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  1. No, it is not safe. My OG PS3 died 6 years ago when playing TLoU in pretty much the same temperature as yours. Back then I don't have AC in my room and I ended up buying a Slim after that.
  2. IMHO DMC HD Collection (PS3/PS4) DMC4 SE MGR: Revengeance Super Meat Boy Edit: oh and also Vanquish
  3. i played 30 online matches today with no problems
  4. Chapter 14 hands down. It's like the Ishimura throwback in Dead Space 2. Love it.
  5. IMHO, a survival horror game shouldn't have a chapter/mission select. They never had it to begin with.
  6. finally, pwned NYMHC mode xD

    1. Ember-Man


      Congrats man, thats extremly hard!

    2. kibowman


      thanks man :)

      totally worth it

  7. Max Payne 3 Platinum Trophy Unlock All Max Payne 3 Trophies 33rd platinum, after all those painful bugs and glitches in NYMHC mode
  8. Max Payne 3 The Shadows Rushed Me Unlock And Complete New York Minute Hardcore
  9. need boosting partner for RE:ORC multiplayer trophies

  10. Does anyone have a PBS? I need one for the bladestone trophy.. I'm on Asia Server btw.. any help will be much appreciated
  11. anyone here still playing Max Payne 3 multiplayer?
  12. 5-3, Sheva's AI is the only thing that makes me keep retrying
  13. FFXIII and MGS4 is all about dedication and passion, MGRR are just quite crazy with the no damage and S rank requirements (i'm not that skilled in hack & slash games ) I can't say how satisfied I was when the trophy pops
  14. thanks for all the replies which one is it? lol wonderin' if Nemmy do the caramelldansen @PipeSwinger I'll beat the hardcore once I've done the Pure Survival good for you strong i think
  15. Hello everyone, kibowman here.. I joined this great site since a few months ago. I'm 21 years old, and I'm from Indonesia. I've been playing video games for 18 years, and Super Mario Bros. was my first game. I love all kinds of genre, especially Action-Adventure, Horror, Fighting, Shooter, and RPG. I've had my PS3 since mid 2012 and decided to hunt trophies since then, but only the for the game I like, and I'm going to expand my game collection since I only have a few right now. Feel free to check my games, and add me if you want to play together, that would be awesome. Well, that's all I can tell, and see you in game