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  1. Try this... i got th trophy very quickly. I played ea access version...
  2. # 26 - Unravel Thanks to 360gameTV You Tube channel.... death mode would be very hard at some points for me :-) this plat is only half mine, not one to be proud of i suppose :-)
  3. i plat the game and i enjoyed it... but yes nothing special to remember ;-) i deleted it after the plat....
  4. i'm agree with you mate :-) i got the game with ea access at €3,99 ;-) a reasonable price i suppose :-)
  5. # 25 Dirt 5 (PS4) Quite different from Dirt 4, but a good arcade racing game, really enjoyable. The plat is easy and straightforward!!!
  6. U2 - POP (1997) ❤️ The last great album of a great band
  7. I state that i m a big racing games fan... I started this game because i was searching a relaxing racing game not too hard and I thinking Dirt 5 was a sequel of Dirt 4: i know that Dirt franchise (excpet for Dirt Rally and Dirt Rally 2.0) is not a simulator, but Dirt 5 seems a mix between Onrush and Wreckfest... it s quite enjoyable, but it s not even a rally game... What do you think?
  8. Android too please 🙂 it would be great!!!!
  9. Thanks mate, good site...
  10. I'm looking for some platform/puzzle games to play like Music Shapes or Gris... No too hard games and no junk games like Mayo etc etc... Wich games do you reccomend me? Thx
  11. # 23 F1 2020 💪 Great game, quite easy compared to 2019 😎
  12. I'm agree.... The trophy list is very similar to first one. I loved that game... And this new game looks amazing!!!!
  13. # 22 - Assasin's Creed Origins My first AC... i love every single minute spent on it 😍
  14. Right!!!! On desktop version i see my trophy card 🙂 thx guys!!!!
  15. Smartphone... Chrome.