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  1. It won't disable trophies, which is the correct choice as these settings arent meant to be easy mode they are intended to help people that can't play the game for disabilities so if they disabled trophies it would be pretty ableist.
  2. These are the following updates that will be coming soon and currently in Alpha on PC Accessibility settings to make the game more playable for players with disabilities. Reworked multiple weapons and skills. Lowered cell cost of gear present in the base game. Added a no blood mode. Assist mode which is the (Accessibility settings) is gonna include the following. Assist Mode Continue mode – each time you die you can resurrect from the beginning of the biome (this effectively already existed by quitting the game when you die, now it's just 'official') Auto-hit mode – automatically target nearby enemies with your primary melee weapon. The one time that the mobile version was ahead of us! Adjustable trap damage, enemy damage, and enemy health in % increments Option for slower parry window and trap speed I'm sure this is a great chance for many who got stuck at a certain point for the game and never returned, but I do also understand that people who already have the platinum might be a bit annoyed which is fair I suppose. Anyway hope this helps anyone who didn't already know have a good day
  3. fully agree should be some good x-ray vision fun
  4. Yea after I posted what I said I wondered if the weapon master is tied into MP but it will most likely be a case of you'll probs do it in the story but also can be done in MP like sniper elite 4
  5. If I'm comparing it with sniper elite 4, the multiplayer trophies look even easier which is excellent, the story-related trophies look about the same for example the collectibles and beating on the hardest difficulty, but looking forward to this should be a good fun game.
  6. Just wondering why these trophies are so rare from a seemingly easy and not that time consuming game
  7. How do you complete this quest i cannot find where to go?
  8. Sadly it does seem very easy but oh well
  9. I understand the area has been taken out of the game but people have got the trophy recently i just don't know personally, anyone know?
  10. Yea I put in about 90 hours since it came out and got the platinum early yesterday morning, I got most of the trophies naturally by just exploring, I don't even see how you can screw up unless you fly through the game or kill loads of NPCs. There are no luck-based missable trophies, literally only way you can mess up is by flying through the game and not exploring or killing certain Npcs
  11. Yea it's the same for me
  12. The trophy just popped after I left some random person session who was only halfway through the story I am only at city alignment 4 with peacekeepers so I have no idea the cause for this.
  13. He has had it since the 21st or 22nd
  14. It will most likely be patched so just give it time
  15. Anyone know if they will add a new game plus as going into co-op for some collectables seems very annoying.