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  1. Stardew Valley Theres a day/night timer but its not really a factor beyond progressing the game and you can't really fail the game because of it.
  2. Absolutely looking forward to this. Hopefully it gets a physical release. Getting Hades vibes but with a bit of Issac dark humour.
  3. Wouldn't the Hong Kong region DLC also require the Hong Kong region game to use them?
  4. That sounds pretty grim. I wonder if it’s the same on the PS5 version? I was considering playing it co-op too but was waiting for the physical release.
  5. How is the game unplayable exactly? What is the issue?
  6. We tried, we really did. Between us and some guys from TrueAchievements, we chased them about it constantly on their Discord channel (and the publisher too) for over a year. But with the studio closed down there was nothing anybody was willing to do.
  7. Because if you go in without Sleep immunity, the third form can cause issues.
  8. There’s a few difficulty spikes in FF7 on a blind play through. Those would be The Materia Keeper, Demon Wall, Carry Armor and Hojo. The endgame has Ruby and Emerald Weapon. The rest of the game is fairly straightforward.
  9. Unfortunately no I can’t. I think it happened while I was playing the various required missions to unlock the royal sigils on my clean up. I read the 0 ingredients thing was a myth when it came to doing it with AI.
  10. He just showed up while I was playing through Comrades. Didn’t have to try for anything.
  11. Have you tried trying to download it using the ps app?
  12. I guess it wants you to download the Royal dlc pack instead seeing as you already have the base version of the game.
  13. Been a while since I used Discord. Maybe they mandate two factor now. You could try and set up a group on here, but good luck with that. You want people who know what they’re doing, not 4 people desperate for the trophy.
  14. Try that. If that fails try just googling for an invite link
  15. The only hard part is the raid. And even then you could probably ask nicely on the GoT discord to see if anybody would be willing to go through it with you.