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  1. Aaghh, I was really hoping for a new, less fucky trophy list, but instead it sounds like they've made it worse. It's a real shame, I guess I'll wait and see if they throw it up on Ps Plus sometime down the line, and play it on a secondary account.
  2. That would all depend on what you personally consider hard. I find that the mini games are often really unresponsive, which makes clearing recipes on the hardest difficulty really frustrating. I've kinda given up on the game for now, and I'm not sure if I'll be going back to it. The price is also ludicrous for what it is. Never wanted to refund a game this badly before, it's just very lazily put together. The sound effects are poor, and the voice lines of Mama herself sound like shit, and that, paired with failing recipes because inputs wouldn't register right, makes for a very unpleasant experience I don't know if they'll be updating the game, or fixing anything, or if it they've just thrown it out on the market and then and wiped their hands of the whole thing, but if they do fix stuff, I might give it another go.
  3. I'm playing through it now, with no nostalgic connection to it, and I absolutely love it. Just bare in mind that it's not a game that tries to be realistic, or accurate or anything. The story it pretty fun, with villains who are so comically evil that I can't help but grin whenever they're on screen. The gameplay is a bit clunky and rough around the edges, the stealth is pretty medicore, so is the Assassin's Creed-style climbing. I get the sense that the game could've used a bit more time in the oven, which makes sense with how the studio was killed off before it even came out. I would consider this a hidden gem, especially if you have a fondness for this period in gaming.
  4. Just 20 more days. Aagrghhhh!!
  5. Insurgency: Sandstorm is finally launching on consoles after several years of teaser trailers, release dates being pushed back, and the rumblings of issues behind the scenes at the studios involved in the port. I played the original game to absolute death on PC back in the day, and I can't wait to see how this sequel does on consoles. I don't see it becoming super popular, with it being a more tactical shooter than most people are used to, but I really hope it carves out its own little dedicated community. From what I've been told from people who were in the closed beta on PS4, the port is excellent. The game will be available on PS4 and Xbox One. Anyone else excited? The (new) release date trailer Footage of the game being played on a base PS4
  6. I personally wouldn't recommend it considering your lack of time. It's a pretty big timesink, with a lot of obnoxious busywork in both the single-player and the online.
  7. Watched a short gameplay trailer, and it looks janky, but pretty fun. I can't quite tell by the trophy descriptions which of the trophies require playing online with strangers, and which don't. If most of them can be done locally, I'd definitely be interested. I can't really see this game being one where you can hop online and find enough players, like, ever, so it would have to be set up on here if that were the case.
  8. I cycle between 30 different ones, and occasionally feel existential dread when I remember I've started 6 open-world games that'll take 50+ hours each, and then I get so overwhelmed by the vast amount of different choices that I don't end up actually playing something.
  9. That seems like a poor justification for such an anti-consumer move. Let those losers cheat all they want if they so desperately have to, but regular consumers shouldn't have to suffer (very strong word, but can't think of another one) just because of those douchebags. But, yeah, I agree that cloud saves should be free, its kind of ridiculous that they aren't on a gaming console in 2021. Tying cloud saves and multiplayer to a sham like PS+ is ludicrous, but big corporations gunna 'corporate(?), I guess.
  10. Right now, until Tuesday, there is a limited game mode called Duel which puts you against one other player, with the goal being to reach 5 KO's first. I feel like this has the potential to be faster for getting KO's than playing against bots in the co-op mode, especially if one finds another person to boost with, with both players disabling cross-play and setting their region to one that is somehow less populated. With this you avoid the annoyance of having to play modes where getting KO's is a lot harder and less likely (like the soccer one for instance), you also avoid the issue of the bots sometimes having perfect aim and demolishing the human team. Sure, that mode in the co-op playlist where your team has to kill like 30 bots would also be very beneficial to have, but you never know when you're going to get that one, you might have to play worse modes 10 times for every time you encounter that. This mode might also be good for grinding character levels, especially now that the game is on death's door and they've increased exp gain, I'm not quite sure yet. Update: I tested this with another person, and it worked pretty well until it didn't. Took about 1 minute and 15 seconds per match (just one shot and then the person jumping off the edge of the map) and then about another minute to search for, and load into the next match. After 3 games of doing this, though, the game's anti-cheat acted up, and we both were kicked back to the main menu. Not really worth risking a ban, especially with how ridiculous EA can be about these things. Was worth a shot!
  11. Good riddance. Not sure what they expected releasing a bland Hero Shooter years, and years after those stopped being all the rage.
  12. This game looks like a blast. I hope the trophies unlock smoothly from now on, and that we'll soon see plenty of people unlocking the platinum legit! In the future, if anyone plays through the full game in co-op, I'd be really interested to hear about how that experience is, and if its worth it.
  13. Looks really interesting.
  14. It's working now!
  15. I'm in a similar boat, I don't really have the time to commit that this game clearly requires. I'll hop on with a buddy (when the servers even allow us to) and play until it either crashes, or we get killed on sight by a group of people with much better gear than us. We've gotten far enough to build a decent little house somewhere secluded, but even then we'll find ourselves hunted down (there once was a guy who sat outside our door with a machine gun for like 30 minutes, saying horrible shit over voice chat). I understand that's kind of the nature of this game, but bugs, crashes, KOI and server wipes really sour the experience for me personally. At this point I'm just kind of waiting for some kind of custom server or rent-a-server option to be introduced, so I can play with a closed-off group of people and we can set some rules to make the game more fun and approachable. Hopefully something like that is introduced in the near future, and you can still unlock trophies using it.