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  1. Trophies in general not unlocking that’s kinda awful, gonna have to do it again and check! Edit: still all trophies bugged… anyone else???
  2. Is the trophy bugged or there is another unstable automat? Killed the one as part of the story but the trophy didn’t unlock!
  3. I got to say after putting 200+ plus hours and 4 playthroughs (currently on 5th)the game is a masterpiece! I just had to say that! Difficulty of souls games… well they are one of the hardest games out there to learn and to complete but one of the easiest plats! Once you learn the mechanics and the way you’re supposed to play you already have the plat pretty much! Which is the opposite of let’s say DMC5 very easy game to finish but the plat is a whole another story!
  4. Doing 0 side quests gives you incorruptible! For Royalist ending You have to “obey” when it comes making the decision about exposing La Fayette or not! ”Do nothing” about the dynamite in Bastille Complete La Fayette side quest Finish the side quest that you retrieve the cannon ball! I didn’t obey so doing another run!
  5. Yes you can! Once you complete last chapter once, second time if you don’t find the sword of Cov enter another stage ( might be easy or whatever but not the last one ) exit until you find the sword or whatever gear you are looking for!
  6. Just got some combat trophies for the the hidden enemies they count even the ones that are behind a corner! If you attack them before they get up it counts! Good spot in the beginning is the Grand Gallery! 3rd map!
  7. It was one of the games when I first bought it I said this was a waste of money! After 10 hours or so it became one of the games I liked the most!
  8. Far cry 5, still haven’t played any of them!
  9. GTA V nice profile!
  10. Best heavy Metal band and the best album!
  11. Crash 4 is an incredible game! I’d say is a must have for everyone! If some are thinking about the trophies there is nothing to worry about, they are doable even for newcomers!
  12. It’s not that hard as you might think! Remember to press the next button for the combo while you character is doing the previous one and you are good to go!
  13. Played 5 of them so far and they are all great games, although I am a huge souls fan I wouldn’t put Demons souls as the best, that would be Deathloop for me! Maybe cause my expectations from dishonored 2 weren’t let’s say that high I was so surprised and in a way amazed! Brilliant game overall! 1: Deathloop 2: Demons souls 3: Returnal 4: Ratchet 5: Astro
  14. Haven’t figure it out how to see the rankings! Anyway so far 4956 trophies and 101 platinums with 0 stacks! Guess I’ll move up a spot lol!
  15. I earned a trophy ( no threat detected ) and it doesn’t sync with my profile trophies! It shows I haven’t earned a single one! Anyone else has same issue??