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  1. Do Rockstar switch out modes on Ps3? I thought they abandoned it? OP: Definitely get a group together to boost it. Make a list of everything you need to do and go through it and cross them off as you go. Group of four using communication will get through the heists with little trouble. I did it as a group of three with a random on x360 and it wasn’t ideal.
  2. I only played D2 back in the day and I’ve no idea if they rebalanced anything, but Sorceress used to be the go-to. Mainly by being able to annihilate everything from range and being able to teleport to get out of bad situations. Bow build Amazon used to be decent too. Basically anything that can put out mass damage from a distance. edit: They we’re both self sufficient too and could clear the cow level solo with no trouble with decent gear.
  3. Try reinstalling the whole game. I had an issue with a patch that made the game run at 30fps and fixed it by reinstalling the whole game.
  4. Yeah, I was gonna say the same thing. It would be tedious as hell but not impossible.
  5. Just play what you want to play. Trophies/achievements should be there for people to get more out of their games than they would otherwise. Nobody should really care about any of it other than to enjoy it. I ditched an 11 year old Xbox account because I wasn’t getting the games I wanted to play on it. I would go for 100% on almost everything I owned on there, but after Scalebound got cancelled and Gears 4, Halo 5 and Crackdown 3 not living up to expectations. I ditched the whole thing. I kept the Xbox One for a while but there was literally nothing on there that I couldn’t play on a PlayStation 4 so it eventually got sold along with the 15 or so games I had on it. I’ve had a PS4 since late 2017 and amassed over 150 physical games for it. Long story short, go where the good games are that you want to play. That’s all that really matters.
  6. 0 is the only Yakuza i've played, and it was hysterical and a lot of fun to platinum (I should get around to doing it on this account at some point). I'd take the cabaret club over managing cores and gun/horse maintenance any day haha.
  7. I was playing Yakuza 0 when this first released and I couldn’t stand how slow and dated RDR2 felt in comparison. Every tiny detail they rammed into the game irritated me to point where I sold it off soon after starting it.
  8. I'll try that then. In the meantime I've reset my profile incase something goes horrifically wrong with it. I was planning on starting the game over from scratch anyway because I fucked up one of the side quests. I'll wait until its all fully working before I try again
  9. I'm having this trouble with the newly released EU version of Blasphemous on physical. The trophies are unlocking, but the game isn't showing on my trophy list. The trophies show up fine if the console is offline, so I figured this would just be a case of the game not linking to the online trophy data on Sony's side. Would deleting my profile and downloading it again wipe the trophy data for Blasphemous seeming as it isn't being logged when I'm online?
  10. As far as I know, Skullgirls and Indivisible had different publishers. I could be totally wrong, but I think that the team that ported Skullgirls to mobile are the team that are still making content for it with the support of their publisher. The original developer Lab Zero went on to make Indivisible for 505 Games, and that's the studio that imploded and 505 seemingly now want nothing to do with the game and won't publish the trophy patch even though it was completed before the developer dissolved.
  11. Not including upgrades from PS4: Demon's Souls Spider Miles Ratchet And Clank: RA The Pathless Nioh Collection Control Ultimate
  12. Vein is the location the game takes place in.
  13. Outer Worlds was decent, but I’m not losing any sleep over not being able to play the sequel.
  14. Thanks, 99% of my games are physical though so i’m not worried about that haha.
  15. Thanks for the replies, I wasn’t aware more than one primary account could be set. Seems it works differently on PS5 and you just have a primary console and all accounts active can access anything installed on the console? Either way, I downloaded the game on my non-ps+ account and my ps+ account booted up the game so that’s a relief.