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  1. Thats it, what game was the first you put in your playstation 3?. Mine was Marvel vs Capcom 3, and I also had Final Fantasy XIII and Devil May Cry 4.
  2. No, and since we are with dbz games.
  3. of your underwear
  4. No, I havent played a Final Fantasy game since the XII-2
  5. even if you
  6. Nier Automata, I hope to play it very soon.
  7. Since the last time I posted here I got: Dragon Age Origins The Ultimate Reward Completed all Bronze, Silver and Gold Trophies The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt (My first PS4 platinum) The Limits of the Possible Collect all trophies. Saint Seiya Souldier's Soul Ultimate Soldiers' Soul Acquired all Trophies!
  8. No, Saint Seiya Souldiers Soul?.
  9. Sleeping Dogs.
  10. You got a lot of rare plats but I'm gonna say Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness.
  11. Uncharted 4.
  12. 10/10 Excellent collection!
  13. are now forbbiden
  14. very ugly cake
  15. Since the last time I posted here I got: Dragon Fantasy Book 2: Look we've got a platinum! Lollipop Chainsaw: Legendary Zombie Hunter Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy: Top Of The Heap Game Of Thrones: Lord Of Ironrath
  16. Not at all. Dragon's Dogma?
  17. Only four in common. Beyond Two Souls Murdered Soul Suspect Infamous Heavy Rain
  18. Excellent collection, 9.5/10
  19. Red Dead Redemption, its in my backlog, I want that plat.
  20. Just Cause 3, you got a lot of plats lately my friend.
  21. #25 Mafia II Platinum Trophy Unlocked when all trophies collected. The playboy magazines were really fun to find, but those 159 wanted posters, what a chore it was.
  22. # 24 - Asura's Wrath Enlightenment Acquire all ASURA'S WRATH trophies.
  23. We have only 3 in common. The Walking Dead Sleeping Dogs inFAMOUS 2
  24. 7/10 Keep it up my friend.
  25. Resonance Of Fate.