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  1. Yes I did close the game. I read that might be the problem but I just opened the game now and I still have 2 deaths and my 1 token available. I guess the best option for anyone would be to upload the save file to the PS+ cloud after every game or at least before closing it. That is what I plan on doing in the near future. I just wanted to make this topic to warn others that there may be a problem with this game's save function.
  2. When I said play offline I guess I should have been more clear. What I mean is when the vita goes into rest mode while the game is on it comes back with the message "you have been disconnected" so I assumed this meant the game was connected to a server somewhere. That is what I meant by online/offline. I figured since I played all the games connected to the internet and then played a game while not connected to the internet that it somehow reset my stats. I am as confused about this as you are. I really don't feel like pouring more hours into the game only to have the same thing happen down the line.
  3. I have been playing this game off and on and started to reach higher levels and unlock abilities, which made me feel like I was finally getting somewhere in this game. Then I took a trip and played a few games offline and my stats were gone. I had 20+ deaths and unlocked a few things and then I was back down to 2 deaths and all my unlocks were gone. Is this a glitch or did this happen because I played offline?
  4. If anyone is still sending the last HVT could you please send it to me also? PSN: Numbi.
  5. 3 of the trophies glitched on me: Behemoth Zapper, Tank Zapper and Grunt Zapper. Fortunately I got Behemoth Zapper and Tank Zapper waaaaaaay earlier than I should have. The Grunt Zapper trophy was a problem though. I had to do all 5000 kills in one sitting which took about 6 hours replaying levels 1-10. My advice would be to check how many kills you have total, upgrade the zapper and just keep playing levels 1-10 over and over and over again. 80% of the enemies are grunts and if you also need the other two Zapper trophies they can be done using this method also since behemoths and tanks both show up in these levels. When I started I had just under 15,000 kills and when I got the trophy I had just over 21,000 so the counter works but it must reset when you close the app. These levels are very easy with a maxed out zapper so it is very easy to multitask while going for these trophies. Hey, at least the trophies are not impossible like in TxK or Luftrausers so give the devs some credit.
  6. Someone was nice enough to send me Vampire but I still need Grifter and Scorpion. If anyone can help me out that would be great! PSN: Numbi
  7. If anyone is kind enough to send me the last 3 HVT it would be very much appreciated. I can help out with a different game to return the favor. Just check my list and see if there is anything I can help with. PSN: Numbi. Thanks in advance.
  8. The same thing happened to me. As far as I know I just took my 12th photo but the trophy didn't ding. A few times I took a photo before I went to bed and again when I woke up and if Devil_Spooky is correct these could have been counted as the same day. We all have to log in 50 times for the gold trophy so if you take a picture every day you sign in and get the gold before this trophy then it is definitely glitched