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  1. 3D Dot Game Heroes #105 Very tricky at times playing the EU version which didn't get the later patches that the US/JP versions recieved. Good game tho.
  2. Rock Band 3 0.20% The Beatles: Rock Band 0.22% FIFA 13 0.68% FIFA 20 0.85% Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock 0.96%
  3. I just finished my playthrough and didn't find it too tough. Played the easiest difficulty on my initial playthrough btw. I found it tough initially but once I learnt the tricks and methods for each enemy it was good fun. Most bosses can be beaten without much trouble if you follow a YouTube guide. The likes of Bloodborne I found much, much harder. Great game!
  4. I have all the Platinums since FIFA 12 and this is the hardest trophy without a doubt. What were they thinking?
  5. Woah. Getting a bicycle kick/back heel in either of those modes is insanely tough. Anyone who calls this an easy Plat definitely hasn't attempted those yet. Very hard.
  6. I have unlocked this now. I completed 69/70 games of Stadium II. I completed 99/100 SBCs. I competed the 100th game, redeemed reward, then completed the 100th SBC and it popped. Just need to do a few more games to reach 200 apps and platinum is mine!