Improved version of Blood Waves game will be released on PlayStation5 and Xbox Series X|S on September 21, 2022 for $9.99. - PlayStation 5 version got -50% discount for owners of PlayStation 4 version. Not free upgrade. But 50% is better than nothing I guess.
  3. I played it years ago with a buddy of mine online. I must return to it and complete it.
  4. Don't hold your breath for this POS game to be properly fixed.
  5. Finally. Thank God. Appreciate the information/update, GoA.
  6. These game devs remind me of the idiots who made Worms Rumble. Lazy and useless! Fix you crappy games, so we can play and finish them. This really angers me. Arcadegeddon is another prime example of a broken ASF game that they won't fix.
  7. Sorry. Double post. Please delete. Thanks.
  8. That's awesome news. Thank you, Luna 😀
  9. Can't even finish an adventure run on PS5. Tried many many times. Games crashes every single time. 💩
  10. I'm getting really tired of broken games, lazy game devs, and Sony for not giving 2 s_ _ ts. Fix this mess, so i can move on already.
  11. Lazy Game Devs. How typical. We all play their crappy game. Now I am stuck at 42%.
  12. Thanks for the info. And I am not surprised. I want my PS5 auto-pop platinum. Lol
  13. Any news, updates, or anything on this please?
  14. Any news or word on the Devs fixing this so we can auto-pop the PS5 platinum?
  15. All I play is the Ascending Tower of Trials. I find it obsessively addictive. Reaching maximum ascendance level is brutal, but not required for the platinum. Just start playing, and try and enjoy it. I was the same when I first opened up the game. I was lost ASF. Lol
  16. This also happened to me. I hit the 1047 wins and no trophy. Closed the game. Restarted, and pop. I think it's worth noting that if this happens to anyone else, just don't keep playing. Close and reopen.
  17. I think that far too many people are overly concerned with this game not having a platinum. I completed the game 100% awhile ago. Yes, it took forever. But I enjoyed the grind overall. If you enjoy a game enough to put in alot of hours, then does it really matter if there's a platinum or not? So long as you are having fun. Personally, I love a platinum, but if there is none. I'm not going to let that deter me from playing that game. I see people in general saying No Plat No Play. What nonsense is that. Yes, I agree totally. Splitgate should have had a platinum. But you can thank Sony for the lack of it. Splitgate is addictive, fast, and alot of fun. I think I put in about 350 hours to get the 100%. When the Walking Dead season 2 was released, it too did not have a platinum. I was like Wtf? Why not? But it did not stop me from playing and enjoying the game. But to this day I still don't understand why TWD: S2 was missing the platinum.
  18. Thanks for this. I might have to buy 1942 just for the last 2 x trophies.
  19. Is there any further development on a possible fix overall for this? I am currently stuck at 42%.
  20. I have earned the 1047 wins trophy legit. Your idea - sorry, but It's not even practical. You would have to leave your game/console going for weeks just to get a few wins. I experimented with every technique I could think of, and messing around I got about 3-4 wins/Hour while AFK in TDM using your idea. If you read mine/others comments in the other thread, you will see what people did to achieve this trophy/wins etc. I don't know how to post links, but the topic is called "1047 Wins" It's a helluva long grind, but it's completely doable if you have the time, patience and stamina. I am used to grindy long-ass games to a degree. But this one trophy really took it out of me. I had to do everything I could think of to get to the goal of 1047 wins. Also, if people see you are AFK (spinning on the spot), some will leave the match, and either be replaced by Bots (useless they are), or other players. I also tried this in Domination, got a few wins. But felt guilty afterwards for even doing that. It's not fair on your team-mates (randoms or other-wise). Try Contamination at quieter times when the server has less players and more Bots. I averaged 10-20 wins per day/night overall in Contamination Mode. I was so lucky - played between 1:30 am to 3:30 am (AUST). Most of the time I faced useless Bots with little to no human players. And they were either new, useless, or just quit altogether. In Contamination - there are loads of cheesy camping spots (i know alot of them), that you can use to your advantage. But be careful, because alot of people who camp/cheese kill are also good players - level 200+, and they will make your life miserable. Just keep match-making games until you see little to no people. It's super easy to tell people from Bots. Just watch their behavior on the map. Of course - if you are a pro at TDM/FFA etc then just play those exclusively. Good luck, man.
  21. No secrets here, dude. How I earned that trophy was exactly how I explained it. I just put in alot of time (about 325 hours) during the early hours of every morning. I was glad when it was all over. It really wore me out bigtime. Oh, and what is reverse-boosting? Never even heard of that before. You say that in my matches there were human players. I did see some. But most of the time they did nothing much, were terrible players, or just quit. I guess I had alot of luck too. But I did it all legit. If Contamination Mode didn't exist, I would still be struggling with this trophy. It would have been nice if the game had a platinum. But I still enjoyed playing Splitgate. I really don't know what else to tell you. Now I am struggling with Capcom Stadium (100 million caspo). That crap is going to take me 150 hours and more than 333 games of Battle Circuit to finish. Lol
  22. Ok, thanks. Also, I just wanted too say a big THANK YOU to you NMErickson as well for this great topic which contains tons of useful information. 😎
  23. So, this still works?
  24. Nope. Absolutely not. I have no idea what they are. Except I have heard of VPN'S before. I did it all legit. Hard work too. Even if it was mainly bots.