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  1. I have ADD, so I really struggle with sitting down and devoting all my attention to a TV show or movie. I really want to watch more stuff though, and playing a game at the same time seems to help with my fidgeting and attention issues. I'm looking for some peaceful PS3, PS4 or VITA games I can absentmindedly play, where there is no timer or risk of dying and losing progress if I look away from the screen for a while. (I know you can pause almost any game, but I want to avoid pausing and unpausing all the time, it's kind of stressful. It also can't be a very story-heavy game, as I won't be able to pay attention to two stories at the same time. That rules out most turn-based RPGS I can think of. I've thought about farming games like Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon, but they all feature day & night systems from what I can tell. I know this is a weird request, but if by any chance someone knows of any games that could be up my alley, do tell. I'd love to hear about them.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I'll definitely be running multiple manual saves so I don't end up missing something/getting myself stuck on a boss lol
  3. Thanks for all the helpful replies. Ended up restarting the game on the highest difficulty after using the Blood and Wine trick. Used my skill points on the shield, fire and mind control spells (I'm bad at remembering names), as well as the gourmet skill etc. Got guides for the Gwent cards, as well as the missable trophies open at all times. Still early game, but it feels doable, and it's so great playing this game again.
  4. I started playing The Witcher 3 a couple of years ago before I really cared about going for the platinum/100%. I've been feeling the urge to go back to it, but at this point I'm 30 hours in and I've missed out on a bunch of trophies, like all the Gwent stuff for instance. Originally I started the game on the hardest difficulty, but changed it within the first couple of hours (I suck, lol). I was wondering how doable it is to just finish my chill playthrough on an easier difficulty, and then later run through the story/get all the missables on the hardest difficulty. How long would that second playthrough take? Would going into it on New Game + be beneficial at all? Am I better off just starting over on the hardest difficulty and gitting gudd?
  5. From personal experience, if you require more than 3 people, setting a time and date and sticking to it is the only thing that works on this site. For example, I recently hosted a session for Red Dead Redemption that focused on the Kingpin trophy, which is a bit of a pain in the ass as it requires 9 people. I created a session where I stated the time and date that the boosting was going to take place, and added whoever showed interest to a PSN group chat. The days leading up to the session I kept sending messages reminding people of when the boosting was going to happen. I felt like I was being a bit annoying doing this, but when the time of the session finally came, there were nearly 30 people in the group chat, and so many active players that we had to split into two groups. A bunch of people got the trophy, and chose to stick around after to go for some other trophies as well. If I had just said ''time and date are placeholders, just let me know what time works for you'' the group chat would have turned into a frustrating mess of people not committing to anything or people joining and then not saying anything, and I highly doubt we would have been able to get even 9 people together, let alone 18+. A set time and date weeds out the people who are in completely inconvenient time-zones to you, and while it may cause less people to join the session, it ensures that the people who do join are actually available at the time that works for you. If that makes me entitled and snotty, so be it, because it works.
  6. Can confirm that the method posted by The Campy earlier in the thread works perfectly. This coupled with joining an already in-progress arcade game on the hardest difficulty and just leeching off of other people's skill makes the two hardest trophies super easy.
  7. I got super lucky. The second in-progress game I joined was on the hardest difficulty at about 60% completion. Started as 4 people, but quickly got filled up. Was super easy, we just kept spamming the specials (holy shit the meditation mechanic is broken as fuck). It's kind of ridiculous that it freezes every time someone uses a special ability, the game is more or less a slideshow with a full group of people.
  8. Dino Crisis should be a treat. I doubt it'll have trophy support seeing as Resident Evil didn't. I fully expect only Sony to give a crap about trophies, and games from other publishers to release without them. I'd love to be proven wrong, though! For now, I'm not gonna upgrade to premium.
  9. Yeah, thats what I meant by ranch. Sorry for the confusion.
  10. I have been trying for about an hour and a half, and so far I have found nothing. No suspicious scores on the scoreboard, no bodies whatsoever at the ranch or at Armadillo. Edit: just ran across my first person who found a glitched body. Their score on the scoreboard was going up rapidly so it was super easy to see. They were at the ranch standing inside the train station. I ran over, thinking the body was there, but saw neither the player nor the body. My screen went red and blury like I had taken a bunch of damage then I was kicked from the lobby. Edit 2: ran into four glitched lobbies in a row, actually finding the bodies this time. All four were at McFarlene's Ranch. The first one was in front of the train station. There were three other players there, all invisible for some reason. I shot the corpse and got 10 levels before my game froze and I had to restart the console. I had to shoot the body multiple times, because the glitch kept stopping every now and then. That might be what caused the crash. The next lobby, there was a corpse on the road in front of the chicken coop. I shot it, but didn't gain a single level before being killed by the cops (oops), when I respawned, the corpse was gone. The third lobby, had a corpse in the horse enclosure opposite the train station. Spent almost 2 hours getting from level 10 to 39 there before the game froze again. Restarted the console and found four corpses on the first lobby I entered. This time lying under the watertower next to the train station. Took another 40 minutes to go from 39 to 50. It would have been way quicker if I hadnt been afraid to shoot more than one of the corpses at first. So, yes. There seems to be a lot of hacked/glitched lobbies today.
  11. Gonna hop on in an hour or two and see if I can find a glitched lobby myself. Wish me luck. You just look around the ranch? Do the glitched bodies show up as icons on the map? Never played RDR before. Edit: saw the video above. I know what to look for now.
  12. I kind of want to get the multiplayer trophies out of the way soon so I can one day return to the game and platinum it. How long would it take to get to the point where UGC is unlocked? Is it a big chunk of the game?
  13. For those who do not know, there was recently an update to the game which added a server browser. This makes is super easy to find an empty server and boost whatever trophies you want. So far it has worked on every trophy Ive tested, like getting 50 kills in a match (super easy against bots), bread kills and wins. Winning matches on the different maps are so easy now, since you can just play defense against bots and camp the objective, killing enemies as they slowly meander toward you. If you try to switch to the defending team and it says team full, simply go into spectator mode and then change the team that way.
  14. I'm gonna have to go with my all-time favourite system, the PSP, although some of these have PS2 versions as well. Motorstorm: Arctic Edge Burnout Legends Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters Pursuit Force Silent Hill Origins
  15. Pretty underwhelming list of games, in my opinion. On one hand, the PS5 games are intriguing and I hope they add a lot more, but on the other. I bought a disc version so I could get games physically and resell them once I'm done with them. I'm surprised they didn't add Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart, but I guess they're really sticking to their guns about not putting 'recent' games on the service. Most of the PS4 games regularly pop up for dirt cheap, and I'm not exactly creaming my jeans over yet another way to get the Uncharted games. The PS1 games are about on par with the ones available on the Playstation classic, i.e. pretty lame. The PS2 games are the ones that have been available on the PS store for years now, as far as I can tell. What ultimately worries me about these kind of subscription services is the whole 'refresh' thing, I hate feeling like I'm in a rush to finish something before it gets taken off the service. The value of the different tiers are also highly reliant on how many games they add over time, and how long it takes them to do so. A couple of PS1/PSP/PS3 games a month isn't going to cut it, so I really hope they go all out with this. Also, I don't get why people are setting themselves up for disappointment and expecting trophy support for these old games. Patents often don't result in anything (see every single time people lose their minds over Nintendo Switch-related patents). The fact that trophy support hasn't been mentioned in any of the announcements, especially now that they've talked about features like save states and rewinding, just convinces me that they're not adding them. I'd love to be wrong, trophy support would kick ass, but I think a lot of people are gonna be disappointed.