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  1. You have a great taste in games, so I would recommend Ghost of Tsushima incredible game and the platinum title “ living legend “ would fit well!
  2. Don’t really understand the idea of having alt account, you’re still the one buying and playing the game why hide it!?!
  3. Maybe there needs to be a separation of platinum and the actual game! Trophy wise, platinum or 100% yes it might be too much can’t argue there! Game wise it is an incredible game ( I am not comparing it with other assassin creed games ) visuals-map-sound-game play mechanics getting lost while exploring it is top notch! The game is great for what it is!
  4. I want to play games that i believe I am going like and enjoy that’s my main goal, that’s what’s gaming is about in my book, after that my ocd kicks in and I want to 100% the games I play, so I guess 100% trophy wise! I am kinda new on PlayStation ( always Nintendo fan since 1986 ) but maintaining the 100% with all the dlc becomes little expensive lol
  5. Ghost n goblins resurrection ( NA ) platinum 28 achievers! All 3 regions combined total 66!
  6. Good point, It has nothing to do with the 7,5 billion dollars!!!
  7. Thanks, appreciate it! Very nice scientific review already downloading The Surge 👍
  8. Definitely agree with @DrBloodmoney about the stacks, which makes no sense for me why they are allowed to do that,you want to play 2 minute platinum please go ahead but same game giving you extra 5-6 platinum trophies is ridiculous , it takes 2 hours to have more platinum trophies from a majority of people in this site, That’s another topic though! @ThatMuttGuy sharing the same one sounds perfect! But it’s all about money I guess!
  9. First play-through I had 0 bugs but on my NG+ although it was 3-4 hours I encountered a lot of them, freezing or going inside of random buildings while swinging and not being able to get out, not comparing it with other games or complaining just letting the OP know wasn’t only him/her!
  10. Talented team having 4 games in a day…so far!
  11. Unfortunately they skipped you, so I would choose The Witcher 3 ( I feel it’s a crime I haven’t played it yet ) There we’re some very interesting ones to choose ( nice profile btw ) but your Killzone selection is a great one!
  12. I just checked how to access it, the last auto-save (2 of them actually) didn’t let me access it I had to load a manual save ( my last one ) before the point of no return previous ones work as long as you completed the quests the other person mentioned, ( the only thing I can’t tell is the mission after ON THE HIGH KING TRAIL OR A NEW HIGH KING )after you complete the story doesn’t work, you will find a letter in your camp NOT the traveling one and you just follow the quest! ps: the reason I can’t tell is cause my saves are after a new high king but I trust he checked it!
  13. Your Final Fantasy selection, very nice!
  14. You don’t need co-op but the online is there if you want to complete a mission or just have fun, I did everything solo, the rating for difficulty would be 4-5/10 for platinum 6/10 100%
  15. Great games selection, do 1 type of a game at a time then switch, I would start with Dark souls 3 at 85% so close