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  1. Won 2 times in prof club and no trophy.. Opponent leaved the match twice but it counted as a win..
  2. I did it exactly 27 times and no trophy..
  3. So platinum on ps5 dont unlock platinum on ps4 ? But platinum on ps4 unlocks platinum on ps5 ??
  4. What do you mean in one session??
  5. New patch today 1.06 maybe is it fixed??
  6. Maybe he means in the weekend because the event is only 20 hours.. i dont know anymore
  7. That’s what ea told me.. I've looked into this and can confirm that you can rank up more than one division per event. You will not go straight from 5 to 3 however you can climb through multiple divisions over the weekend. I hope this information helps. Feel free to get back to us anytime. -TJ
  8. Can u go from division 5 to 3 ? If so how can u see it ? Thx