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  1. Fortnite is the most overrated game.
  2. Contact PlayStation support. I didn’t receive an email when I platted bloodborne so I got ahold of them through live chat and they sent me the code for the theme.
  3. I would be interested in the first two games remastered. I didn’t really care for this game all that much on ps3 when it came out tbh.
  4. Really looking forward to playing this. I can’t wait 😊 huge fan here
  5. Well this threads been dead for two years and so have the servers so the petition already failed and its not a gamespy game so what worked for bulletstorm will not work for this. Maybe one day someone will find a workaround for these games and create their own fanmade servers but as of currently no workarounds. Sorry :/
  6. Thats why i have stuck with Sony for many years. I like their games better and the playstation controller is so much nicer. Im super glad i bought everything i needed from the ps3 and ps vita store. I hope this is not true though but at least i will be prepared.
  7. Yes, absolutely! I highly recommend it honestly. My first time playing it was on PS3 around the time it first released. I didnt have too many issues other than the occasional lag and minor glitches. It certainly didnt ruin the experience for me. One of my favorite games to this day.
  8. This certainly isn't anything new. I had the same issue when i did this a little while ago. Luckily i found a partner that was in the same region as me and we connected easily. I guess they don't care to fix this games constant connection issues. Seems like some players have an easier time connecting than others.
  9. This is very saddening news. Killzone is one of my favorite fps games. It really sucks to see this franchise dead like this. I would have loved to see another game... i guess just pm me if your interested in finishing shadow fall. RIP Killzone. You will be missed dearly
  10. Fuck this digital only future bs. glad i got a hard copy a while ago. Ps now sucks. See how easily they can do that and look, now we cant play it on there no more.
  11. They kinda ignore it, like as long as everything else was done right, you don't have any story mode trophies hacked impossibly out of order and you get this in a hacked lobby, you wont be punished for it.
  12. They have both been discontinued a while ago and the vita was unsuccessful to begin with. Sony doesn't give a fuck about them. If you don't want them to die, all you can really do is buy one refurbished and get preowned games. They will never care about previous consoles. All they care about is their latest shit. Fuck em.
  13. This isn’t a persona game, it was developed by the same people who did persona. To answer your question, No. i don't think its worth it if your not good at puzzles and don’t like to do then. This is a puzzle game.
  14. I have some ultra rare platinums that are actually just average in difficulty. I realized its because unfortunately trophy rarity isn't determined by difficulty, its by how many people who own the game have the trophy. Almost all triple a titles have ultra rare plats since most people don't care about trophies. I guess trophy hunters just skip some games.
  15. It would be nice to see it come back though ngl... seeing online games that were once closed come back to life is beautiful thing. There are some i would like to play again that don't even have trophies for the hell of it lol