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  1. One of the most Epic songs ever… RIP- RJD
  2. Now that’s…. Music..
  3. Platinum #85- Kena: Bridge of spirits Enjoyment- 6/10 Difficulty- 4/10 Time to platinum- 35 hours The game is beautiful and cute, but unfortunately it didn’t deliver maybe cause my expectations were high or cause I played 2 great indie games before! Main reason is the combat system, 1 simple word to describe it would be disaster, lock mechanism, hit boxes, dodging everything pretty much, the game needs work still! The difficulty of the game is way overrated all the fuss was for nothing, if you completed not a hard game but 1 souls game you are good to go! Would I recommend it? Not in the current state if they end up not fixing it ( I believe they will )and still want to play it definitely wait for discount!
  4. The ending Is The best guitar solo EVER performed/ made! Probably the best live performance Pink Floyd!
  5. …………
  6. You can’t forget Tom Cruise dancing in this one!
  7. Will do it after I finish 1st play though! Such a beautiful game and throw souls combat in it… it’s like a dream lol, love it!
  8. Best Female voice in rock history!!!!!
  9. You got some plat or all of them?
  10. And that’s not cheating???? Skipping entire play trough? Skipping the hardest difficulty? Not beating even the last boss and getting the trophy cause you couldn’t handle? Some people can really surprise me!
  11. @Brightblade76 you are more than capable of doing it, only need to memorize the stages, the times required are not bad so you can miss couple of time boxes!
  12. It’s kinda weird but I read another review for Arise from another person and pretty much had same complaints, guess you guys are for long time Tales fans that know better! Great review! After Kena my first Tales games is coming!
  13. Hollow knight Ender Lillies Salt and sanctuary: has some elements Dead cells: although rogue game every map is made like metrovania
  14. Nothing yet! But 2 games broke 2 of my controllers.. shame on them!