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  1. I did eventually get the trophy and plat. Sadly I had to resort to using a turbo controller and a rubber band on the PS4 (not PS5 since there are no turbo controllers for PS5 yet) and let the game run for roughly 9 hours while I did other things.
  2. Hey everybody, I need some help with the Next Body trophy. First and foremost, terrible decision on the developers for making your health go up every time you die. Practically makes getting this trophy a time wasting nightmare. I been following a guide where after you defeat the charge sword attack boss on your third playthrough, you're suppose to super jump 7 times underneath a platform to turn yourself black and let an enemy instantly kill you but this didn't work for me because my health is ridiculously high and takes forever for my health to go down. I even started a brand new save and kill myself 100 times on a spikey platform (for roughly 8 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!) and the trophy didn't pop. Can any plat earners or anybody who unlocked Next Body assist me?
  3. On the 25th day, I picked the Central Pripyat mission for free explore and there is actually a clue there that also counts as a "fact". Check every "?" on the map and you should be able to find the final fact for Woman In Red Dress. As for the heist, you don't need all five members but you do need all tools and investigation complete. Whatever you do don't use the annihilation chamber since it'll cause the game to crash when you come back to reality.
  4. Hey I tried doing the death farming at the end but the character doesn't turn black by the seventh super jump. In fact the character simply won't die and everytime he dies it takes longer to get killed. Did I do something wrong? Any tips?
  5. I decided to do another run and chose carefully during certain events and search every "?" in each missions. Platinum'ed it that way.
  6. I'm playing this on a PS5 and I've run into a game breaking bug that might have ruined my platinum run possibly making the platinum unobtainable for me. Couple things that happened to me: Game constantly crashes (experience 20+ crashes) Lots of gameplay bugs and frame rate drops Constantly experience auto save errors Missions seem to be randomized as each day goes (not sure if it's a bug or if it's supposed to be randomized) I followed PowerPyx's guide to the T and I did not unlock "Woman in Red Dress" investigation (2/3 facts and 2/4 clues). On the 25th day, Olga leaves because of bad standing and I tried using the annihilation chamber to change events to get the 3rd fact for "WiRD" investigation and to get Olga back on good standing. The following happens when I use the annihilation chamber on the 25th day: Auto save error message pops up before going into the green room Game crashes when I try to go back to reality (keeps crash even with back up save) When I reload any auto saved or manual saved file in the green room the game forces me to START THE GAME ALL OVER losing everything (had to do another playthrough because I didn't back up save the first time) I have no idea if there is a workaround for this but as of now, the platinum is unobtainable for me. I'll have to see if getting killed by the enemy in missions is a workaround rather than using the annihilation chamber.
  7. In NGS, I remember that you can unlock harder difficulties by defeating Doku in the beginning of the game. Can anybody confirm if you can gun straight for Master Ninja difficulty and unlock the rest of the difficulty trophies or do we actually have to do multiple playthroughs?
  8. Does this game have a ranked online 1v1 mode?
  9. Need help with Renaissance Man please! Message me via PSN!
  10. I'm going to be honest with you. Getting the platinum for this game is going to HEAVILY depend on RNG. There are two trophies that will be the make or break for you, the 100% item inventory and 100% skill list trophies which you're going need luck to get the ones you haven't unlocked yet. This game took me about 200+ hours, another told me 75 hours and another one said 400 hours!!! If you're going for the platinum for this one, GOOD LUCK. TL;DR - If you have S-Tier patience go for it, if not stay the hell away from this platinum. Do not let the 26.5% global completion rate fool you.
  11. I defeated all four mythical beasts and rechallenged Osomene in the daily quest before saving Athena and it seems like it's bugged and I can't get the fourth and final mythical fragment. This has locked me out of the Who's The Boss trophy and as well as Servant of the Gods trophy since my mythical beast quest is stuck on 3/4. Anybody run into this? Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any workarounds this and starting a new game/new game+ and doing ALL those requests again seems to be the only solution...