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  1. Legends, this worked for me! Lesson learnt with a Tripwire game, if they bring out a DLC I won't be playing it until I know everyone can do it haha
  2. Just a question guys, I'm giving this a go today. If I just need some of the apex predators, time trials and questers in the DLC, Do I need to finish the offline account 100% or am I fine to just smash through the story to get to the DLC and do the trophies that I need to do?
  3. Thanks for sharing this but I'm a bit confused with step 3? Do you have to delete your PSN profile from your ps5? Or is there a way for it to be in-active? I'm keen to try this but I don't want to have to back up all my current saves as I've been burnt before with it not working later on haha
  4. Can anyone confirm that the 10 Co-Op games with a friend in Ultimate team has to be done in one sitting or can it be done by having a break after 2 or 3 games. I remember FIFA 21 you had to do the Co-Op games in one sitting otherwise it didn't count.
  5. You can't earn this trophy yet, there will be a 'Public Co-Op' mode where the Online Friendly modes are, I assume this will most likely come out with the next update or when the game is fully released on October 1st.
  6. Mine popped after my 4th win in a row. So feels like it may be 3 in a row with a delay almost.
  7. I think the only thing that has put me off the PS4 version is one of the new threads where someone is saying the DLC trophies don't pop. But I think I'll just wait, I think it's my OCD haha I just want to complete it to 100%. I've read the responses on twitter so I'm hoping they are planning on fixing it as they said they would be.
  8. Hey guys, Wanting advice, do you think I should start the PS4 version in the hope that all the trophies pop for main game and DLC and then Save transfer to auto pop the remaining PS5 DLC trophies? Or do you think I should just wait to see if they patch it again? I hate doubling up on my list but I'm worried that I'll have two games that are glitched haha
  9. Looks like a relatively similar list to FIFA 21. The only real pain were two of the Volta trophies, one where you had to play as a squad (matchmaking was horrible) and the other one was reaching a certain division but it would never tell you how close you were to it. But I love FIFA so of course I'll go for the plat, I would suggest to anyone who hasn't played FIFA in a while to go for the Volta and Pro Clubs trophies first as there will be a bigger player base at the start.
  10. Thanks for posting this! Super frustrating to know I've completed the game but essentially haven't been rewarded for it. I'm even happy to play the DLC again if I knew the trophies would pop, hopefully this update fixes the issue!
  11. Unfortunately, I think a lot of people are having the same issue. I've killed some of these things about 3 times and I've gotten no trophy, can't get the questers trophy to pop either. May have to just wait for a patch? Kind of ruined the DLC for me.
  12. Yeah I don't have the name or icon either for my PS5 DLC trophies, I've beaten all the apex predators but none of the trophies have popped, I've found all the questers too and no pop either.
  13. Anyone having issues with none of the trophies on the PS5 version for the DLC popping? The only one that has popped for me is 'I See Site P' but I've killed 3 of the Apex predators and those trophies haven't popped.
  14. *UPDATE* Thank you all for your help! I managed to fix it by going to the actual area where the DLC starts and interacted with an item in the hut. I think on the guides to accessing the DLC it should be advised that if you don't have that area unlocked that the Iki Island may not pop up. First time I've ever had an issue with a DLC although not major to the average person, for a completionist it was driving me crazy for the last 3 or so days haha Appreciate everyones responses on the topic! Happy hunting!
  15. Yep, finished the first mission in Act 2. Also deleted and re-installed the game, I think it has to do with the region of my Ghost of Tsushima game, I bought it in the Australia PS store but it's for some reason a UK version, but I think the DLC I've bought is an Australian Version? That's all I can think of. Any advice on what to do to try and fix this would be amazing! If you could DM me that would be awesome!