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  1. Got it this time, thanks 😄
  2. Appreciate the callout. Missed it unfortunately.
  3. Looking back on it, i should have done the easy stuff in a few hours. I wasn't concerned that much about unearned trophies. Now i am and it's a shame.
  4. Unfortunate, would like to go for this..
  5. "You will see that you will keep improving to the point that things that seemed impossible at first will become easy." I totally agree with that statement. Recognizing the improvement of your skill is the most fun part about it and something that differentiates it from other games. You will get your ass kicked but it's so enjoyable to get a track or challenge done that seemed inpossible at first glance. Best of Luck! For my personal example: I didn't expect that i would be ever able to get through Inferno IV. Now it wouldn't be a problem to do it again. I play this game when i'm motivated for it and i took some looong breaks (wouldn't necessarily recommend that tho). I struggled quite a bit with the game and i'm still not at the 100%. Now i'm "only" missing 2 RedLynx Times and the base game track challenges for the 100%. After all, i have at least some faith that i can do it and so can you
  6. I really liked this kart racing game back in the day on PC. I remember fighting for the perfect time on the tracks, so it would have been amazing to get some developer times to beat for trophies.. but this game is really "bare boned" as you might expect. I'd like to recommend this game but even with the nostalgia i have for it, i can't.
  7. Wanted to buy the game right now but it costs 30 EUR, hell no. Sale only.
  8. Hey, I'm basically starting this game from the scratch. What should I be aware of? What should I spend my money/EP on? Are there tanks that I shouldnt buy etc? Should I get the season pass next season from the currency that is already on the account? I'm thankful for every information
  9. Yeah I think it's most the time under 20 upload.. It's frustrating when you nearly finished a really hard mission with its objectives and the connection crashes 🥴
  10. We get a lot of cancelation of the share play connection. It rarely happens in the morning but in the evening the connection breaks down a lot, especially if I share play the other person. I have a LAN cable in my Ps4 and over 300Mbit/s Downloadspeed (NAT-Type 2). And the issue is occurring with multiple people. Is this normal?
  11. I am really sorry to hear that the game is so glitchy 😔 So the best strategy is just keep trying i guess? At the people that tried to go for the plat and failed: how much time do you spent on the game by replaying it? How often do started a new safefile etc.?
  12. I nearly did this mission yesterday as a solo. The Bigger-powerup was on top of the final wheel and bounced in the middle where it should be... But i was to hectic and flew into it while it was bouncing in the right direction.. I didnt got that far since 😨
  13. Congrats on a 12 year plat on FIFA 09 my dude! @LukeTheGooner Very nice timestamp.
  14. I am pumped, i will get this game. Used to play it on the PC way back in the day!
  15. Well.. i changed my mind. if you Include the struggle to actually find a Coop partner and doing everything Twice With Potential Input lag - its a 10/10 in my opinion.