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  1. It’s not that hard as you might think! Remember to press the next button for the combo while you character is doing the previous one and you are good to go!
  2. Played 5 of them so far and they are all great games, although I am a huge souls fan I wouldn’t put Demons souls as the best, that would be Deathloop for me! Maybe cause my expectations from dishonored 2 weren’t let’s say that high I was so surprised and in a way amazed! Brilliant game overall! 1: Deathloop 2: Demons souls 3: Returnal 4: Ratchet 5: Astro
  3. Haven’t figure it out how to see the rankings! Anyway so far 4956 trophies and 101 platinums with 0 stacks! Guess I’ll move up a spot lol!
  4. I earned a trophy ( no threat detected ) and it doesn’t sync with my profile trophies! It shows I haven’t earned a single one! Anyone else has same issue??
  5. Platinum #98 - Ghostrunner Enjoyment: 8/10 Hours to platinum: 20 Difficulty: 4/10 Platinum #99 - Life is strange: True colors Enjoyment: 9/10 Hours to platinum: 20 Difficulty: 1/10 Platinum # 100 - Elden ring Enjoyment: 10/10 - (One of the best games I’ve played) Hours to platinum: 170 Difficulty: 5/10
  6. Update: 3 more completed, 1/10 Life is strange, 6/10 Ghostrunner and 7/10 Elden ring, moved my previous 7/10 ( Demon’s souls )to 5/10 according to powerpyx! Going to finish couple of dlc first and probably Horizon and after that I’ll figure out my last one! ✔️ 1/10: Life is strange: True colors (powerpyx) ✔️ 2/10: Ratchet and Clank: Rift apart (psn profiles) ✔️ 3/10: Watch dogs: Legion (psn profiles) ✔️ 4/10: Deathloop (psn profiles) ✔️ 5/10: Demon’s souls (Powerpyx) ✔️ 6/10: Ghostrunner (psn profiles) ✔️ 7/10: Elden ring (psn profiles) ✔️ 8:10: Mega Man 11 (psn profiles) ✔️ 9/10: Returnal (Powerpyx) 10/10:
  7. Harder than Nioh platinum easier than 100% Nioh! But it’s way more forgiving than any other From game cause you have a respawn pretty much everywhere! A masterpiece that shouldn’t be missed “skipped” by anyone!
  8. Starting a new profile will remove whatever you have accomplished so far, makes no sense even if you lose your 100% for whatever reason! Move to another game or keep trying so you can “ earn “ your 100% back
  9. I don’t think the things you mentioned and you didn’t like are a reason to call a game awful! Especially a fighting game! Maybe worst than previous installments it’s understandable, but I think you forgot or you haven’t experienced an awful game! Personally I had a great time with it and no problem finding online matches!
  10. @Sicho not everyone waits for item drops or does save scumming, a lot of us enjoy-like finding those things and doing the actual play throughs, so yes it’s good the way it is and most of the people that actually play souls games don’t want it to change!
  11. Every souls game ( at least that I played ) requires 2-3 or even 4 play throughs we all knew it before the game even came out! You miss something you go for another ending and you get it! Might be annoying for some but it has always been like that! If it is 200 hours to get the platinum then that’s it! NG++ or NG+++ ( looking at Sekiro and Nioh ) it’s not always that easy ( don’t know yet about this one )
  12. It’s a good game so far but… It’s like I am playing Assassins creed….
  13. @ZZ383 or anyone else ( you were the last one ) if you are not interested playing Legends it’s totally fine we all have our choices in games, but it does have matchmaking and you don’t need a friend to play it ( you mentioned co-op) but even with random people I’ll probably say it’s really exciting! Even if it has parry, dodge and even stealth it doesn’t mean it’s similar to a souls game, probably closer to odyssey ( even the animations) dodge and Sekiro?? Those don’t go together!
  14. Actually I really liked Legends, probably put like 100+ hours I think most of the people will enjoy it! Legends was always free for owners of the game now with this move “bonus game” everyone can play it without having to buy the game! So I think that is a great thing! Price of the main game has nothing to do with it! If you weren’t planning to buy and play Ghost I don’t think you were planning to play Legends!
  15. Platinum# 97 - Helios Returnal Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 5/10 Hours to platinum: 65