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  1. I've no memory of writing that post. Reasonably confident I'm talking about 'Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time' but I just don't remember. Feel free to revive the thread since I killed it.
  2. No, it's not possible. Also once you evolve the Pokemon it won't have the bubble attack unless it's one of the Poli- trio. Made that mistake with my Krabby.
  3. In the past I've flagged several accounts for this game and I don't see any issue with your trophies. All time stamps are spaced out nicely and earnt in a logical order. First trophy earnt two years after release. Online trophies complete two months before server closure. The developer's ghosts (which I'm almost certain is why you're flagged) from the DLC are accessible offline. They're even still available on the store to buy. Elaborating on what Damon said, only the administrator (Sly-Ripper) can unflag you and he reads these forums regularly so it should happen soon.
  4. Nearly 5 years in the making: Dead Nation 100%.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. redcar200


      Congrats on almost 100% completion on your profile. I could barly get 70%.

    3. ScreechingOwl


      All those ultra rare trophies though, pretty good going.

    4. A little fluffy cat

      A little fluffy cat

      Congrats miss/mister ScreechingOwl (^_^ )

  5. Willstown has pretty much explained it. It's also true of Gran Turismo 6 and DRIVECLUB. The leaderboard however, doesn't have this issue so you can always use that to know who the true first achievers are.
  6. Plat #59 Hitman Absolution. Really good game.

  7. Hey DKShadow, do I remember you from Your ID feels familiar...
  8. Uncharted 3 100%, finally.

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    2. NICK16_06


      You should be able to get 100% completion easily, you only need the Vanquish plat, because Dead Nation and Flow are beyond easy IMO.

    3. Jak


      Funny how several ppl in this last past 2 days have achieved something hard from UC3 MP.

    4. ScreechingOwl


      I've been struggling on Dead Nation. Grim wasn't bad but on Morbid I'm having trouble in sections I never had trouble with before. Thanks for the nice words people.

  9. Long time since I looked at this thread. Since beaten by: Batman: Arkham Asylum; January 2010 - 14th September 2014. Say 4 years, 8 months. Bayonetta; February 2010 - 30th December 2014. Say 4 years, 10 months. I have only two games on my list yet to platinum, Dead Nation and Vanquish both from June-July 2011. If I platinum them before about this time next year, Bayonetta will never be beaten. If starting a game today, I wouldn't abandon a game for so long without completing it.
  10. Well, I've finally reached the ultimate level of Awesomeness. Thought I'd post my statistics to give some perspective on what is required: Diamond cups: 12 Gold cups: 399 Silver cups: 243 Bronze cups: 229 Score: 6034 points (Happened to coincide with the weekly challenges ending. I've could've stopped early but I carried on as usual. Also, when I had 5994 points, I was ranked 2659th. At 6034 points, I'm ranked 1139th. Seems the majority of players stopped once they had the trophy.) Enemies beaten: 12,100 Distance: 2,134 km Lums: 2,595,850 Fails: 4,135 Jumps: 93,500 In the week after completing the single player, I decided to go for gold every time. Which I did, but I wonder now if it was the best way to go about achieving this trophy. As I would spend 25 minutes getting, what I thought to be a safe gold, on the Daily Challenge and then a silver on the Daily Extreme Challenge. But then spend another 25 minutes trying to turn that silver into a gold. I could be there over an hour to get both gold. It didn't happen often mind. Once I reached 5000-5100 points it became routine, 30 minutes if not less for a pair of safe gold cups. A couple of events I never truly got the hang of though, were the Infinite Tower 'As far as you can' and any event involving Murfy's Dungeon, especially the 'Grab 'em quickly' event. Probably the hardest of them all.
  11. I'm also in need of regular players to compete against. Assuming I'll be playing this daily until I have the platinum. At this point I'm achieving silver medals and the occasional gold, so I'll be at this for a while. You know typing it out I'm realising this is going to take months. Urgh. Got my platinum this morning. No longer playing. Thanks Juzota.
  12. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 speed run finished. Save file time of 37:20, a few seconds after the trophy popped.

    1. LusterPurge90


      I have only this trophy left for the game but can't get myself to do it..

    2. ScreechingOwl


      I know what you mean. The hump for me was Oil Ocean, get that over with and you can feel the finish line.

  13. Trophy #2000 Dragon's Dogma platinum, the first since July. Also bought PS Plus and scrapped my 'no plat no play' rule.

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    2. ScreechingOwl


      Yep, Ground Zeroes was the last straw. Already have a list of what ones I want.

    3. Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Congrats on the platinum, getting 2000 trophies, and ps plus. Now go enjoy those free games!

    4. Dragon-Archon
  14. There are a few side quests available that will be locked out, if you speak to Mercedes and begin the 'A Rude Awakening' quest. Go back to Cassardis and speak with Benita, just to the east of Pablos' Inn. Father Clemente in the church to the south on top of the hill, and Madeleine in Pablos' Inn. Leave her to last as she involves travelling to the Encampment. Bear in mind you need to finish them before 'A Rude Awakening' or they will be cancelled. Check out the Notice Board in Pablos' Inn whilst you're there, and the other Notice Board in north-east corner of the Encampment. Notice Board quests can't be cancelled like NPC quests, they can be completed anytime. EDIT: Forgot Elvar's short quest. He should be sitting in the church during the day.